The Secret Truth About Spirituality is that nobody really knows for sure . . . .

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So let’s get right to it, and discuss the big secret as I call it.  The elephant in the room that nobody is really talking about when it comes to spirituality and personal development.

When it comes to spiritual practices and the field of spiritual and personal development, the secret is that nobody really knows for sure.

Did Neale Donald Walsch really have a conversation with God?  Well I don’t know.  Let me listen to the mp3 recording of said conversation and ...

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Ignore Your Shadow At Your Peril – Debbie Ford & Oprah Discuss The Shadow Side

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Last night I excitedly e-mailed the clients taking part in my TranceFormation™ Programme which is a journey that starts with exploring your Soul Plan and inner Archetypes, and identifying exactly where you are on your life or Hero’s Journey.  I was excited because the example that I had cited just a few days earlier when I talked about the importance of uncovering their shadow side or repressed Archetypes, was an interview that I had seen with Oprah and ...

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