What Your Soul Plan Can Tell You About Love & Relationships

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I’ve recently been looking at how the Soul Plan reports and Private Sessions can be used, not just for where you are in life, goals, worldly and spiritual challenges, and soul destiny, but also as a tool for looking at both relationship challenges, and how to use the Soul Plans to improve and enhance relationships.

One of my contacts has given me permission to use their Soul Plan as a case study example.  They are currently single, have been for many years, and are looking for and hoping to find a new partner.  When they do find a new partner, with their permission, we can also do a Soul Plan Reading for them so see the areas of support, similarity, and potential challenge.  The premise being that once you know what the potential problems and challenges are, you can work with or through them.

The Soul Plan overview we will be using is below:


Soul Plan Report Summary

Soul Plan Report Summary showing Worldly & Spiritual Challenges, Goals, Talents, and Soul Destiny

With the reading the analysis that follows, I have taken the basic Soul Plan report and highlighted some of the issues that give clues and pointers to the challenges that my client has been facing in the context of relationships.   The Soul Plan shows both potential attributes and possible challenges.  When you step more into the Talents, the Challenges tend to diminish.  There are also specific courses of action to be taken with the Challenges that arise from the placements on the Soul Plan Chart.

For an overview and background to Soul Plans you can visit my previous Blog post entitled: Soul Plan: The Key to Unlocking Your Talents, Destiny & Soul Potential

My volunteer had the following positions, challenges, and attributes on their Soul Plan:


The spleen craves sweetness – They have a big sweet tooth, are by their and society’s view overweight, and this has led to self image issues when it comes to even thinking about being intimate with someone.

Must accept their physicality – As with the ‘sweet tooth’ issues above, they are not comfortable or accepting of their physical body which has of course had a knock on effect on their thoughts about committing to a relationship and sex.

Very emotionally demanding – We have had discussions before about their ‘unreasonable’ demands on how a potential partner spends their time.

Low self esteem – There have been concerns in the past about what they have ‘settled’ for in the past with regards to romantic partners and what they have put up with and experienced in the past.

Tendency towards self pity – I would say this displays itself more as martyrdom, where they put themselves out and do things over and above that are not asked for or called for and then moan and complain and get upset when those actions are not appreciated or acknowledged.

The limiting beliefs associated with the 19-1 include I must hide my emotions, it is out of my reach/it is impossible, my environment is hostile.  Their most recent ‘brush’ with romance left them confused as to whether to share their feelings, and changed their home environment in ways that I won’t go into here.  They have also wondered, having been single for so many years whether the partner and relationship that they dream of is even possible.

Each of the Soul Plan positions and combinations come with both Suggested Therapies, and suggested Self Help Methods.  Those associated with the 19-1 include Life Coaching, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Parts Therapy, Energy Psychology, Laughter Therapy, comedy workshops, and humourous books or films.


Open hearted and demonstrative – This has led to potential partners who have not been of the same energy feeling that it was a bit ‘full on’ and almost being afraid.  (FUTURE NOTE: Worth looking out for a partner who is already comfortable with that energy or at least open to it).

Open and friendly – They have a talent for being open and friendly and this has sometimes been misconstrued by previous potential partners.  This talent does however bode will when they start attracting a person who is more in alignment with them.

Controlling – As per the potential to be ‘emotionally demanding’ in the 19-1, they almost tried to control their previous partner, and those that weren’t even yet in the partner category, into behaving the way that they wanted them to behave and be accountable for their movements and whereabouts.

Prone to fantasies – The way this has played out in previous relationships is that in their mind, they are together and living a joyous life, when the other person involved has been distant, lukewarm, even cold.

Left foot issues and reticence to engage – There has been a fear around being open to finding another relationship, particularly with their previous history, which might also be related to the self worth issues.

Mistrust and isolated – This has stemmed from, or at least been heightened by their previous bad experiences of relationships, and early sexual child abuse history.

Limiting beliefs associated with the 7-7 position include I must display only my best side, I am judged, I am trapped, I must control the situation.  There have been discussions about being seen without make up and hair done by their partners, which taps into that ‘best side’ and ‘being judged’ element of this energy.


Feelings of unworthiness – In a word, Yes.  This is a thread that runs through their life, not just in relationships but life in general, which has diminished and blocked their potential talents and attributes in this area of being a great public speaker and having the capacity to teach.  (Their big Worldly Goal is to make a living through speech in society, possibly being a presenter, yet these feelings of unworthiness has over the years held them back in life).

Heavy repressed emotional baggage – They were sexually abused multiple times as a child by both men and women and by those who should have been in responsible positions of authority.  The residual of that still plays a part.  During their earlier years, late teens and 20’s they were sexually open and were taken advantage of by some partners.

Attracts subservient roles – This has been the case in previous relationships where people have metaphorically ‘taken advantage’ of them or ‘walked all over them.’

Feeling unworthy to be a healing channel – This definitely plagues them despite their very obvious skills and talents in this area.  These feelings of unworthiness also appear to spill over in the context of not just intimate love relationships, but working and social relationships in general.

The limiting beliefs that can be associated with the 17-8 include I must submit to others, I must be a slave, I have too many issues to be of value, I am unworthy.  Their abusive childhood, and things that they have been through in life have definitely coloured their opinion, view, and judgement of themselves.  They have also had a tendency to ‘over do’ which may be partly due to the feeling or ‘unworthiness’ and therefore want to prove themself and their worth.

SPIRITUAL CHALLENGES: 7-7 (As outlined above).

The 7-7 issues have already been outlined above.  Where they sit in the Spiritual Challenge position it also relates to additional challenges in being over idealistic, and needing to balance anger around the frailties of the human condition and emotions, and being more accepting of those.

Suggested Therapies and Self Help Methods for the 7-7 include Voice Dialogue, Parts Works, Psychotherapy, meditations to open the heart, yoga, spontaneous dance expression, literature on facing fears and the shadow side.  (To read my previous Blog post with Oprah Winfrey and the late Debbie Ford on the importance of facing the shadow side, click here).


Open hearted – As previously mentioned, this has had the effect of scaring some partners who are not in touch with their emotions away.

Poverty consciousness – Previous partners have taken advantage of them financially, one leaving them on the brink of bankruptcy by stealing from their account before absconding.  They have had a tendency to attract needy partners.

Self worth issues – As previously outlined this has definitely been a factor with regards to their relationships and the type of mate that they attract.

Doesn’t listen and egotistical – They are great at giving advice but have not heeded suggestions when they have behaved in a way that could be potentially damaging to a relationship.

Their Spiritual Talent is to be a catalyst and spiritual teacher however throughout the majority of their life, they have not fully stepping into and embraced this.  With projects we have worked on this has now started to change and is gaining momentum, which will contribute to overcoming the Challenges.

Their Spiritual Talent is the gift of expression and need to share.  So far they have attracted partners who were verging on secretive which of caused what seemed to inexplicable tension in their relationships.

Suggested Self Help and Therapies for these challenges include Life Coaching, Sound Healing, Throat Chakra blockage clearing, voluntary work which brings an opportunity to share their knowledge, singing, writing, acting, dancing, and Psychic Art Therapy.


Insecurity and going around in circles: This would definitely describe their dating history.  Some of it bought on by themselves and their inner thoughts, some of it through the way that have been treated by previous partners.

Stomach issues – They had multiple stomach surgeries when then led to a permanent change in their body shape and function which has contributed to fears and insecurities when it comes to intimacy.

Sleep problems – They are adamant that whether in a relationship or married, that they would want to have separate bedrooms because their erratic sleep patterns cause them to want to sleep alone.

Their Spiritual Goal includes moving beyond purely spiritual expression and exploring the deeper and more intangible aspects of life.  Their choice of partners to date have not been people who have the same deep interests in the inner spiritual and soul work.

The limiting beliefs associated with the 15-6 include I will get it wrong, I am going to get hurt, life is dangerous, I must always be cautious, I am going to make a mistake.  These do generally seem to sum up many of the experiences that they have had with regards to both their approach to life, and relationships.


Intense and passionate – They are most certainly that, however the partners that have attracted to date have been secretive and detached which has left them feeling rejected.

Intense encounters with others – As mentioned previously, this has cause a mis-match between them and the type of potential partners that have been attracting.

Unclear boundaries – Oh Lord, in a word ‘YES.’  The shifting goal posts, having people taking advantage of them, being too controlling, have all presented themselves as issue in their dating history.

Limiting beliefs that are associated with the 14-5 include I am worthless, I don’t count, I am inconsequential, and I need you to show me who I am.  The partners they have chosen in the past have treated them in a way that supported these limitations and views.

Their Soul Destiny is to discover their true essence and reflect this love, whilst being an inspiration and uplifting others who are ready to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.  The more they embrace their skills, life goals and talents, the easier it will be for them to embody this, and attract a mate who is in alignment with that energy.


With the intensity, the passion, the open heartedness, the demonstrative nature, and the need for free expression shown in their Soul Plan, it might be beneficial to seek out a partner who already has these qualities in the talent or goal area so that they embrace rather than push against or run away from them.  Alternatively, they may have had them as a Worldly or Spiritual Challenge but has worked through and overcome them.

Even if these traits do appear in the Challenge positions of their Soul Plan, it would be beneficial if they are at least open to receiving them and wanting to be in that space and energy.  My client would then be able to support them in the development of those areas of their life.

A partner who has 19-1 (very intuitive), 7-7 (open hearted, demonstrative, charismatic), 15-6 (can connect to the intuitive wisdom of the soul, spiritual channel), might also help balance out their insecurities in this area.  Also having 8-8 (clairvoyant, emotional intelligent, and grounded) as a talent and attribute could be a good energy to balance future relationships.  The 9-9 (organised, clairaudient, stability) as a Spiritual Talent or Soul Destiny could also bring something to the relationship.


To see the Soul Plan Report in action, and how it relates to day-to-day life, I did a Soul Plan Reading for Whitney Houston following her passing, click here to read it in full.

If you enjoyed this Blog post and found it useful, do feel free to share it with others who might benefit from reading it.

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Marilyn Devonish is a Soul Plan Reader, Certified Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, and Time Line Therapy, Certified PhotoReading Instructor, Life and Executive Coach, and Angel Tarot Card Reader.  She is also a Practitioner of Hawaiian Huna, EFT, EmoTrance, DNA Theta Healing, Energetic NLP, Positive EFT, Access Bars, OTH (Opening The Heart), Archetypal Profiling, and Access Consciousness.

She is also a Business Graduate, Management Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Prince2 Project Manager, Freelance Writer, Workshop Facilitator, and Keynote Speaker.

Marilyn works with both corporations and individual who want to create a more straight line path to goal achievement, fulfilment of ultimate purpose, and success.  She mainly works with those who are already ‘on the path’ yet feel they have ‘tried everything’ in order to break through their patterns or limitations yet have been unable to do so.

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