Autism Rocks! What happens when autism meets PhotoReading? It’s Extraordinary

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Autism really does rock when it comes to reading!

Unknown to me someone with autism attended my summer PhotoReading™ Workshop.  As we neared the end of the Workshop they revealed that they can’t usually cope with workshops or events, and that they carry cards which say on them: ‘Speak slowly’ and ‘Only use 6 words per sentence then stop.’  They were amazed that they hadn’t have to use those cards once, which amazed them, having previously spoken to me on ...

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Can you read a book without even seeing it? The mystery of Page 84

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So I’m on my way to a Secret Book Club organised by Mary Daniels at Alternatives.  It was secret because none of us attendees knew who the guest author was or what the book was about.

I stepped onto the escalators at Tottenham Court Road tube station and found myself wondering what the evening had in store and what the book was going to be.  I was also thinking about ...

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