From £800 Overdrawn to Appearing On Sky News & £000’s donated within Hours of Starting The Free Magic Program

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OM Freakin' G! It's only Day 1 of my Free 5-Day Magic Programme & She's Already Been on Sky News and the money is rolling in! Someone just made a £1000 donation on top of what has already been raised. #WOW #OMGThis is the link to my Free 5-Day Online Course of which Lisa Howells did Day 1 today: is the link to Lisa's Article on the Sky News website: This should be a link to the comments if you wanted to read Lisa's post and the updates for yourself: This is the link if you wanted to join the full 28-Day Magic & Gratitude Programme and Private Facebook Group is: http://www.themagic.eventbrite.comMarilyn Devonish <3E-mail: Main Website:

Posted by Marilyn Devonish on Friday, December 22, 2017

This is another one of those epic client success stories that you just could not make up even if you tried and another case of what I call Speaking It Into Existence, and if you prefer to watch and listen rather than read I have also done a video summary of what follows.

So this morning at 5am the first of my Free Magic Programme eCoaching Exercises was delivered via email. One of those emails was delivered to Lisa Howells.  The ...

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