Is this The Key to Love?

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I’m just going through the notes of the astrological reading that I had yesterday.  Many subjects were touched upon; The overload of service, humanitarianism, and wanting to help in my chart and how that often tips into not being rewarded or recognised for what I do.  The high levels of inventiveness and innovation and the massive amounts of energy to function at a high level like the ‘ Indianapolis 500.’ There was also talk of my ‘spiritual safari leader’ energy ...

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Single for the holiday season? Apparently one of the big fears and stigmas

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Did any of my other single friends get ‘that look‘ over the holiday season after being asked where their man (or woman) was?

That look you’d expect to get if you just told them your favourite puppy had just passed away.

That look that says ‘oh dear your life must be so empty, unhappy, or incomplete.’

That look that somehow seems question what is wrong with you?

It almost felt like a scene from Sex And ...

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