How to Find Your Life Purpose & Soul Destiny

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“How do I find my life purpose?”

“How do I know and identify what I am here on this earth to do?”

This question seems to be coming up a lot of late.

I updated a Blog post recently where singer Lenny Kravitz shared that he had known from 5 years of age exactly what he wanted to do after seeing the Jackson 5 on TV.  Lenny said he then found it strange when he would meet people who hadn’t found ...

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Actor Tyrese Gibson on Dealing with the Haters

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I just read another great post from Actor Tyrese Gibson.  This one was about the importance of having clarity and direction in your life and the fact that you can’t be stressed and depressed, irritated, bothered, or miserable over the things that you have clarity on.  He also spoke about how to deal with the haters that might show up in your life from time to time.

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