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FREE PhotoReading Training

FREE PhotoReading Training with Paul R Scheele


Dear Accelerated Learner,

You can learn to absorb all of the information you want with greater comprehension and retention free for three days in April in the brand-new PhotoReading Binge beginning on World Book Day; check out the video below.

PhotoReading is the super-fast learning technology that helps you absorb information at least three times faster than you can now. PhotoReading is faster than speed reading, systematically easier, and more effective.

How to Read Faster

Whether it is books, magazines, computer documents, or even complicated business and technical information, you’ll absorb it as fast as you can turn the pages, and most importantly, remember it for years.

If you’re like most people, you have a pile of reading you just can’t get to “PhotoReading” will teach you how to polish off the whole pile… in minutes instead of hours. So, you can…be better-read and more knowledgeable than the next person. (That’s one reason good readers earn 2½ times the income of poor readers).

  • improve your job skills or your life skills by getting usable expertise in any topic you choose.
  • complete your reading quickly and efficiently, leaving more time for other pursuits.
  • make informed decisions with every piece of printed material.
  • understand the background to most anything in a fraction of the time.

Imagine PhotoReading a whole book from start to finish in just 5 minutes.  That’s the reality with PhotoReading and the rate at which you can get through information.

All in at least one-third the time you would spend now.

It is amazing for those times you want  fast reading and go beyond the average reading speed, which according to Forbes Magazine is about 600 words per minute.  You can always slow down to enjoy a personal letter, a special poem, or other pleasurable reading. But when you are on the information highway, drive the Ferrari of reading: PhotoReading. It is simply the best, and it’s available to you free of charge through the PhotoReading Binge featuring PhotoReading developer Paul R. Scheele.

You can BLAST through information

It is time to upgrade your skills and absorb information virtually at the speed of light with the PhotoReading “whole mind” system. To learn how to both read faster and remember and retain more information, PhotoReading delivers.

Amazing Time Management

This super-fast learning technology activates your natural ability to quickly and easily absorb information. Yes, anyone with average reading skills can do it! Hundreds of thousands of people have already done it!

  • Be more knowledgeable
  • Improve Your Concentration and Memory
  • Strengthen Your Professional Skills
  • Ease Your Workload
  • Earn more money
  • Simply use the easy-to-follow audio course, available free for three days, and start PhotoReading.
Click Here for your Free Pass

Click Here for Your Free Pass


Best of all, during the PhotoReading Binge you can listen to the full professionally produced course for free beginning on April 23.  Once you have your Free Pass you have nothing more you have to do other than read a little more about PhotoReading…25,000 words a minute? You’ve got to be kidding?!

It works! You will actually “mentally photograph” the printed page as fast as you can turn the pages. That’s 25,000 words a minute for the average person.

Combine this 25,000-words-a-minute technique with other techniques you’ll learn, and you will be understanding books THREE TIMES FASTER than you can now…within a week. (Yes, the human mind has astonishing capacity.)

Literally hundreds of thousands of people have done it before you. If they could, you can. And…you get to prove it to yourself at no charge during the PhotoReading Binge.

How many books will you binge on using this new time management skill and what additional things can you now also do with all of that valuable time?!

Is it a Speed Reading Course?

ALERT: this is not speed reading

Speed reading is merely regular reading hastened up. You are taught to move your eyeballs faster. That’s old fashioned.

With PhotoReading you learn to use your brain differently.

You can also PhotoRead on your electronic device!

You can also PhotoRead on the move!

After all, they say the human brain is more powerful than the most powerful computer on earth. If that is the case, then it has to be able to read faster than 212 words a minute, which is what the average American reads. With PhotoReading you tap into the greater abilities of your brain.

Speed reading is like looking at brick after brick and eventually figuring out you are looking at a building. PhotoReading is like seeing the entire building right away, and then looking at the bricks when you need the details.

It is different, but it works because it is based on how the brain likes to process information.

Yes, YOU can read with speed, comprehension AND enjoyment.

All sessions are professionally produced to the highest audio quality. During PhotoReading Binge you will be using the actual PhotoReading self-study course. Over 200,000 of these powerful courses have been sold. You get to explore PhotoReading for free! See the amazing video below.

Train Online with Dr Paul R. Scheele

So far almost 1-1/2 million people have the PhotoReading book by Paul R. Scheele. And tens of thousands have attended the seminar (223 Instructors around the world have learned to teach PhotoReading in 19 languages).

Eager to get started right away?!  Get your Free Guest pass and qualify for a special pre-launch upgrade: 

All of the sessions are ready for immediate download. You can upgrade right now to receive all of the sessions – plus bonus sessions and a manual – as either immediate downloads that will work on your computer or device or as CDs that we will ship to your home.

Use PhotoReading on everything from pleasure reading to business to academic to technical…even on your computer and devices

Whether you want sharper thinking, increased productivity, more income, better grades, or more enjoyment out of life, PhotoReading can help you.

  • Will you make more money? You might. We have stacks of stories from people who have received superb performance reviews and significant raises.
  • Will you have less stress? Yup. PhotoReading takes the stress out of reading. That’s a given.
  • Will you improve your memory? Probably. That’s a by-product of PhotoReading.
  • If you are a student, will you go from a C to an A?  You might. We have piles of testimonials that say so—you can read some of them in the P.S. of this letter.

Even if you are now a slow reader with low comprehension, you can see a dramatic improvement with PhotoReading right away.

If reading bogs you down, use PhotoReading. If you want to plough through information, use PhotoReading. Want more knowledge, improved job skills, more money, learn PhotoReading during the upcoming PhotoReading Binge. It’s free for you!

FREE PhotoReading Online Binge!

FREE PhotoReading Online Binge!

Enough stress. Do something about it, and learn PhotoReading during the PhotoReading Binge. The rest of your life will be better.  And for those joining me for my next live Workshop or Skype and Online DVD Training we take things to another level yet again with the Bonus Huna Belief Change Session!

The NLP Exam Experience

One of my first jaw dropping experiences was using PhotoReading to pass my 8-hour closed book  NLP Trainers Training  exam in just 3-hours.

Put April 23 in your calendar and learn to flow through printed information.

You’ll receive the link three days before—in the meantime if sign up for your Free Guest Pass there’s an opportunity to upgrade at a special price.

Warm regards,


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