Finding the one key to changing or transforming your life

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So what is THE key to transformation, or as I call it TranceFormation?

This is a question I get asked a lot.  Even if people don’t ask the question directly, I can see it in their eyes, or hear it in their voice.  That undertone that says: “Just tell me the one thing that I need to do.  That one thing I need to change.  Give me that magic key that will just unlock everything!”

People are often looking for that one ...

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Billionaire Life Lessons – Perspectives from Media Mogul Ted Turner

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I just had another Oprah Winfrey and OWN Network love in.  Today’s Master Class was from Media Mogul and billionaire Philanthropist Ted Turner.  Ted was the person who first introduced 24-hour TV news when other broadcasters said that it would never work.

He went from concept, to launch of the CNN 24-hour news network in just 11 months.  When you consider that this meant going from one reporter in one local station, to over 300 ...

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