Can you read a book without even seeing it? The mystery of Page 84

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So I’m on my way to a Secret Book Club organised by Mary Daniels at Alternatives.  It was secret because none of us attendees knew who the guest author was or what the book was about.

I stepped onto the escalators at Tottenham Court Road tube station and found myself wondering what the evening had in store and what the book was going to be.  I was also thinking about which parts of the mysterious book would be most relevant for me.  At that moment a voice pops up in my head as clear as day and says: “Page 84 is about inner conflict, struggle and emotional polarities.”

It was almost one of those ‘look around and see if anyone is standing behind you talking to you’ moments.  Of course there wasn’t.

So I carry on, attend my prior meeting and then start walking up Tottenham Court Road to the Book Club venue.  The voice comes back again and repeats the same phrase and adds that I should: “Ask a question about it because it will be relevant to the work that I’m doing.”

Of course this made no sense.

Still it was very cool and intriguing because I’ve been designing a new talk on ‘Intuitive Learning’ for Matt Kendall at Interesting Talks where I’ll be building on the sell out PhotoReading™ talk that I presented there last year.  Intuitive Learning will incorporate PhotoReading™ as well as some of the cool and freaky stuff where you are intuitively tapping into books and opening up your intuitive capabilities in other areas of life.  There is also a process where you connect with books that you haven’t even read yet (although the PhotoSucking as it is affectionately known) is maybe a little advanced for the Intro that I’m doing for Matt but will probably be more incorporated into my PhotoReading™ Weekend Workshop.

So, after the ‘intuitive voice’ incident I arrive at the Book Club event.  There were still lots of empty seats and I chose one which had several free seats either side and appeared to be at the side of the room in terms of the layout.  As the room rapidly fills up a woman sits next to me and we start chatting.  I notice that she has a list on her lap with ‘Book Club’ written at the top so I ask if she’s attended before or is helping with the organising.  “No” she replies, “I’ll just be saying a few words tonight.”  “Lovely, I look forward to it” I say, not realising at the time that I’m sitting next to our mystery guest Author Elle Harrison.

The evening begins and the book is sat tantalisingly sat on the floor in front of me.  It was a 2-hour meeting.  An hour and 45 minutes in I can contain myself no longer and ask if she can let me have a look at what is on page 84.

The Elle looked slightly puzzled but hands me her book and I eagerly flipped to the page in question . . . . . . . Keep in mind I said it was about inner conflict and polarities.  It reads:

  • ‘Not submitting to more control; taking one’s own way in defiance of moral obligation or authority; unruly, insubordinate, wayward, self-willed.
  • Giving way to sexual passion; also, more widely, licentious, dissolute, loose.
  • Fierce, savage, ferocious, furious, violent, destructive, cruel.
  • Not having control of one’s mental faculties; demented, out of one’s wits; distracted; . . . . . extremely foolish or unreasonable, holding absurd or fantastic views.
  • Of undertakings, actions, notions, statements, etc:  . . . going to extremes of extravagance or absurdity; fantastically unreasonable.
  • Not under or submitting to, control or restraint; taking, or disposed to take, one’s own way; uncontrolled; going at one’s own will; unconfined, unrestricted.
Page 84 of Wild Courage

Page 84 of Wild Courage by Elle Harrison

Now this might not make much sense to you at the moment, so let me explain.  On the day before and the morning of the Book Club meeting I had been trialling a new process with the exclusive group of clients taking part in my TranceFormation™ Programme.  The new bonus session I added about exploring and releasing the energy and blockages on internal polarities, things like Love – Hate, Control – Letting Go, Dependency  – Independence, Rejection – Acceptance, Violence – Peace, Poverty – Wealth, Passion – Boredom, Right – Wrong, Confusion – Clarity,  and the list goes on.  The starting point is a long list of words, much like those contained on this page in Elle’s book.

The premise of this work is not just releasing the seeming ‘negative’ around a situation, which is what many people tend to focus on, but also releasing the unconscious emotional charge on the ‘positive’ so that people don’t over identify and get out of balance or still have an ‘away from’ with the very thing that they are trying to attain.  For instance, if you work on ‘poverty’ but don’t take the charge out of not being OK to have ‘wealth’ you could find that your problem still persists, if you work on hate or abandonment but are truly fearful of love it may still elude you.

I had only attended the Reflective Repatterning workshop on the subject of polarities 4 days prior to the Book Club so the whole issue of Obligation vs. Being more self willed and self directed was what I was exploring that week, and therefore what was contained on Page 84 was spot on in terms of the intuitive voice coming up with ‘inner conflict and polarities.’

About 10 minutes after seeing what was on Page 84 a question flashed into my mind so as the Author concluded on a question she was answering I spoke, at exactly the same time as Mary Daniels, who was about to bring the evening to a close.  She allowed me the final question.

I asked about how Elle, the Author dealt with the emotional and inner conflict faced by her clients.  She answered that she takes them through a physical body process . . . . .

“Ask a question about it because it will be relevant to the work that I’m doing”.

With the client I had that day just before leaving to attend the Book Club, we were working on their personal Archetypal or Hero’s Journey, and the archetypes or personality energies that were best suited to navigate through each stage, cross the thresholds, and face the challenges that moving on to the next level might bring.  As we spoke about transitioning through the archetypal life journey and moving from The Abyss, through to The Transformation, which also comes with resolving old issues and revealing new options, the words literally rose up from their stomach, stuck in their throat so unusually, I randomly decided to go through a body process and work with the feelings that were being evoked by the thoughts . . . . . Exactly what Elle had just spoken about.

Seriously, as I’m always saying to my clients who start experiencing similar wonderful things and seemingly out there synchronicities, you couldn’t make this stuff up!

The Power of Intuitive Learning

On Tuesday 13th May, 2 days before I attended the Book Club, I sent the following talk outline to Matt Kendall at Interesting Talks:

The role that intuition plays in life is increasingly being recognised and validated.  Steve Jobs was famous for following and trusting his intuition, and one of Forbes most influential women, Arianna Huffington, President of the Huffington Post talks about the importance of intuition and how to get back to that place of wisdom in her new book Thrive.

So what has intuition got to do with learning?  In this context, and for those looking to break old paradigms when it comes to using the brain more efficiently, intuition is key.  It is not possible to read at 25,000 words per minute with your conscious analytical mind.  The sense of overload and overwhelm would be too great and the mind would shut down.

PhotoReading™ is a form of whole brain whole mind learning, and when you connect to your intuition, limitless possibilities open up in all areas of your life that go way beyond reading.

During this second part of the evening we will explore:

I then went on to give an overview of what we’d be covering on the night.

One faulty book out of 900,000 (yes, that’s right, almost a million!)

I had a lovely client attend my PhotoReading Workshop last year.  He is a very talented IT and systems guy and Programmer.  He ‘was’ also very analytical so when I was explaining about the power of intuition and using the unconscious mind he was basically rolling his eyes.  Below is a short summary from my facebook album about what unfolded:

This is ‘Mr Page 23’ as he came to be known during the PhotoReading Weekend.  We had just finished PhotoReading the book, starting with reading at 25,000 words per minute, which takes about 5 minutes from start to finish when suddenly he put his hand up and said: “Something just said to me, look at page 23.’

What are the chances of that, his intuition finds the only faulty book in a batch of 900,000!

What are the chances of that, his intuition finds the only faulty book in a batch of 900,000!

He initially tried to ignore the suggestion because it didn’t make sense to his logical mind, however the intuitive voice persisted, so on the third nudge he finally gave in.  He had no idea why he needed to look at Page 23 but upon checking it turns out he had a faulty book and that a bunch of pages from page 23 to page 39 were missing!

This of course would have meant that he was missing some vital pages.

We were all stunned, but none of more so than him.  Excellent!

It more than addressed his doubts and questions as to whether there was anything to this unprovable intuition lark because all of this happened on the first day of the 3-Day PhotoReading Workshop so we were only just getting started!

“Was moving forwards with Intuitive Learning a useful direction and idea?”

I don’t need to bother wondering if teaching more about the Intuitive Learning is a good idea.  I have my answer.

If you haven’t played with your intuition lately, I highly recommend it!

Marilyn x



Marilyn Devonish is a Certified PhotoReading & Accelerated Learning Instructor, Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, Certified Trainer of NLP, Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy, and Soul Plan Reader. A Certified Practitioner of several modalities including Hawaiian Huna, Access Consciousness, Archetypal Profiling, EmoTrance, EFT, Positive EFT, and Reiki.

Marilyn has been unconsciously teaching the subject of Intuition for the past 12 years, and works with private clients to help them gain more clarity on their life journey and soul purpose, and clear away the blocks and barriers to their own inner wisdom and intuitive empowerment.



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