How to Heal and Move On When Something or Someone Has Penetrated Your Soul

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Phew.  That’s quite a long and lofty Blog title however that was the realisation that I had this morning as I pondered something that had been inexplicably bothering me over the past couple of days and weeks.

One minute I was fine about it, the next I was not.  One minute I reasoned that people are what they are so be fine and move on from that, the next I was like no, not on my watch.

It was something that in ...

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Relationships – The Trap of Waiting for Love or Commitment

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Now I admit, I might be an old fashioned type of girl who grew up in the time when men stepped forward if they liked a girl and asked her out.  The ‘dance card’ era was well before my time however it is that type of ethos, where the man was required to introduce himself properly, make his intentions known, and ask for a dance.

I have recently become aware of a trend or phenomena where otherwise smart, sane and savvy ...

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