The Magic of Tarot Card Readings – Can They Really Predict Your Future?

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So this is another one of those ‘being woken up in the early hours’ (this time it was 2.22am) blog posts.  This one however wasn’t quite as insistent as the one about my dad dying and Strictly Come Dancing which INSISTED in no uncertain terms on being written at 3.30am a couple of days ago.

So, the next in this ‘Intuitive Awakening Series‘ (Jemma Prittie I made that up just for you) is all about demystifying and unlocking some of the mysteries surrounding Tarot Card Readings.

“I have just one word to describe the reading: WHOA!!!”

What I decided to do a week ago is do an Angel Card Tarot Reading for myself for the week ahead.  Aside paying heed to what I call ‘the awareness card’ I let all of the others go, putting them out of my mind.

Below is the summary of that experience that I posted on facebook a week later:


I said I would go back and give people an update on the Angel Card Tarot reading that I did for myself on Sunday 15th December.

I’ve not looked at the cards since pulling them 7-days ago so I was very interested to see what transpired and how it might relate. One word: WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My intention as I was pulling and drawing the cards was to do the beginning, middle, and end of the week plus an overarching card of things to be aware of.

Below is a summary of each of the Tarot Cards that I selected, followed by the outcome, summary, and my assessment of the previous week:

“Your wish comes true. Concerns fade away. A love of life.”

Nine of Water Tarot Card - Your Wish Comes True!

Nine of Water Tarot Card – Your Wish Comes True!

This card is very much about something that you have prayed for finally manifesting. It’s also about efforts being rewarded, financial hopes realised, things working out in the way you’d hoped for, self satisfaction, love of life, and good fortune following you. 

My Week: For much of this year I had put some effort into my new TranceFormation™ Programme. On Sunday 15th December it wasn’t even in my mind to pre-launch it because I had decided I would leave it until at least January 2014, even February to coincide with the collapse of the New Year Resolutions bandwagon.

Suddenly, for a reason I still can’t fathom, on Tuesday 17th December, out of the blue I decided that the time was now, and that I would pre-launch part-Scholarship access to the TranceFormation™ Programme right then and there.  I hoped that people would respond with enthusiasm, and they did. By the evening of Tuesday 17th I had set up the first 7 pre-qualification calls, so my ‘concerns’ about whether it would hit the spot definitely faded away. So, with hindsight, I’d say that this card was certainly spot on for me even though I had no concept of what it might relate to when I pulled it a week earlier!


“Things are looking up. The end of a difficult situation. Taking a trip.”

Six of Air Tarot Card - Things are looking up!

Six of Air Tarot Card – Things are looking up!

This is about things looking up, the worst being behind you. Light at the end of the tunnel. Winds of change blowing . . . . . time to make changes in career, home, and your outlook. The resolution of a conflict, leaving or moving on.

My Week: Well, have just sat and re-visited this picture I had to laugh out loud. This week, we had some strong winds one night and I came out on Thursday morning (do note that this card signified what would be happing mid to latter part of the week) only to find that several of my roof tiles had blown off, and exposed holes in my roof – if that isn’t the winds of change blowing through my home, I don’t know what is!

For the first time since I’ve lived in my home I had to make some structural changes, albeit at considerable cost, but changes nonetheless. A particular situation that I had been very conflicted about was also resolved, just as I had scripted out in my notebook the week before.

As I was just considering the ‘taking a trip’ bit I was about to say nothing like that happened, and then I remembered. I took a short trip to see a friend for the weekend.  It was only an hour, but a trip nonetheless.  However, what we did during that weekend away was a Past Life Regression where I took a trip back to caveman times, ancient Egypt, and the roaring 20’s.  So, with hindsight I’d have to say that was a trip and a half and then some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“A successful time. Confidently accept opportunities you are offered. The Midas touch.”

King of Earth Tarot Time - A successful time.

King of Earth Tarot Time – A successful time.

This card is all about the timing being right to get things done! Leaving the planning stage behind and taking action. Honouring promises and commitments and attending to details. It’s also about working with a well trained person who does an excellent job over time who is diligent, thoughtful, honourable, and kind. It is also about renewed motivation, increased abundance, having a guardian angel, and business travel.

My Week: Well, what can I say? Suddenly waking up on Tuesday morning with the clear thought in my head to get on with the launch of my TranceFormations Programme seemed a bit out there given that some months before I had decided to leave it until the new year so I guess that constitutes ‘enough with the planning, darn well get on with it!” I also, after a gap of several months met with my mentor who very much embodies the characteristics of the card.

There was also an issue with a group that we run together where it was necessary to re-evaluate and re-focus on honouring the commitments that were made and attending to the details of getting that back on track. The project in question isn’t one of those ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am, it’s done in a week jobs’ it really does rely upon a commitment over time for all of those involved to allow the results to emerge, so again, I’d say that this one was spot on.

With the guardian angel piece, the roofer, who you just met in the previous analysis, said that he couldn’t believe how lucky I have been all these years, and I quote: “You are so lucky; I can’t believe you haven’t had any problems with it. Literally if the wind had been blowing in the other direction, this whole piece would have been off, and looking at those joists, there is a potential for it to collapse.” Given that it has supposedly been brewing for many years, throughout all of the snow, the storms, and high winds that have hit this region at various times, I would say that I’ve been a very lucky girl indeed, so thank you guardian angels, wherever and whoever you are.

“Fears surrounding money. The wisdom to accept help from others. Uncertain self employment.”

Five of Earth Tarot Card - Fears surrounding money.

Five of Earth Tarot Card – Fears surrounding money.

This is a card that relates to being too focused on what you don’t have and a mentality of ‘lack’ creating more lack. It’s about assessing thoughts and beliefs about money and to accept any assistance that’s offered. If these thoughts and feelings are kept in check, it is then fortunately only temporary. There can also be concerns about self employment and financial downturns.

My Week: Wow. With the week that I’ve had with half the roof blowing off on Wednesday/Thursday and needing immediate attention (when I asked the roofer when he could do it, his reply was: You need to get this done yesterday!”) It was a week that held the potential for fear and lack around money, coming up to Christmas, a quiet couple of weeks while people off on holiday.

The session that I had booked with my mentor was all about money, and looking at my pricing, where I really had to look at my beliefs around money and what I was charging and how that related to the value that I was offering and delivering. In my case it was very clearly that I was undercharging for pretty much everything that I do so he really made me sit and think about my beliefs and feelings around that and get my calculator out.
When my friend offered to do a Past Life Regression around that very subject, rather than say no and focus instead on just chilling out, I decided to accept the invitation.

“Make of it what you will, but for me it was extremely accurate upon reflection.”

So, I shall leave you to draw your own conclusions, but I’d pretty much say that for me, it was spot on. I didn’t even remember what the cards were until searching my facebook page to find them, however they have still set the tone and turned up in the most amazing ways.

“So, tell me more about these Tarot Readings and how they all work.”

Some of the questions that people typically tend to ask about the Angel Card Tarot Readings are summarised below:

Is it about predicting the future?

Some people might see it that way.  I view it more as pointer of what is going on for you and where you’re at in your life both consciously and unconsciously.  The cards also have a tendency to highlight issues or areas that you have been unable to or unwilling to face.  The cards also tend to mirror situations that are going on in your life.

The client often knows the answer of their next step or direction but hasn’t been able to articulate it with clarity.

One of the people that I read for, Lisa, a Magazine Editor, put it beautifully:

“Having worked with Marilyn Devonish before, I know she is highly perceptive and intuitive, so trusted that the reading would be interesting to say the least! It isn’t a case of the cards ‘telling your fortune’ it’s all about them reflecting your current situation back at you, so you can clearly see what areas need to be worked on. Marilyn’s interpretation of the cards is clear, concise and understandable, and she is adept at picking up the subtleties of your individual circumstances. I was reminded, as I often am, that when the angels want you to know something they create paths to it.”

How do I personally do the readings?

I have a friend who is a lifelong psychic (she’s been a psychic since the age of 3) who keeps telling me that I’m a psychic.  Now I know everyone has psychic abilities however I still tend to think of myself as being highly intuitive.

In terms of conduction the readings, my sessions tend to be by phone or Skype, in person for my Breakthrough and TranceFormation™ Programme clients.  I have my client’s think of a question or issue that they want to focus on or get clarity about while I am shuffling the Tarot Cards.

Once they have it clearly (or sometimes vaguely) in their mind I spread the cards and ask them to simply say ‘Stop’ as I run my hands across them.  We do that several times, depending upon what type of spread we are doing; Past – Present – Future, a Celtic Cross, Situational Analysis, 6 or 12 month view, etc.

At no point during the reading do I know what my client is asking about, they may however sometimes choose to tell me at the end of the Reading, and that is where it gets VERY interesting!

How does the information come through?

Of course, all of the cards, the numbers, the Archangels assigned to some of the cards, and the images, depict much of the information and direction and flow of the reading.  One of the strange things that happens for me however is that the same card can look and feel very different depending on who I’m reading for.  For instance, during one reading a spot of colour might look like a feather, in another it might present as a butterfly, in another reading as a star.

For me it is also a combination of seeing images, hearing things that need to be spoken, getting a sense or feeling about something, and, when I try to ignore what’s coming through because it doesn’t make any sense to me, the internal Marilyn Devonish Juke Box kicks in, and I hear music, song titles, or lyrics that relate to the situation in hand.  This really does freak people out because I’ve had some who exclaim: “Why did you choose that song?  I was listening to it in the car this morning!!  How did you know that??!!!”  It’s at those points I really have to smile because that just confirms again, to be myself and the client that we are definitely on the right track.

“The butterfly that wasn’t even there came to life the very next day!”

I remember once seeing butterflies that weren’t there in a card and I shared this with my client, and explained what I felt the significance of that might be.  The next day she had a removal man in to help lift a heavy orthopaedic mattress (if you’ve even tried to lift even a regular King size mattress you will know how heavy they are).  As they lifted the mattress and stood it up against the wall, both she and the removal man looked at each other in stunned amazement as a fully intact butterfly was sat there on the underside, the side that would have been flat down on the wood surface.

Butterfly Monarch

Butterfly Monarch

They were then able to pick it up by hand, carry it across the room, and let it fly out of the bedroom window.  I mean, what are the chances of that?

What experiences have people had during a reading with Marilyn Devonish?

General comments that I tend to get most often when I read for people include:

“That was definitely spot on for me.”

“What you said absolutely hit the nail on the head.”

“I loved it, and what you said was very intuitive and very insightful.”

“Every word was just completely spot on!”

“I’m speechless, I think it’s great stuff.”

“I felt it was very much spot on.”

“WOW! Thank you for that Marilyn, reconfirming exactly where I’m at! Awesome!”

“OMG! I was totally blown away by the accuracy of her reading. This lady is a natural. I can’t wait to have another reading with her very soon. I’d better book my session now before the queue gets too long!”

“Laser-sharp honing in on what I knew at some level, anyway, and that was without Marilyn knowing what question I had in mind. Thought-provoking.”

Some feedback from a client that I read for sums up what many people tend to experience and take away from a session is from professional Freelance Writer and Consultancy owner Eve Menzies Cunningham:

“Thanks so much! That was gorgeous – I wasn’t sure how clear I was (in terms of asking the questions) and yet what you came up with made so much sense on both business, love life and another personal issue levels. Love it 🙂 And, by the way, even though today’s the first time we’ve actually spoken, since I’ve got to know you a bit on Facebook with your gorgeous mix of energy work and more corporate stuff, you’ve inspired me to bring more of myself into all I do. Thanks again!”
Eve Menezes Cunningham

Someone that I read for some 3-4 months earlier recently posted this on their facebook page, having had time to see how things highlighted in the reading that I did for them unfolded:

The readings you did for me were spot on and I am actioning that big time. So, thank you!  x”  HARUN RABBANI, AUTHOR AND CREATOR OF UNTANGLEDfm RADIO

For a full summary of client testimonials and feedback about their Angel Card Tarot Readings with Marilyn Devonish visit the main website:

Who did I train with?

Marilyn Devonish Advanced Angel Card Tarot Reader Certificate from Doreen Virtue

Marilyn Devonish Advanced Angel Card Tarot Reader Certificate from Doreen Virtue

I first learnt the more traditional, Rider Waite Tarot back in 1998 or thereabouts with my first psychic development teacher Faye Charlotte.

I completed my Angel Card Tarot Reading Certifications with Hay House Writers and Speakers Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, and have completed both the Certification and Advanced Tarot Reader Certification Classes with them both.

Marilyn Devonish with Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine Certification Class

Marilyn Devonish with Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine Certification Class

How do you do a reading for yourself?

Doreen Virtue makes the most beautiful decks on a range of different areas; Messages from Angels, Life Purpose, Romance, Talking to Heaven, etc (these are just the card decks that happen to be sitting on my desk at the moment!)

To do your own reading, I would say choose a Deck.  Release and let go.  And play.  I say choose, release, and play because one of the things that you’ve got to do in order to be able to get a clear reading is to get yourself and your thoughts out of the way.

As the card spread above that sparked this whole blog shows, you can very easily read for yourself when you are in the right frame of mind.

How do you book a reading with Marilyn Devonish?

If you would like to book a reading with Marilyn Devonish, basic Tarot Readings start at £70 per session. You can find further information at

Pricing options and an explanation of the 3 Packages available are all outlined on the website.

“I wonder what delights the Universe has in store this week . . . . .?”

I have just done both a general, and romance card reading for the week ahead (neither of which I can remember at this point), so I very much look forward to seeing what unfolds and transpires this week . . . . . .

And, if you have found this blog post useful, interesting or inspiring, or know others that might be interested in seeing it, please do feel free to like and share!  ♥

Marilyn Devonish


Marilyn Devonish is a TranceFormational Teacher, Workshop Facilitator, Freelance Magazine Writer, and Certified Therapist and Coach.  Her new TranceFormation™ Programme launches in January 2014, and part-Scholarship places are available until 30th December 2013.







About the Author:

Marilyn Devonish has been described as the UK equivalent of Oprah Winfrey, Marianne Williamson, Anthony Robbins, a dash of Doreen Virtue, and the trio from Charmed all rolled into one. I (Marilyn Devonish) have admit that was too big of a statement for me to own, but I equally admit that I do like the sound of it and it did make me smile. Marilyn Devonish - Herself since Year 2000.


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