Do You Suffer Chronic Tiredness & Fatigue? Here’s What You Can Do To Change It

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Whoa. I can barely believe what I am reading, even though I wrote it!  It was written back in 1998/99 at the time where I was suffering from a chronic lack of energy and mental fogginess.

It is one of those: “You know ‪#‎ThoseTimes‬ where you know something to be true however sometimes when you speak of it the scenario seems somewhat unreal because your reality is so different now” moments.

I found a letter that I wrote to someone years ago, apologising for always sleeping so much when they came round, and trying to explain what it was like to spend all day physically and emotionally fighting sleep.

The Chronic Tiredness Apology Letter

The Chronic Tiredness Apology Letter

This was back in the days where I needed to sleep 12-15 hours a day, and even if I got that I could still be fighting it. Of course for those that only know me in the ‘now’ you will know that I often sleep just 2-3 hours a night and feel great so as I read the letter there was a surreal feeling, almost wondering if that the constant tiredness really was my life and my reality for so many years.

Some of my words back then included:

“Sorry. It’s like I have to spend all day physically and emotionally fighting sleep. I was fighting it at work, fighting it at lectures, fighting it on the train, fighting it if we ever go out in the evening. The only place where it is safe and publicly more acceptable to sleep and stop fighting it is at home. I do try and keep it at bay until it is officially bed time but it gets to a point during the evening where I feel as though I’ve been dragging around a heavy weight which always gets the better of me.

Sorry, I will try harder, but nowadays I don’t have the extra staying power at will . . . .”

I mean I know that it is my handwriting, and I actually remember this time as clear as day while I’m now reading it, however it is still hard to believe, especially when my underlying thyroid condition is one that still comes with the big side effect of lethargy and lack of energy.

Wow. What a difference a change of  mindset makes.

Tigger - Always full of boundless energy!

Tigger – Always full of boundless energy!

And for those who are always asking me about the sleep and boundless energy thing, I have included the video (above) and link in this Blog for the video that I created a couple of years ago because soooooo many people always ask me where I get my energy from, and are shocked to learn that it wasn’t my natural tendency and that I am not related to Tigger.

If your video player for the embedded video above isn’t enabled you can watch my ‘How to Sleep Just 2 Hours A Night & Still Feel Energised‘ video via YouTube: click here

How to Light Up & Re-energise Your Brain

How to Light Up & Re-energise Your Brain

And of course the being able to focus and switch the brain up several gears fully came into being when I stumbled across that seemingly magical thing called PhotoReading™. It was a real game changer for me and I went from consistently failing exams because I could barely hold a few facts in my head, and suffering from what the doctor called ‘brain fog’, to standing up on stage and teaching for days or weeks at a time without the use of notes.  

All I can say as I look at my that old letter is “WOW.”

If ever I needed a reminder about the power of personal development, and the changes that can unfold from changing your thoughts, beliefs, mindset, and letting go of old emotional baggage, this would be it. Such a massive contrast, and the change happened in such a short space of time.

So to anyone out there who might be feeling a little hopeless right about now or wondering if big change and transformation is even possible when all external factors say it’s not, my answer would be a resounding YES.

Time to take action!

Time to take action!


Many of the tips and techniques that I created are in the How to Sleep 2 Hours A Night video, so I would recommend that you watch that when you have a few minutes.   A few of the main things that I did are outlined below.

I changed the way that I thought about my energy.  It sounds very simple, however it was powerful stuff.  I used to imagine that my body was like a battery and that my energy used to drain away and ‘run down’ during the day.  Not only that, I would often start the day half full or even running on empty.  When I realised that  was my perception, I changed it and created a visualisation where my energy became a self replenishing source.

At this point I realise, particularly if you are from a more corporate background that you might be raising an eyebrow right about now.  I know that I was when the idea first came to me because at that time I was studying to become a Chartered Accountant, however trust me, it really worked.

I stopped speaking tiredness into existence.  People would invite me out and my stock, and very true response was: “I probably can’t go out on Friday night because I’ll be too tired.”   They could be asking me on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and my answer would be the same.  Who was I?  Mystic Meg?????

As I learnt more about the ‘mind-body’ connection I suddenly realised that I was most likely contributing to speaking my situation into existence by predicting my tiredness in advance and therefore expecting it and on some level talking my body into it.  I changed that immediately, and back then created an empowering and energising mantra for myself.  I don’t need to use it anymore because the energy regeneration is now automatic, however back then it became part of my daily repertoire, much like eating breakfast.

I started to really breathe.  Now I know that we all breath however I realised that because I was so stressed about my work, my studies, my relationship, my future career, and my health, I was shallow breathing.  I came across something called Ha Breathing which comes from Hawaiian Huna.  It is a brilliant way to re-energise the brain, the mind, and the body.  I also made this part of my daily practice and would often Ha Breathe in the shower.

I let go of my emotional baggage.  And boy did I pack large and heavy.  As strange as it might sound, because emotions are largely intangible, my belief is that holding onto old negative emotions and limiting beliefs can literally weigh you down and sap and drain away your energy.  When I started to let go of my old emotional baggage I became both physically and emotionally lighter, freer, and more energised.

There are several other things in the mix, particularly when it comes to letting go of the old emotional baggage, and I was also doing something that I potentially hated because I didn’t know what else to do with my life, however if you just did the 4 things outlined above, you could start to see and feel big changes and improvements in your energy.

And if you are wondering where to start I’ve put together a bunch of video’s and mp3 recordings that you can download on the Free Resources Page on my website, so if you are looking for an instant energy boost there are a few things there that you can use.  I have also included the Energy Visualisation Process above so that you can relax and do it as a guided visualisation.

The turnaround was instantaneous

The dramatic turnaround for me after 3 years of living this way with the chronic lack of energy and fatigue is one of the reasons why I gave up my Accountancy studies and became a Hypnotherapist instead.

The change for me was almost instantaneous and has lasted for the past 15 years.  One of the things that I now hear most often when people meet me is: “Wow.  You have such amazing energy!”  These are usually people who have no interest in energy work whatsoever yet they feel compelled to express themselves in that way.

I went from sleeping for 12-15 hours a day and still feeling knackered, to sleeping 2-3 hours a night and feeling totally energised.  I don’t recommend it as a way of life for everyone, however if you simply want to feel more energised, or occasionally be able to get by with less sleep, then I highly recommend giving it a go.

I haven’t met many people who have to sleep 12-15 hours a day just to sort of feel slightly OK, so you are most likely starting way ahead of me in the energy stakes.

Here’s to permanent change and TranceFormation™.

Marilyn Devonish ♥

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