Do you have any client proof 1-3 years later that PhotoReading still Works?

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This one is a reminder of the incredible power of our mind and brain to change and transform literally overnight, even against the odds, and how to maintain those changes almost 20 years later.

Have you truly explored the myriad of facets and power of your mind?

Have you truly explored the myriad of facets and power of your mind?

This morning I woke up to a message and very valid question on my #PhotoReading Facebook page saying:

“I also just came across Photoreading. Spent the Holidays watching videos and became really motivated to learn more about it. But now I’ve hit an issue other people online have talked about. It is that there were no real studies done on it, such as comprehension, timing, etc. I haven’t been able to find anyone who can give it a very honest critique about the before and after. I’d like to know whether people can still do it like 1- 3 or 5-10 years later. For the Number of years its been around I can’t find people who talk about it. I guess i’m concerned with whether it really works or not …..”

“It is Truly the Most Powerful System I Have Learned”

The question was prompted by a Facebook Live video that was posted by one of my PhotoReading clients where she was raving about the Workshop and the amazing things that she has been doing since attending.  At the time of writing this Blog it was just under a year since she attended. She said in her video description:

“For anyone that has heard me recently rave on and on and on about photoreading…

It truly is the most powerful system I have learned it has ignited in me a hunger for knowledge that is completely unparalleled.

Marilyn Devonish is someone I have called a facebook friend for many years and she has been a coach and mentor to me also.

This is so powerful I want my 3 year old to go to a workshop as soon as he can sit and do the process – because I know it will revolutionise his ability to learn.

We all have a pile of books to read and many of us begin to wonder how many life times it will take to get through it….. my answer PHOTO READ and then keep adding to the list!!

I will no doubt keep talking about this because its amazing!

Check out the link and if you get a chance to connect with Marilyn do she is a very inspirational lady!”

The ‘limiting belief’ work that Naomi talks about on the video; “It’s important to clear these limiting beliefs before you start and Marilyn Devonish does that otherwise you just have these nagging voices . . .” relates to the Bonus #Huna and Access Consciousness Sessions that I run on the Friday evening.

In response to the question about client results after the ‘ra ra’ of attending the course, which in my case go back 15 years; my clients are still talking about it and their amazing results so I decided to write a quick summary  . . . . .

My Reading is 10,000 Times More Efficient

I often run into my clients several years later and they are still raving about PhotoReading. This is a testimonial video from a client who had taken my PhotoReading™ Class several years before and was telling a stranger at an event about me at the EXACT moment I was walking past, with neither of us knowing that we were at the same event that day; I do so love a dose of #synchronicity!  It’s a bit noisy but that is because we were right in the middle of the event however I wanted to capture her wonderful feedback.  She said her: “reading was 10,000 times more efficient after PhotoReading.”

From Irreversible Brain Damage to “My Brain Just Feels Re-Wired”

This is client testimonial in their own words from someone who attended my PhotoReading™ Workshop about 3 years ago:

Funnily enough she commented on a Facebook Live video that Paul Scheele ran this week and she was sharing with the audience in the comments how much PhotoReading™ has helped her and her daughter who attended at the same time. If you go to the Learning Strategies page and look for the broadcast with Paul and Mike and Pete you will see her comments there. Her name is Kay Westmorland.

From Dyslexia and Dyspraxia to B’s

I also had a client who I worked with when I first started offering PhotoReading Coaching Sessions back in 2003 and myself and his mother had a Facebook a year ago, actually make that 2 given that it’s now 2018, about how well he is still doing having celebrated a milestone birthday, I believe his 21st.  She called me in to do a private one-to-one Session with him when he was a teenager because he had dyslexia and dyspraxia and had just been thrown out of private school because he wasn’t making that grade. A few months later when he took his exams using the PhotoReading techniques he got B’s. As is often the case I just happened to run into her in the supermarket and she was saying how she had been meaning to call me and give me an update about how well he had done following that one single PhotoReading Session.

From Crystal Healers to Rocket Scientists

This is a summary of just a few of examples from over the years, where I have been working with everyone from students and young adults through to Coaches, Trainers, Management Consultants, Holistic Practitioners, Accountants, Lawyers, Crystal Healers, Doctors, and Rocket Scientists:

Everything that Alexander Hoped for with His Studies Came True

I have SO MANY client stories that are exactly the same as those featured above. Another that comes to mind was receiving a text message out of the blue a couple of years after someone had taken a class initially just with the words “I want to thank you”. When I asked her to elaborate she explained that her son Alexander got exactly the exam grades that he was aiming for and got into the University of his choice and she was messaging to say that she doesn’t think it would have been possible without PhotoReading™. Below is Alexander’s first video where he set his Purpose and Intention and his hopes and dreams for the future:

Achieving All of This in Just 2.5 Days

Another client, Transformational Coach Magdalena Baciu said: “When you look at how much you’ve achieved in just the last 2 days you just cannot believe it!  It was only Friday morning when you didn’t have all of these skills.”

From Exam Failure to Success with the Home Study DVD

I wrote a Blog last week about a client who failed her professional exams and was told by the tutor that if she failed the resit “the course probably wasn’t for her” which made her doubly stressed because she was already struggling with the studying and juggling a busy home life and family. She did my Online DVD PhotoReading Training which is a 1-Day Intro (and so we’ve never met or spoken in person) and she passed the exams with ease the following month. She said:

“Marilyn is a fantastic coach and I felt like I was there in the room with everyone else. I did the exercises and felt completely in-tune with the others, I didn’t pass my exam, the first time round in September before purchasing the PhotoReading DVD, but with doing to exercises from the DVD which I found invaluable. When it came to revising I followed the Mind-Mapping exercise that Marilyn shared; I gained so much knowledge and information.

When it came to me sitting my exam a few weeks later, I was calm and focussed, I remembered a lot from all the Mind Maps in my head. I have learnt from the course that I am a visual learner, I didn’t know this beforehand.

Thank you Marilyn this is totally inspiring. This should be promoted more in schools and Adult learning. Makes me want to do more of your courses. Thank you for this opportunity. xx”  SIETA JONES

You can read the full Blog here:

“Don’t Assume or Mistake it for “Speed Reading””

Another of my clients, Yoga Teacher and Sleep Coach Deirdra Barr said:

“I can really recommend this workshop if you want or need to absorb information quickly and with depth.  Don’t assume or mistake it for “speed reading.”  It’s a really valuable tool and the week I cam back from it I wrote a great 1000 word essay on something I know little about within 3-4 hours research included . . . without plagiarising.  Plus Marilyn is a really engaging lovely trainer!”

"I can really recommend this Workshop if you want to absorb information."

“I can really recommend this Workshop if you want to absorb information.”

He only came to fill a seat and he’s still talking about it 15 years later!

And, a friend of mine who mine who only attended my PhotoReading™ Instructor Training Class because I needed an extra person is STILL talking about the incredible experience that he had in the room some 15 years later. His name is Paul Vernon. He doesn’t do social media but should you ever come across him please feel free to ask him all about it and the “Page 63” experience. When I met him he was already a very skilled NLP Trainer and so he wasn’t expecting much from the course and was only expecting to be there to provide moral support and fill a chair!

As I said, I could go on but we would be here all day!

You can read the link to the full question here:

You will also find several other testimonial videos on you my YouTube site.

So, there you have it. My very quick answer to that question had you ever wondered the same thing.

PPS: And while we are on the subject of proof and evidence, and for those who have maybe seen me talk about other aspects of life and mind set, and the amazing and incredible changes and TranceFormations that have taken place, this is the video and Blog that I did in response to the person who called me a fraud and a scam artist because the #HealthTranceFormation stuff sounded too good to be true:

#AcceleratedLearning #Creativity #Intuition #GameChanger#LifeChanging #Limitless #NeuroSuccess

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