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So let’s get right to it, and discuss the big secret as I call it.  The elephant in the room that nobody is really talking about when it comes to spirituality and personal development.

When it comes to spiritual practices and the field of spiritual and personal development, the secret is that nobody really knows for sure.

Did Neale Donald Walsch really have a conversation with God?  Well I don’t know.  Let me listen to the mp3 recording of said conversation and I’ll tell you.

Can Doreen Virtue really see and talk to angels?  Well I don’t know, send me the Instagram photos of some of these meetings and I’ll give you my view.

Angels, God, and Spirituality

Angels, God, and Spirituality

Does Esther Hicks really channel the being called Abraham?  Well I don’t know, ask him to pop out and visit someone else just to verify.

Does our Soul really have a seat and exist as Gary Zukav has told us?  If so, let it show up on a body scan so that we can see where the Soul actually resides within us.

Are the teachings from Napoleon Hill and others of that time through to Rhonda Byrne and The Secret correct that there is this thing called the Law of Attraction rather than life purely being down to random chance?

So is it all a crock?

That said, don’t get me wrong.  I do have conversations with something (although I call it the Universe rather than god).

I do Angel Card Readings and my clients love them and they are always absolutely spot on.  Over 29,000 people have watched the photo video included in this Blog which was taken long before I had any interest in Angels and the like.  I was simply invited to an event because a friend has a spare ticket and I happened to be nearby.  I didn’t even know until I got there what the talk was all about.  The number of views however shows there is a level of interest curiosity about such things and a desire for proof.

I do Soul Plan Readings, and like the Angel Tarot readings they always blow my clients away with their level of detail and the accuracy in describing their life and the challenges that they have been through or are experiencing.

I’ve had hundreds if not thousands of instances of the Law of Attraction being at work in my life, or as I like to call it Divine Synchronicity.

Given my experiences and the line of work that I’m now in, what then is my point?

My point is that as much as someone can talk convincingly about their experience of something, in the grand scheme of things none of us really knows 100% for sure what is out there, what happens when we die, and whether Angels in the way that we depict them and talk about them really do exist.

I have also noticed that the bigger the platform a speaker or author has, the more we take it on faith that what is being said is true, and people are much more likely to believe someone sitting on Oprah, than they are the prophet sitting on the corner of the street.  But when it really comes down to it, no one seems to be able to prove these things 100% for sure.

So where does that leave us?

Speaking personally, it leaves me with a choice.

I can choose to be a cynic and say that if I can’t see it then it can’t be real.  But then again, I can’t actually see gas or electricity yet I don’t for a moment doubt their existence or power.

Or I could on the other hand choose to believe in the seemingly unbelievable because it makes my life richer and better and way more fun.

Einstein also speaks about the trap of getting locked into one way of thinking:

Einstein on problem solving and thinking.

Einstein on problem solving and thinking.

Einstein also apparently said:

“You can go through life believing that nothing is a miracle or that everything is a miracle.” 

I have decided that I am choosing the latter.  Not necessarily because someone with a bigger platform than me told me so, but because my experience of such things has changed and enhanced my life in amazing ways.

And what if all of this stuff really is true?  What a bummer that would be to get to the end of my life and realise that I wasted it sitting on the fence and not playing with the magical vortex and laws of the Universe.

Rules Rules Rules

Stop. Go. Rules. Regulations. The Pros and Cons.

Stop. Go. Rules. Regulations. The Pros and Cons.

This also brings me to the Rules, which can be confusing to say the least.  I recently did a course.  It’s a discipline that I first started studying some 18 years ago, and a subject where I have been invited as the Keynote Speaker for the annual British Association event held by the organising body for this particular discipline, on a number of occasions.  I have been invited back several times to share the creative ways that I have used this practice with my clients and in my daily life.

With regards to the more recent course, it was the first time I’d studied with this particular person, and, as I usually do I put myself back into what I call my ‘beginners mind’ when taking the class.  I find it much easier to be that way than spend the whole time making comparisons to what I already know and maybe then missing some valuable insights or new information.  When I mentioned an experimental case study exercise I was going to do with one of my clients, the tutor was quick to point out that I couldn’t do that because they hadn’t taught that to me yet.

Given that this is one of those ancient disciplines that people have been doing naturally without classes and workshops for hundreds of years, it again reminded me that some of these so-called rules are of our own making.  Sure, if I hadn’t been doing this for so many years I most likely wouldn’t have been straight in there to blend their approach with what I have already been taught and discovered over the past 16 years at that point, but that aside, it again reminded me that we were back to that thing where none of us absolutely know for sure, and that to a certain extent when it comes to energy work we are all kind of making it up anyway.

The whole scenario also reminded me of something that Doreen Virtue said during one of her Hay House interviews:

“Often in the early days I was teaching stuff that I had just learned the week before.

Sometimes I think that beginners are the better teachers because they understand the nuances because someone who has been teaching for a long long time can forget those little nuances.”

This year I have been working someone who was a medical Doctor and studying neurosurgery, for a joint event, the Limitless Screening and Workshop that we are running together in a couple of weeks time.  Of course he is interested in all of my amazing and out there client stories and ‘unbelievable’ case studies yet still wanted the hard facts and scientific evidence to back it all up, which to his credit, for many of the things that I do he has been able to find.

I am also going to be running a new Workshop soon about how to harness, accelerate, and supercharge your intuition.  With people like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and more recently Arianna Huffington talking publicly about the power of intuition, people are a bit more accepting of it both in life and in business.

So I would say study, read, explore, see what resonates, and then also take the time to tap into your own truth and wisdom.  If Carl Gustav Jung was correct in his theory about the collective consciousness then we are all connected to, and have access to the same source of information anyway.

Even if I just count the time that I have been in personal development, which is 18 years come October 2018, that is a lot of formalised collective information, learning, and study.  That said, I have met people who are new to the field that have amazing ideas.

I for one love sitting back and taking stock of everything that I have both learnt about the world and experienced just through living life.  In addition to the masses of learning and studying and client practice, I also love being my own source of information and wisdom and guidance.

After all, there is a chance that I really have just got this one life to live in this type of human incarnation so I may as well get on and live it my way.

Happy spiritual travels!

Marilyn ♥



Marilyn Devonish is a Business Graduate, holds a Post Graduate Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, is a Corporate Trainer, Management Consultant, and Prince2 Project Manager.  She is also a Certified Trainer of NLP, Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy™, Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, Certified PhotoReading™ Instructor, Soul Plan Reader, and Certified Angel Intuitive and Angel Tarot Card Reader, and Certified Life and Executive Coach.

She is also a Practitioner in EFT, EmoTrance, DNA Theta Healing, Hawaiian Huna, Access Bars, Access Consciousness, Energetic NLP, Positive EFT, Past Life Regression, Archetypal Profiling Consultant, Opening the Heart (OTH), Future Life Progression, and Reiki.

In addition Marilyn is Freelance Magazine Writer, Keynote Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator.  She has been in the field of personal development since the year 2000 after giving up on her Chartered Accountancy studies to become a Coach and Hypnotherapist.   She is also an observer of life, global thought leader, and  social commentator.





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