Can you read a book without even seeing it? The mystery of Page 84

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So I’m on my way to a Secret Book Club organised by Mary Daniels at Alternatives.  It was secret because none of us attendees knew who the guest author was or what the book was about.

I stepped onto the escalators at Tottenham Court Road tube station and found myself wondering what the evening had in store and what the book was going to be.  I was also thinking about ...

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From 3 Failures to Exam Success – Why some good students go to mush in exams

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So, only a few weeks to go until you will be sitting in that exam room.  I have worked with many students; children, teenagers,  adults, those going back to professional or post graduate study, an many of them studied really hard and knew their stuff, yet when it came to exam time and getting it out on paper and showing the examiner what they knew, disaster.

One particular client always comes to mind when I do talks ...

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What Does It Take To Become An Expert In Your Field? Some of the Answers Are Probably Sat Right In Front of You

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Can you imagine the knowledge that comes from reading a book a week, every week, for 17 years?  That’s a whopping 850 books in that timeframe if you have a couple of weeks off each year for Christmas!

For many people I am sure that is a daunting task.  Number 1, would you have the time or mental discipline for such an endeavour?

Number 2, if you did it, would you be able to retain, remember and recall that information for application ...

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