Reshape your body starting 2 minutes per day using a brick, an oven & a button!

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“Reshape your body using a brick, an oven, and a button?  Starting with just 2 minutes per day?”

Yes, I was rather puzzled when I first heard about the concept as well.  Reshaping my body in 2 minutes per day using a brick, an oven and a buttonWhat?????

Well stick with me and some of that will be revealed.

I had a meeting 11 days ago with this month’s London Yes Group speaker Jean-Pierre ...

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The Uniqueness of You

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So I’ve been having one of those mornings which was kicked off by the emergence of a small but giant question, Why am I here on this earth and what am I supposed to be doing?

The various views and shares from my facebook friends has opened that up as I ponder ...

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