How Did A Jar of Turmeric Show Me God & Find Me A Romantic Man?

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On Sunday 15th August I had a conversation with a friend called Sonny who lives  out in America about proof of god and angels, white feathers, and men.  Your standard conversational stuff!

I was in two minds about going out that day because I had a few things that I wanted to get finished off at home however as I was running a bit low on turmeric so I decided to pull my track suit on and jog into town.  The ...

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His Affair Really Did Make Me Stronger

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The whole thing about ‘Patience’ and ‘Unfolding’ has been a theme of late.

As another month came to an end I reviewed the achievements and completions of the past 5 weeks.  There was plenty to smile about and be grateful for.  There were also those things that I had put out there that hadn’t come to pass or as some would say, manifested.

There inevitably started to rise up a bit of frustration and annoyance.  I ...

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