How to go from Failure & Feeling Defeated to Training Yourself for Success

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How to go from Failure and Feeling Defeated to Training Yourself for Success

The timeline for this one, especially when you factor in family commitments is really very short.  Sieta and I had a discussion about her failed Counseling exam on 27th September 2017.  She purchased the PhotoReading DVD on 5th October 2017. Her exams were in November 2017. She got her results in December and passed!  We didn’t do any additional Coaching aside from our chats via Messenger and in ...

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From 3 Failures to Exam Success – Why some good students go to mush in exams

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So, only a few weeks to go until you will be sitting in that exam room.  I have worked with many students; children, teenagers,  adults, those going back to professional or post graduate study, an many of them studied really hard and knew their stuff, yet when it came to exam time and getting it out on paper and showing the examiner what they knew, disaster.

One particular client always comes to mind when I do talks ...

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