Overcoming the Challenges of Dyslexia with this 30 Second Technique!

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How to Overcome the Challenges of Dyslexia with this Simple 30 Second Technique 

October is  #DyslexiaAwareness Month although it is something that I am always aware of in my line of work.  For those looking to overcome some of the challenges that it can present both at school, college, university, and in the workplace, read on!

If you who have taken a #PhotoReading class you will know that Step 1 ...

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How to Bounce Back from Repeated Failure or Flunking Your Exams

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This is another one of those “Wow!” Moments and stories.  For anyone you know who has ever been through the failure and resits thing, or convinced themselves that exams just weren’t their thing. or that it always had to be a struggle, you have got to read this amazing true story . . . . .

On Wednesday night posted the following update on Facebook:

“Someone who works a very busy job and is studying at the same time did ...

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