Is there really ‘Life After Death?’ My Sitting with Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell

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So what REALLY happens when you sit with a good Psychic Medium?

I recently did a private one-to-one session with TV Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell.

My first brush with such things was when I was 19 years old or thereabouts.  I was working evenings in an office whilst at University, and one of the women came in gushing about some psychic medium she’d seen who ‘told her everything about her life’ and connected her with long since departed relatives.  I was a Business Studies undergraduate at the time and was of the mindset that if it wasn’t written down, documented, proven, and being talked about in a lecture theatre, then it was probably stuff and nonsense and no more than tricks and entertainment.  Eventually exasperated by listening to the other girls ‘um and ah’ at her tales of mysticism I announced that I would go and see the guy and prove that it was all complete nonsense.

I suspected, and said as much, that she most likely acted like a greedy schoolgirl in a sweetshop and fed him information as he handed her a few starter breadcrumbs.  I on the other hand with my logical brain would not fall for such tactics and would keep my mouth shut and not give anything away.  So off I went a few weeks later to see this Mr Lister.  To say I had to return to the office and eat humble pie is a gross understatement.  That man told me things about my life which I’d never shared with ANYONE, including very specific comments about my 3 point turns (I was doing driving lessons at the time) from the grandfather I’d never met who showed up again in this conversation with Tony Stockwell.  I was almost a little bit afraid as I wondered what else about my up until then very secretive life he was able to see.

Although impressed and unable to explain exactly what had happened and how he’d done it, it would be another 12 or so years before I fully embraced such things.  If you had told me back that that I would be doing a very similar kind of work with my clients I would have laughed you out of town, and called the men in white coats to help you along on your way.

Are you curious about other worldly things and whether the Psychic Reading could be true?

So this blog post is for those who wonder about those other worldly things and realms and are curious about whether there is anything in it, and whether it really is possible to get a connection with departed loved ones in a life after death kind of way.  It is also for those who have seen such things on TV but have never had to chance to see beyond the show and how what is said links back to real life.  I also hope to provide a clearer definition of what a Medium does and how they work.

Having typed up the full 60-minute transcript for my own benefit and examination (it runs to 9 pages and some 6,000+ words), what follows are some highlights and extracts from that.  Tony’s words are written in italics, and my comments on his reading are in brackets.

What is a Psychic Reading?

Begin by sitting comfortably . . . . . . 

Be comfortable and be at peace with yourself as I read.  I tend to close my eyes while I read.   I never ask you why you’ve come, a good reader should be able to get into the greatest need of you.  We’ll get partway through and I’ll ask you if you have any questions and maybe if there’s something I’ve not picked up on.

As we sat down to begin the reading the clock on the wall started to tick at exactly the right time, 10am.  I didn’t think anything of it however Tony exclaimed:

That’s clocks not worked for years, it’s the strangest thing, how weird, it’s been stuck at 10 o’clock for years, that’s random, ask anyone that’s worked here, it’s not worked for 4 years, that clock.  (You can very clearly hear it ticking in the background on the audio recording).

As I read for you I have no idea of your experience of your knowledge or if you know anything of this kind of work at all, but when I work with you your energy is that of a trance medium and I’m aware that you may have no idea what I’m talking about but let me keep going.  As I sit here now the spirit would gather very close to me and your energy is very different from lots of the other people that I read for where it’s almost as though you are a medium, you are a speaker, you are a teacher of the soul, whether you recognise it yet or not.  

(My company is called TranceFormations™ so I was very well aware of what he was talking about even though he had no idea why he was being drawn down that path!  Also, the day before this sitting I had a telephone call with Blue Marsden, the Founder of the Holistic Healing College, and author of the book Soul Plan.  He was very kindly helping me with a book proposal where I wanted to include a chapter on the soul, and I was sharing with him how much I enjoy doing Soul Plan Readings, and the way that I have incorporated them into my TranceFormation™ Programme client sessions, and the difference they have made in the accuracy of my work).

The Expansive Positive Energy of Trance

And as I’m working with you I feel my energy is dipping, not in a negative way at all, in a positive way, it’s almost I could into the trance state on your behalf, and whenever I feel that I know that there are people that we call teachers in the other world that would want to draw close to inspire you. 

(I have worked as a Hypnotherapist for the past 17 years and my clients often find that within a few minutes of sitting with me, even those who claim to have problems going into trance or getting visual images or doing guided processes are happily tranced out within minutes!)

I want to say to you the last 9 years have been an interesting path for you, and you have grown more interested in spiritual things, do you see the significance of the 9 years, 9 years of discovery, 9 years of momentum that’s building up for you.  I feel there are like a multitude of experiences that you’ve had, seeking out the work of other people, often being disappointed, do you see that at all?  Sometimes rather more confused than when you walked in, and ultimately what’s happening is that you’re recognising there is such a wealth of information in your own soul that you’re yet to vocalise or act upon but it’s there, so I want to say to you first of all, not necessarily constantly seeking out the truths of others but recognising the truth lies within yourself.  I know that sounds terribly fay and oomph and a bit weird sounding but it’s very true, it’s all in there so you’d be better sitting through a space of being in your own power and letting that which already dwells in your unconscious mind to bubble up in your conscious awareness.

(The place I have been sitting in at the moment with the launch of my own TranceFormation™ Programme last year is consolidating my skills and knowledge and bringing forth the wealth of information I’ve been sitting on all of these years.  I am not yet sure about the significance of the 9 years however I will be checking back through my diary and biography to see what I was doing at that time).

The United States of America Here I Come!

Marilyn you will become a worker of the spirit and I know ultimately a lot of your energy and focus takes you to the States, takes you to America, and there will be opportunities there that open up for you with ease, maybe not now but the next 3 and 4 and 5 year feeling is what comes to me.  

And I want to say here that you almost grew up in spite of your family rather than because of them. 

(As an abused child I did most certainly have to grow up in spite of many things).

You are very different from the rest of your family, that’s also very clear to me, it’s almost as though you imagine you were found under a gooseberry bush somewhere and they took you in.  You’re very separate, very different from them.  Loved with them, loved by them, loved from them, but different from them, and I’d also suggest to you Marilyn that you are different from most people that you meet, to be fair. 

(To say that I am unique and a bit different would be an understatement to say the least!  I am also VERY different from my family of which includes Lawyers, Accountants, and Retail Managers.  With being a Hypnotherapist and Soul Plan Reader you couldn’t really get much more different than that!)

Marilyn do you have no children, is that correct? 

(This is very correct, and I pretty much decided at a very early age, around 7 years old, that I didn’t feel that children were for me).

I am just looking at your family set up there, sometimes I pick up no children and I constantly spend time talking to people about IVF, thinking their desperate but it’s not what I’m picking up with you, I just think it’s OK not to have children.  What it gives you is an absolute sense of freedom that you can’t get anywhere else do you see?  And you need to be at this point in your life free. 

The man that hangs around in my energy field

Would you also see that you are, I have to be careful how I word this, in a relationship but not in a relationship?  So let me work that out for you.  Do you see ultimately you are single although you may be seeing someone on the periphery? 

(My answer to this at the time was no.  My close friends however fell about laughing when I shared that with them later given a particular situation that I found myself in recently, so with hindsight, I’d have to give this one to Tony despite the bizarre circumstances because it did indeed describe the situation to a tee).

Then let me go back into that feeling.  I knew I had to be careful how I worded it but I can’t feel your married, it’s nothing like that but me feeling is that you were seeing someone.  I don’t want to sit here and promise you love affairs or stuff like that because your vision that waits there.  It’s a feeling of being single and seeing someone.  I’m wrong, but be mindful I believe that there is somebody on the side just there waiting to come in to your life.  But ultimately I feel no children and I feel you’re unmarried and I feel that just gives me that greater sense of footloose fancy free and being free to move in the world as I want to.

Do I hear Oprah calling?

America has already come up for you so you must have family or friends already in the States, do you see that?  There is something, do you have links with Chicago?

(At this point I laughed and said my only connection with Chicago was in the past wanting to appear on Oprah!)

My mind takes me to Chicago and I feel if you remember this sitting remember that I talk of Chicago, it’s important and I feel Chicago will open up for you.  So let me come back to what I said before, would you recognise this or not Marilyn, you are in the world to be a teacher?

(Having been a trainer for the past 17 years and a Trainer of NLP and PhotoReading™ Instructor etc, I have been ‘teaching’ all of this time.  I even did an additional Teaching Certificate and taught at a local College whilst at University so the teacher energy started to surface way back in my teens).

That’s a thing, and if you are not a teacher I think it will lead you to a great sense of dissatisfaction and a great sense of disharmony and feeling as though I’ve been born to do something and I’ve kind of screwed it up.  My granny would always say ‘piss balling about’ which is quite rude but it does the job doesn’t it, like you never got there, like you were never the success you were meant to be. 

(I experienced a massive amount of dissatisfaction until I decided to stop fighting with the feeling and give up my ACCA Accountancy studies and become a Trainer of Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and NLP instead.  Within a few weeks of making that decision I was standing up on stage teaching NLP sessions, and despite having always been painfully quiet and shy up until that point in my life, I felt right at home.  When I take people through their Archetypal Profiles, one of the things we always discuss is that sense of disatisfaction when they are not following their ‘Hero’s Journey’ or path).

I know you are older than you look, dunno why I’m saying that. 

(People are often shocked (and long my it continue) when I tell them my age because I apparently look younger than my years, yay!!!!)

Speaking to people’s souls

And I feel that with the seasoned mind you will speak to people’s souls.  And it’s funny you mention Oprah, now I don’t have Oprah to give you but I do have Maya Angelou to give you, do you know the work of Maya Angelou?  Because that very much comes into to my mind, and I feel, not that you should emulate anyone, that would be absolutely ridiculous, but you should be inspired by Maya Angelou and you should recognise that somehow as she works you will work but if you can add into that a degree of the heightened psychic, a degree of the spiritual awareness, the openness to sprit communication, then that becomes your niche, then that becomes you. 

(One of the things that I have most enjoyed doing with the launch of my TranceFormation™ Programme and the year before the Reading with Tony I started doing my Soul Plan Reading helping people overcome their Spiritual and Worldly Challenges, and putting them more directly in touch with their Spiritual Talents, Spiritual Goals, Worldly Talents, and their ultimate and unique Soul Destiny).

Soul Plan Reports by Marilyn Devonish

Soul Plan Readings with Marilyn Devonish

It’s different, different but it is very much akin to and a sense of the sisterhood within that.  I feel that either you will meet her or there will be a link to her (Maya Angelou) and it will be blatantly obvious why I’ve said it to you, and I read her book, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings and I was listening just the other day to the Power of Words, a small mini address she gives on YouTube, The Power of Words, you should maybe look at that on YouTube and see if that touches you in some way.  But I FEEEL, halls and groups open to you for you to discuss with them the power of womanhood and also the power of the living soul within the physical structure of the body, and I know as I work through those feelings I see your own spirit family will assist you.

(When I was about 15 years old I purchased a book for my mother because I watched a film and thought that would enjoy reading it.  The book was: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou.  I still have that book, unread on my shelf to this day).

Me Teaching at the College of Psychic Studies and then some

The College of Psychic Studies

The photograph that I randomly took when I arrived at The College of Psychic Studies after my first ever visit there on Saturday 1st February 2014

Now I know the College of Psychic Studies but I see you there in South Kensington.  I also see you at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted Essex and yet I know you will go there too. I think you will go there not necessarily for what you think you will go there for what you think you will get out of it but you need to go there for its atmosphere more than anybody else.

(Earlier this year I went to the College of Psychic studies for the first time to do some admin for a friend who was running a course there.  I didn’t even know where it was prior to that.  As I arrived I looked at the big black door, which Tony mentioned again later on in the reading, and wondered how it was I’d never visited before, and whether I might be able to run courses there in the future).

And I know you will write books too, I see that. 

(Two days before my reading with Tony I had spent the 3 days prior writing a book proposal for Hay House.  The day after the reading I attended a 2-day Workshop which I thought was centred around Marketing and Communication.  It in fact turned out to be 2 days on the importance of writing a book and strategies for doing so . . . . .)

I also see you on TV appearances as well that will manifest in your life and see that in 3 separate places, 3 different shows 3 different environments, 3 different genres. 

(There are no TV shows in the offing however I did have a live show on Sky TV a few years ago so very much look forward to more television work and bookings showing up again!)

You have to make sure it happens, and you have to enact and react and inflame the dormant spirit within Marilyn that needs now to come to the fore. 

(A couple of weeks before my reading with Tony I did a Past Life Regression where it centred around igniting and starting a fire as a rite of passage so this makes sense from that perspective).

My Fascination with Egypt, Spiritualism and the Past . . . . . 

When I say you have an interest in Egyptology don’t think of the dates and the times and the pharaoh’s, that’s not what I’m seeing.  There is something in my mind, if you imagine Moses in the reeds of the Nile, it’s mysticism, that’s what I’m looking at mysticism so forget Egypt now, it just the mysticism that I’m seeing and I think that is something that will increase within you, it’s the fascination of what’s gone on in the past, that’s what I think. 

If you went to London you would go to the Tower of London and just imagine what was there in the past.  If you go to Egypt you imagine Moses there in the reeds, if you go to Africa, you might imagine the African princess.  You embrace the mystic part of humanity and how in different cultures the shaman has appeared, the medicine doctor, the witch, the herbalist in different cultures, through the centuries, how the inner mystic has always found a way to express themselves dependent on the culture there’re in, I don’t know what I’m talking about Marilyn, you’re just pouring it out of me so I’ll keep going.  

(I’ve had a fascination with Egypt since early childhood and have always been interested in the past, not from numbers and dates historical point of view but for the energy of it all.  I was gutted as a child when my older sister was allowed to go and see the Tutankhamun exhibition in London and I wasn’t.  I also have an album on my Facebook page called ‘I Love London’ because I’ve always just loved the old buildings and history and architecture and spend much time imagineering as I wander through town).

The Practical Modern Day Mystic

The inner mystic, the power of the human soul, and how there are certain people born through space and time that have been so blessed that they rise against diversity to shine in the environment that they find them self born in and I think there’s something interesting in the work you are going to create and that is how the inner mysticism, the inner mystic within us all in the current day, in the now can still gather momentum while we are in the world now.  Almost to be the mystic on the bus, the mystic on the tram, the mystic in Waitrose, it’s to bring it all into the modern day to empower people, especially women, of how to find their own power their own strength, and attached to that is the openness to the other world and the humanity of the soul. 

(My clients and workshop attendees are often struck at how practical everything that I do is despite and depth and range and potential weirdness of the work.  Where else would you get a mix of hypnosis, Access Consciousness, OTH, EmoTrance, Soul Plan Reading, Tarot, Hawaiian Huna, and a host of half a dozen or so other modalities, and have it all explained in a down to earth, matter of fact kind of way?)

I wrote a book a few years ago entitled Embracing Eternity, and that title keeps coming back into my mind, and I think that there will be people who listen to you because it won’t be about out and out mediumship, it will be about the eternity of their own soul.  And people when they think about the afterlife they are constantly looking to their granny or their granddad but I think here what you will recognise is the eternity of your own soul now, and take it for granted that it lives on.  So it’s really empowering the living to recognise that they don’t have to be who they want to be only at the point of death, that they can be that person now, bringing in the eternal soul now, in this world.

(I was saying to a friend a couple of weeks ago that when I look at the theme of my Blog posts over the past 6 months it was mainly about life, living and death and I even have a Blog category called: Ageing & Dying!  And not death in the morbid sense, but the whole thing of making the most of your life while you are here and still alive, so this message from Tony makes perfect sense).

The magical ‘TranceFormational’ Ripple Effect

You will also recognise that if you went to a troubled house you will only need to lead one person to the awareness of their own eternity and that would ripple like a stone on the water to the rest and everybody else in that environment, and there’s almost a TV show in that, where you take one person on a journey and then put them back into a trailer park in Wisconsin and within months everyone has shifted and changed, the whole environment has moved because one person like a stone on the water has rippled out and touched lots and lots and lots of other people. 

(At this point I had to smile because from the day I set up my company back in 2001, my logo has always been a water drop because I recognised very early on the ripple effect of my work.  I would work with someone for a couple of hours or 1-day Breakthrough Session and their entire life would change over a period of time because those changes rippled out into their life in ways that that couldn’t even have dreamed of or anticipated at the start of the coaching or therapy process).

My TranceFormations Water Drop Logo

My TranceFormations Water Drop Logo representing the ‘catalyst for lasting change’ approach to my work

The Angels and Angel Tarot Online Are Back!

You’ve inquired into the validity of angels in the past, do you see that?  And have come to some decision, it’s not true, it is true, that it’s not quite right but it is true, and I feel that you just need to look at the angelic kingdom as the non winged variety and the thing about them having wings is really their own energy magnified into the auric field.  And that these beings are very real, very beautiful spirit beings, that dwell around us often and gather close to our world to change its environment.

(And again Tony is correct.  Last year after being on and off the fence for almost 20 years, reading Tarot, and then not reading Tarot, I became an Angel Card Tarot Reader with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, and my Readings have been scarily accurate from day one).  I have been doing Online Angel Tarot Readings for many years and often run monthly Teleseminar and Online Webinar Sessions doing Angel Tarot Readings and Huna Energy Clearing Sessions.  I also now do the monthly Tarot Tuesday Facebook Live Video Readings for my Membership Group so if you would like a “jaw droppingly” accurate free Angel Tarot Card Reading every month do check them out.

Marilyn Devonish with Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine Certification Class

Marilyn Devonish with Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine Angel Tarot Reader Certification Class

The creation of something unique

You put together these self development, self improvement, empowerment, that’s the word I want, Empowerment Workshops, and you will develop a series of 6 that will run as a series so people can take them individually or as a course and people could buy all 6 for the price of 5 etc.  And people will come to listen to you with the unique structure of the day and the unique exercises that you can’t get any other way.  It will be unique and challenging and different from that which other people do.

(Those taking part in my TranceFormation™ Programme, my Money Breakthrough & Momentum Sessions, and my Magic & Daily Gratitude Programme have all said how ‘unique’ they are and that they have never experienced anything like it.  I have been thinking about running both the TranceFormation, and Money Breakthrough Programmes as a series for people who for whatever reason are unable to undertake them as the current private one-to-one sessions.  In fact, as I went back to have a look at it, I realised that my Money Breakthrough and Momentum Sessions is comprised of 6 separate and distinct parts).

I know that you will tutor at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington, number 16 Queensbury Place.  I’ve thought about it and it keeps coming back to me and back to me and back to me and back to me and I feel that comes up for you now or in the future but certainly the black door keeps pulling my mind here for a reason, certainly that.

(As I said previously, as I visited the college for the first time this year I had exactly the same random thought!  If any of you know who organises the workshops there, do give me a shout!)

This other information comes in quite randomly but it’s all there.  In the fullness of time you will help support children in a different country whether it’s a foundation or organisation where you offer a little bit of help.  Remember that ‘m saying this to you.  Children, babies, especially toddlers, that need so much and somehow your soul will be inspired to reach out to that and work on that level.

(Although I have taught PhotoReading™ in school, working with classes of 8 years olds through to 16+, and do have children attend my public PhotoReading™ Workshops, I have not had any dealings with toddlers and babies so check back here in a couple of years to see whether or not this one has also come to pass!)

Now ask me a question about anything in the world and let us see where we can go with it:

The passing of my father 

(One of the questions that I asked Tony was about my dad.  Well, I thought it rude not to given how I was visiting a Medium and all!   His response and description of my dad was spot on):

It’s funny, your reading is very different from the others, because usually you have people with individual nans, granddads, others everyone, bom bom bom bom, with you there isn’t that same need at all, your need is to hear all that I’ve given you but if I look and search for your father;  Would your father love a party, I feel I want to put a drink in my hand and have a party.  Sociable sociable man, laughing man, dancing man. 

(My dad was always the life and soul of the party, liked a dance, would often have a small drink in his hand, I never ever saw him drunk, and was known across the land for his very distinctive laugh).

I see or feel your father was in hospital when he passes.  Would your father have had a cancer when he passes, and do you see that cancer is low in his body here (points to groin area)?  It was low in my body here, that he brings me and prostate to bone cancer to pass.

(My father had prostate cancer and although was all set up to remain at home (for many years to come), sudden complications meant that he was unexpectedly taken to hospital passed away in hospital a few short weeks later).

I feel your father has met up with his parents since he passed.  Had you never known your granddad?  He’s definitely with a grandfather you’d never met or a grandfather you did not know.

(I had one grandfather that passed away well before my parents were even together so he is correct that there is a granddad that I have never known or never met).

Would your dad have worked in any way, working with transport at all?  What can that mean?  I just know it was transport; I’m looking at vehicles, so that’s fine.  I know he was well thought of in his work too. 

(My dad was a car bodywork specialist and owned a big garage which was always packed with cars, which my dad always used to very specifically call ‘vehicles’.  His work was also very highly thought of, and he did panel beating, interiors, and spray jobs for celebrities, royalty, and places like the Savoy Hotel in London).

Is it that your dad was just 71 when he passed?  He feels 71 when he passes.  And erm, he comes here through transport, through low body cancer, through 71, and these are triggers of evidential things to say to know I’ve got the man you request.

(One of the things that intrigued me about my dad’s passing was his age.  He apparently believed in ‘3 score 10’ which equates to 70, and he unexpectedly died just a couple months shy of his 71st birthday).

Were those virtual imaginary conversations really real?

You must have been with your father when he passed.  (I said ‘no’)  I thought you were there.  

(Now this was odd.  Because I wasn’t able to be physically with my dad before he passed away I used to have daily virtual ‘chats’ with him in my head, however they did seem quite real.  When my dad passed away another friend who is also a psychic described the last visitors to my dad’s hospital bed, and said that I was the last person to ‘speak’ to him before he passed away.  Although I didn’t know it at the time, I ‘spoke’ to him in one of my mental conversations during the time of his passing.  He passed away in the middle of the night so the rest of my family were at home at the time so had our conversation been real I would have been the last person to have spoken to him and probably speaking to him at the time).

(I also asked about the best way to expand the work that I do).

It’s just about how to be seen, website, glossy cards, appearing at the Mind Body show, because the quality of your teaching and the calibre of your personal self is already there it then just literally just letting people know who you are.  It’s as simple as that.


Well, it was a most enlightening session to say the least.

And before the doubting Thomas’s wonder, very little of this information has been in the public domain up until the time of writing this blog, and I am sharing some of these things for the very first time.

I do hope that for those who are curious or interested in such things that it gives you some insight into the process and perhaps also serves as reassurance that there is definitely more to this life than meets the eye.

Do feel free to share this Blog post if you have enjoyed reading it and know of others that might benefit.

Marilyn Devonish



Marilyn Devonish is a Soul Plan Reader, the Alchemic TranceFormation™ Coach and Miracle Creator, and Workshop Facilitator.  With a keen interest in helping the seekers of this world tap into and access their full potential, she is definitely a believer in removing the emotional blocks, baggage, self judgements, and limitations so that you can live life to the full while you are still alive.





About the Author:

Marilyn Devonish has been described as the UK equivalent of Oprah Winfrey, Marianne Williamson, Anthony Robbins, a dash of Doreen Virtue, and the trio from Charmed all rolled into one. I (Marilyn Devonish) have admit that was too big of a statement for me to own, but I equally admit that I do like the sound of it and it did make me smile. Marilyn Devonish - Herself since Year 2000.


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