This Gift Absolutely Changed My Life & Is Still Doing So 13+ Years Later

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You often hear the term ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ however this gift that I am about to tell you about embodies that statement and so much more, and for me it has truly been a gift that just keeps on giving.

I am still benefitting from it HUGELY over the past 13 years having gifted it to myself under very strange circumstances back in March 2002.

At the time I had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s and was given a medical certificate by my Doctor so that I could have extra time in my ACCA Accountancy exams because medically there was nothing more that they could do to help me.

My letter from the ACCA confirming extra time for my professional accountancy exams

My letter from the ACCA confirming extra time for my professional accountancy exams


I am so glad that I took the plunge and did this for myself because I can’t even begin to imagine what my life would be like now had I not gifted myself what was back then a box of tapes and a couple of text books.

It has changed my life beyond belief and also the lives of many of my clients.

This is a quote from someone who deliberated about gifting themselves and their daughter a place for what is most likely the best part of 10 years, due to a brain injury where they worried about whether they would ‘get it’ if they attended:

“Had the most amazing weekend at Marilyn Devonish‘s PhotoReading™ Workshop . . . So much value was delivered and in my meeting this afternoon (which took place the day after the Training) everything came together in my mind so easily I hardly recognised myself!  Really recommend it!!”  Accountant, London

They then went on to say:

“. . . . My desk is covered with papers right now . . . but you know what, everything is so easy now.  I’m just LOVING it!!! . . . Last weekend produced a profound shift in my energy and enthusiasm for life.”  (And yes, we are still talking about attending my PhotoReading Workshop!!)

They also purchased a place as a gift for their daughter and said:

“She is transformed too . . . Just blossoming!!!!  Thank you SO much!!!”

The Gift That Really Does Keep On Giving!

The Gift That Really Does Keep On Giving!

The Accountant did have one slight complaint 3-weeks after the Workshop following the Bonus Belief Change Session that I do on the Friday night where further unexpected gifts continues to unfold:

“I haven’t really started PhotoReading yet . . . the Belief Session has such an impact on me that my business has just taken off!!!  I’ve not had the time to sit down . . . I’ve been Rapid Reading.  Does that count?”  🙂

Imagine growing up with greater confidence and more access to your brain.

Imagine growing up with greater confidence and more access to your brain.

The Gift of a Skill for Life

Another lovely mother who gifted a PhotoReading place to her daughter said:

“I took my 11 year old daughter to the PhotoReading Workshop with me recently and she loved it.  You can never go wrong with Marilyn.  She is just amazing.  She has years of experience and strong intuition to know exactly what you need and how to overcome your life challenges.  I am so grateful to have met Marilyn and I couldn’t recommend her enough. Thank you Marilyn.”

Another wonderful single mum who gifted a place to 2 of her daughters said:

“Just want to say a big thank you because my 2 daughters Chelsea and Lauren did very well in their exams especially Lauren who got 7 A and 2 B in her GCSE exam. Chelsea got 1 A and 2 B in her “A” Level exam. It’s because they both use what they learn from your PHOTO READING course.”  xxx😍

What Age Is It Suitable For?

My youngest PhotoReading delegate and PhotoReading Coaching client was 8 years old.  The most mature was a retired RAF Pilot who was 87 years young.

Just imagine growing up with greater confidence and having so much more access to your brain, creativity, intuition, learning styles, and innate and often dormant capabilities.

PhotoReading™ was such a life changer and game changer for me, and that is one of the reasons why I have done my best the keep the price low over the years and offer early booking discounts.

I’ve paid, 7+ times as much, upwards of £5,000 for Workshops that didn’t deliver anywhere near as much in lasting value so as my delegates always discover, and comment upon, it’s a super bargain even at full price.

That said, the final early booking price for my February 2016 Workshop ends this month.

To gift yourself or someone you love a life changing place go to:

And How Long Did It Take For This Gift To Deliver?

The testimonials outlined above were written the day after, a couple of weeks, and a couple of months following attendance at my Workshop respectively.

For me it took about 3 weeks for me to notice some seriously (good) dramatic changes, and the rest as they say is history.  I was so blown away but how much my mind and brain transformed that I jumped on a plane to America with just a couple of days notice to become a Certified PhotoReading Instructor back in March 2002, and have been sharing this wonderful gift with people ever since.

What Is the Most Consistent Thing People Say About Attending?

One of the most consistent things that my PhotoReading attendees say, usually on the Friday night, which is the first evening of the Workshop is: “OMG this is amazing.  I wish I’d come along when you first told me about it all those years ago.”

Find my clients, seek them out, and they will tell you the same thing in person.

How Long Does It Take To Acquire This Gift?

It requires just 3-days of your time if you are doing the live version and you can work at your own pace if you are doing the Home Study Course via CD or DVD.

For further information about PhotoReading and to watch some of the testimonial videos go to:

For the Instant Access Online Intro DVD Option go to:


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Marilyn Devonish has been described as the UK equivalent of Oprah Winfrey, Marianne Williamson, Anthony Robbins, a dash of Doreen Virtue, and the trio from Charmed all rolled into one. I (Marilyn Devonish) have admit that was too big of a statement for me to own, but I equally admit that I do like the sound of it and it did make me smile. Marilyn Devonish - Herself since Year 2000.

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