The Subtle Art of Boardroom Bullying and Manipulation

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The issue of bullying and manipulation was on my radar this week.  And not the kind of obvious bullying and ganging up that might happen in a school playground as children try to establish themselves and their sense of authority and status, but the more kind of insidious, manipulative, underhand bullying that happens in the Boardroom.

The type of bullying where your aggressor will look you straight in the eye whilst wearing a false smile and convince you that their actions ...

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What Does It Take To Become An Expert In Your Field? Some of the Answers Are Probably Sat Right In Front of You

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Can you imagine the knowledge that comes from reading a book a week, every week, for 17 years?  That’s a whopping 850 books in that timeframe if you have a couple of weeks off each year for Christmas!

For many people I am sure that is a daunting task.  Number 1, would you have the time or mental discipline for such an endeavour?

Number 2, if you did it, would you be able to retain, remember and recall that information for application ...

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Billionaire Life Lessons – Perspectives from Media Mogul Ted Turner

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I just had another Oprah Winfrey and OWN Network love in.  Today’s Master Class was from Media Mogul and billionaire Philanthropist Ted Turner.  Ted was the person who first introduced 24-hour TV news when other broadcasters said that it would never work.

He went from concept, to launch of the CNN 24-hour news network in just 11 months.  When you consider that this meant going from one reporter in one local station, to over 300 ...

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