Overcoming the Challenges of Dyslexia with this 30 Second Technique!

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Overcoming the buzzing confusion of dyslexia with this 30 second technique

Overcoming the buzzing confusion of dyslexia with this 30 second technique


How to Overcome the Challenges of Dyslexia with this Simple 30 Second Technique 

October is  #DyslexiaAwareness Month although it is something that I am always aware of in my line of work.  For those looking to overcome some of the challenges that it can present both at school, college, university, and in the workplace, read on!

If you who have taken a #PhotoReading class you will know that Step 1 of the PhotoReading Whole Mind System is designed to align and streamline the confusion of words and assimilating text that dyslexics often experience when reading and studying.

Although I often get phone calls from potential delegates beforehand explaining that they have dyslexia and asking if PhotoReading will number 1 be suitable for them and number 2 whether it will help, I don’t hear another word about it once they are at the Workshop and they often just forget all about it. As one of my PhotoReading Workshop attendees shared when someone was asking on Facebook about whether PhotoReading would help with overcoming the challenges of dyslexia. She said:

Ashling: “Dion I completed the Photo Reading course and found it brilliant. Due to my dyslexia I had a painfully slow reading speed, do it, will make such a difference to you.”

And best of all, the particular technique that I use takes about 30 seconds to implement! Add to that a bit of #Huna and it is somewhat miraculous in terms of what people experience in a very short space of time even if it has been a lifelong problem.

I’ve also had incredible results with attendees and clients who had dyspraxia, and most recently autism. You can read the autism piece here: http://marilyndevonish.com/autism-rocks-what-happens-when-…/

And of course the seeming miracles that have happened with people who had irreversible brain damage: http://marilyndevonish.com/from-an-irreversible-brain-inju…/

So what is this miraculous technique?  It involves a tangerine!  You can of course however use whatever imagery or representation you like, and it is based around focusing the mind rather than having the brain and neurology jump for place to place or jumble the words up. We do a guided meditation process around it on the Friday evening of the PhotoReading Workshop, what I call the “bells and whistles” version, however after that people are able to get themselves in the accelerated learning state in a matter of seconds once we have anchored it in.

As you can see if you have taken a look at the Blog links above, the results have been quite miraculous to say the least!

For further information about books, the CD Home Study Programme, Live Workshops and Online DVD Training and Skype Coaching go to: http://www.tranceformationstm.com/photoreading/

And lastly for now, as many of you with dyslexia, or as parents of dyslexic children will know, it comes with so many other untapped gifts, many of which get discovered and unleashed for the first time following the PhotoReading or NeuroSuccess Training so it is very #exciting

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