This is like Google for your brain & it only takes a few hours to activate your NeuroGenius!

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PhotoReading is look Google for your brain!

PhotoReading is look Google for your brain!

The way that people experience it is like the equivalent of Google for your brain, and the incredible news is it only takes a couple of days to learn!

I do seriously wake up to the coolest posts and messages. Yesterday this was one of them:

“It’s amazing I didn’t believe I would be able to do it… however Marilyn Devonish is an amazing coach and after the belief session. I followed the steps and am practicing the skill every day. I feel like I down load the book into my head and then can google my brain to get the information. I am only just getting started and now I am hungry to absorb and consume books in a way I never imagined possible. I really want Tor to do this too I know it will empower him in ways I wish I had when I was young.”  NAOMI TAMAYAMA, ENTREPRENEUR

This one is from Naomi Tamayama talking about what has been happening since attending my #PhotoReading Workshop 2 weeks ago.

That is just BRILLIANT Naomi, well done.

And it is so very cool because I had a Barrister and Head of Chambers (Lawyer) attend a few years back and that is also how he described the brain and information retrieval process when he is in Court. He said after attending my PhotoReading Workshop and taking part in the MasterMind Group Sessions:

“The benefits of PhotoReading are just limitless, every time I use it I find something else. When I booked to come on the course I thought it was just speed reading and that I was just going to improve my reading speed; it’s something else. Maybe it’s the combination of the Huna and Time Line Therapy that you do. It’s an incredible experience. It has certainly changed my outlook as it can come into play in so many different ways. Now I see it as been an integral part of my life. In Court preparation is key. Now when I PhotoRead the key words and information all come up in front of me. I felt like I didn’t need to go back and look at it, the whole book was in my head. I haven’t needed to pick it up again. It’s like being in a computer, you do a search and it’s all there.”  BARRISTER & HEAD OF CHAMBERS, LONDON

Being able to remember and recall detail is key and people’s lives really are often at stake where the legal profession at that level is concerned, so it is always wonderful to hear about how amazing PhotoReading has been for people in the crucial and critical situations.

PhotoReading really does bring books to life . . . . .


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