Real Life Magical ‘Cheques in the mail’ Falling In Your Lap

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“I was at the point of physical/emotional/mental exhaustion . . . . She said here’s a few £000 to enable you to take a step back . . . .”

Did you watch the movie The Secret when it swept across the planet in 2009?  Do you remember the story about ‘cheques in the mail’ where there was a guy who talked about receiving out of the blue checks (as they say in the USA) mail.

Have you wondered, or more importantly wished that ...

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Has It Been Years Since You’ve Been On A Date? Here’s A Way To End The Dating Drought

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Have you had a ‘dating drought’ where all of the attention, attraction energy, interest, and even the pool of suitable partners seems to have dried up?

Have you been hoping to start dating again yet not sure what might be stopping and blocking you?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, read on!!!!

I completed another amazing Breakthrough Coaching Session with a client.  They excitedly told me at the start of the call:

“Marilyn, it’s probably got nothing to do with these sessions and what we’ve ...

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Single for the holiday season? Apparently one of the big fears and stigmas

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Did any of my other single friends get ‘that look‘ over the holiday season after being asked where their man (or woman) was?

That look you’d expect to get if you just told them your favourite puppy had just passed away.

That look that says ‘oh dear your life must be so empty, unhappy, or incomplete.’

That look that somehow seems question what is wrong with you?

It almost felt like a scene from Sex And ...

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