What Happens #AfterMeToo?

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Healing the Broken Souls

The #MeToo Movement was for many a welcome opportunity for long awaited catharsis about a fate that has befallen many, that of sexual abuse.

I was delighted that the subject had come out of the often guilt and shame laden shadows.  It also left me wondering what happened to all of those voices #AfterMeToo.

  • What happens after speaking out publicly, particularly if it was the first time you had shared your experience?
  • What happens if you are not a celebrity surrounded ...
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Actor Tyrese Gibson on Dealing with the Haters

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I just read another great post from Actor Tyrese Gibson.  This one was about the importance of having clarity and direction in your life and the fact that you can’t be stressed and depressed, irritated, bothered, or miserable over the things that you have clarity on.  He also spoke about how to deal with the haters that might show up in your life from time to time.

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