What Happens #AfterMeToo?

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Healing the Broken Souls

The #MeToo Movement was for many a welcome opportunity for long awaited catharsis about a fate that has befallen many, that of sexual abuse.

I was delighted that the subject had come out of the often guilt and shame laden shadows.  It also left me wondering what happened to all of those voices #AfterMeToo.

What Happens After #AfterMeToo?

What Happens After #AfterMeToo?

  • What happens after speaking out publicly, particularly if it was the first time you had shared your experience?
  • What happens if you are not a celebrity surrounded by a large support system?
  • What happens in the days, weeks, months and years ahead once you are no longer enveloped in global media support?
  • What happens if you once again become a lone voice in a vast space? 

Outside of my one-to-one work with private individuals I didn’t have an answer to those global questions, however I wanted to not just create a way to find out, I also wanted to take my Coaching, therapeutic, and eCourse and Workshop creation and facilitation expertise to provide some solutions.

The survey that some of you have very kindly completed is one of the first steps in that global process.  “THANK YOU” for completing the After Me Too Survey.  I really do appreciate it, as will the future readers of the results who get to benefit from your wisdom and experiences.

If you are a #MeToo Survivor and would like to share your views and experiences you can take part via: https://marilyndevonish.responsesuite.com/q/aftermetoo  The Survey is completely anonymous unless you choose to leave an email address.

Emotional Woodstock

The global uprising was a little like going to a great soulful event.  A gathering of like minded souls.  All joined together in that moment in time to experience something as a disaffected collective. A unique event where the world watches in awe.   But what happens when the music stops and everyone goes their separate ways?  From my personal perspective I know that it can be a dark and very lonely journey.  It can also leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable if you are surrounded by people who don’t get it.

The reason I liken it to Woodstock is that I remember reading an article about the festival through the eyes of the people who were there and it opened with the questions:

A towering example of the power of music and brotherhood?  The depth of drug-and-sex degradation?

For some #MeToo was and is an example of Hollywood and sisterhood; for others it started to highlight the depth and scale of the sexual abuse problem.  And not just confined to the movie industry, at the same time Harvey Weinstein was being exposed Larry Nasser was standing trial for a horrendous catalogue of crimes spanning several decades.

One of the Woodstock interviewees, Judy said: “I just had a feeling that, wow, there are so many of us, we really have power. I’d always felt like such a minority. But I thought, wow, we’re a majority — it felt like that. I felt, here’s the answer to anyone who calls us deviates.”   Her words mirror the sense that I had when Me Too became a movement.

The Golden Boy of Hollywood

He Was the Golden Boy of Hollywood

He Was the Golden Boy of Hollywood

He was the golden boy of Hollywood.  The starmaker.  Apparently thanked more times than god in Oscar acceptance speeches.  The scale of the scandal was almost unthinkable.  Actress after Hollywood Actress came forward after the social media watershed to share dark tales of hotel room encounters with Harvey Weinstein.  Some bared their souls in interviews to speak publicly for the first time of the broken spirit they carried inside.

There was the question of why none of these women had spoken up and spoken out before.  For me some of those answers are simple in their complexity and we’ll discuss them in the series of Live Online Events to come.

Some Opening Thoughts

  1. If you are a victim you now know for certain that you are not alone.
  2. Seeing powerful women, a force to be reckoned with in their own right succumbing to such advances might serve to remind you that you weren’t just weak or at fault.  If it can happen to women that the world looks up to and admires it can happen to you.
  3. There’s not just a dark tunnel, there is a very bright and shining light at the end if you take the journey out of there.
  4. Slowly but surely the stigma and shame around sexual harassment and abuse is being lifted.

The Free #AfterMeToo Teleseminar 

Once I have received the data set from the questionnaire I will run a Teleseminar and Webinar to discuss the findings and share some of the things that helped both me and my clients move on and rebuild our lives.  My aim for myself when I discovered that it was possible to move on and heal was not just to survive the ordeal, but to Thrive.

I have been sharing my story and working in this field  for the past 17+ years.  One of the things people have said most often, even as early as 2001, just a few months after I had finally faced up to and resolved it, was that they couldn’t believe anything like that had ever happened to me.  That for me was proof positive that you truly can reclaim your mind and happily move on with your life.

Thank you again for completing the After Me Too Survey and I very much look forward to sharing the results with you over the coming months.

Warm regards,

Marilyn Devonish
The NeuroSuccess™ Coach

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