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I just read another great post from Actor Tyrese Gibson.  This one was about the importance of having clarity and direction in your life and the fact that you can’t be stressed and depressed, irritated, bothered, or miserable over the things that you have clarity on.  He also spoke about how to deal with the haters that might show up in your life from time to time.

Tyrese Gibson smiling in a tuxedo

Actor Tyrese Gibson. His message with this post was: “Get rid of all things, people and situations that’s stopping you from smiling from your SOUL!!!”
Photo courtesy of Tyrese Gibson

If the video doesn’t play from this page, I would definitely say you want to head over to his Facebook page and see if you can find it because it’s a good one.   It was originally posted on 3rd July.

Why the constant celebrity posts?

When asked why he posted so much, and so often, and for so long, Tyrese said he posts so much, and leaves long videos because he sees it as ‘virtual mentorship.’  He said he doesn’t have to do it, he doesn’t get paid to do it, but that he has a problem with the issue out there in the world of: “What you don’t know but wish you understood.”

Tyrese said he wanted to provide potential solutions and answers, and share the things that have affected and changed his life and bought him success.

Dealing with the haters in this world

When it comes to what he calls the haters and misery makers in this world, he wanted his viewers and followers to understand that haters have a job to do:  “It is like their full time job.  Those anonymous people that try to rile you up and get on your platform and create misery.  Process it, understand it, know that they have a job to do, it balances our world.” 

The call to action

He asked those of us that had watched the video to the end to fill in the blanks after: “The last time I was hated on by somebody . . . . .” (and then tell him their story).

My response to his request is below:

“The last time I was hated on was by someone who criticised me for doing what I love to do, which is sharing inspiration, thoughts, and ideas out in the world.  I recognise however that their hating comes from a place of judging me based upon their own limitations, thoughts, mindset, and criteria.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that because it is not something that they do easily in the world.  For them it takes a lot of time and effort.

For them it is seen as a waste of time, bragging even.  For them it falls into the category of ‘get off social media and do something more useful.’  For me however it is a sense of joy, of fun, a way of sharing, another medium for putting what I call ‘inspirational thought bombs’ out into the world.  Of course I had to agree with them that it does take time and effort, but not effort in the ‘it drains me’ sense, yet effort nonetheless.  However, when you are in flow with something there is almost a time standing still quality where you look back and realise that your short blog is 3,700 words, or that little video or mp3 is in fact 55 minutes.

I also, as I always do when the haters surface, stopped for a moment to take a look at myself and my motivations to check that what I was doing wasn’t coming from the place that the hater so eloquently accused me of and described, because like you say, just because you don’t like the messenger, it doesn’t necessarily make the message any less valid.  I also find that such comments give me a sense of clarity because I have to go inside and examine who I am and what I am doing to ensure that I’m not just doing something out of misguided old habits.  So I shared some of my view and perspective on their comments, and thanked them for their contribution.  It’s all good!”

I don’t want to stay too long in the hate vibe because I believe that life is too short to wallow in such things.  I would say in closing however that if you have thought about the last time somebody hated on you, perhaps go that next step and ask:

“What did I learn from it?”

“What did it highlight within me that I can use to help me grow or evolve to the next level?”

“Is there any truth in what they say?  If so, do I just acknowledge that as a difference between us or is there something that it would benefit me to look at and change?”

These annoyances and bumps in the road can also be a catalyst for change and transformation if we allow ourselves a shift in perspective.


The 'TranceFormation' Ripple Effect

The ‘TranceFormation’ Ripple Effect

My logo has always been a water drop because amazing and wonderful things can ripple out from the seemingly insignificant or downright disastrous things that happen along the way on this journey called life.

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The day after I wrote this Blog I was in London at the talk with ex NFL Football player Trent Shelton who was in town as part of his NSOG ‘Nothing Short of Greatness tour.  One of the subjects that he touched on was how to deal with the haters and their criticism.  It was so in alignment with what Tyrese was saying I captured just a few minutes of it so that I could share it with you all.


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