Is It Love or a Lockdown Based on Fear & Insecurity?

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“Are you a man who loves and cherishes and cares for me?   Or are you a guard in a prison of maximum security?”

“Do we stay home all the time cos you want me to yourself, or am I locked away out of fear that I’ll find someone else?”

For some reason I’m really feeling the song Spotlight by Jennifer Hudson at the moment.  Not because I am in Jennifer’s situation, but because the words of the song ring so true with ...

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The Subtle Art of Boardroom Bullying and Manipulation

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The issue of bullying and manipulation was on my radar this week.  And not the kind of obvious bullying and ganging up that might happen in a school playground as children try to establish themselves and their sense of authority and status, but the more kind of insidious, manipulative, underhand bullying that happens in the Boardroom.

The type of bullying where your aggressor will look you straight in the eye whilst wearing a false smile and convince you that their actions ...

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