Selling Happiness isn’t as Sexy as Selling Money But this is why I have to believe in Angels – Part 1

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Happiness vs. Money Part 1

Part 1 of this Blog is the warm up and the intro as I formulated my thoughts and pondered the #LifeLessons that had been served up to me 2 a couple of days ago.

Part 2 shares 6 of the key #AhaMoments and epiphanies that occured to me as I pondered what I might call this whole sorry mess, and the 6 Fundamental Beliefs that help me to make sense of the world and remain sane in times of difficulty, upset, or struggle, and the life changing realisations the crystalised for me in the hours that followed.

I had an experience 2 days before New Years Day which “knocked me for 6” as my mum used to say.  The news left me upset and disorientated and somewhat disillusioned about life.  I was kind of floored.  I went into what I call the “Why Space” which can be useful in terms of delving into the heart of things.  It can also have a negative effect if you are trying to delve too deeply too early.  I knew that I was trying to delve too early so I told the friend that I was crying on the phone to that I would just sit with it rather than trying to ‘positive it’ away.

What to do in those times where you are feeling helpless

What to do in those times where you are feeling helpless

What was lost in this instance cannot be replaced because it was something unique which for me was the kicker.  The flip side of that is no amount of crying will ever bring it back, so I had to choose.  I had to decide.  How long was I going to cry over the proverbial spilt milk?

The whole episode caused me to think about and re-evaluate several things including how I live my life, how I run my business, how I spend and give away my time, and upon changing and focusing and streamlining what I put out into the world.

So how does this relate to Angels, money, and beliefs about life?

I realised that I would not have been able to pull my head up if I didn’t hold these fundamental beliefs.  At the time I read the news which came in the form of a letter I felt like I was drowning.  I was disorientated.  It was as though someone had punched me in the stomach.  Those sorts of feelings can crush you particularly if you have already had a series of universal blows.  If you are not in a good or resilient place then sometimes even the smallest of things can tip you over the edge or break your spirit.

The other big realisation that I had was that my life’s work is fundamentally about showing and helping people to live a happier and more magical life with things like The Magic Programme, and even PhotoReading™, because when you can get more done and have less stress and can you can tap into your intuition, creativity and genius potential it is such a euphoric feeling, and what is euphoria, it’s happiness, so PhotoReading = Happiness.  I already knew that to be true and it is something that always surprises my Workshop attendees, however it all made even more perfect sense this time round.

I also know however that in terms of my experience of the world thus far, selling a course or programme on how to make more money is far more appealing and way easier and sexier to sell than providing a course on happiness or Accelerated Learning.  Why is that, given that at the end of the day if you explore “why” people want and seek what they want, when it really comes down to it, it’s because people want to feel happier?  Try it.

Ask yourself why you want more money or why you want more success, or why you want to be in a great relationship.  From there drill down into what safety and security and living your dreams and companionship or whatever your thing will get for you or allow you to do.  How will having those things make you to feel?  At the heart and root of it all, it usually comes down to a variation of how people describe happiness.

And if the Law of Attraction is to be believed then when you are in a more relaxed, open, intuitive flow state it is far easier to draw to you the things that you want, including money and wealth and success.  This train of thought took me on an additional journey about my business and what I do and how I package what I offer because part of this whole scenario is linked to how I do business.

I had about 4 hours of drowning and walking around in a daze of disorientation and then the fundamental and life-saving beliefs began to re-surface.  Those beliefs and re-realisations included what for me feel like the Fundamental Beliefs that hold my life together.  Six of them are outlined in the Part 2 Blog which you can read here if you are in my Membership Group or on my eNewsletter list:

Membership Group Members Only Content

Membership Group Members Only Content

As I observed the thoughts that rose up and the 6 Fundamental Beliefs and ideas, I realised that these are the fundamentals keep me balanced and sane during those times where my view of the world gets crazy or where negativity tries to take hold.

Those who are religious would call it faith.  When you have faith and trust and belief in a higher purpose or force (hard core Star Trek fans must have felt this too) it provides you with a magic carpet upon which you can ride out the storm.  If you truly believe, you know that all is well.  It can’t be any other way.

I have noticed that problems and overwhelm tend to arise where you are half in and half out of your ‘fundamentals.’  Where you cherry pick the times where you believe in a magical universe and those times where you don’t.  It is in the spaces of waver and wobble where the water and rot gets in.

What are your Fundamental Beliefs?  If none come to mind feel free to borrow one or some of the 6 that I have shared in Part 2 of this Blog and try them on for size.

What in the grand scheme of life is a relatively small event compared to those facing illness or loss of life, my two seconds of drowning has caused me to consider my beliefs and levels of faith anew as we transition into another New Year.

If I truly believe what I teach, and I do, then why would this event be the random exception to the fundamental rules that have thus far played out in my life?  Why would this one thing not lead to something better?  Why when it is nowhere near as bad of some of the things that I have experienced during my lifetime, many of which were several decades before my personal development life and included things like childhood sexual abuse, illness, or my partner having an affair, why would this be the one time where something better and more amazing didn’t arise from the ashes?

There is no reason why this event is not going to follow the same vein as all of the other upsets and down times or traumas and play out in alignment with the Fundamental Beliefs.

My suggestion if you are going through a tough time is to choose one of the six that you fundamentally believe in or that resonates with you, and use it like a filter through which to view your life.  If the filter is true, things cannot help but change and improve and you will most likely have the same experience that I had in that your spirit rises up in response.  From a NeuroSuccess™ and neuroscience point of view this will start creating new neurological pathways and strategies.

I know both from my own personal experience and as a result of the thousands of hours of Coaching and Therapeutic work that I have done over the past 17+ years that when you are dealing with something you perceive to be of magnitude it is very easy for the “yes but” train of thought to kick in which outlines all of the reasons why your situation is unique, so we will talk about how to overcome that as one of the Bonus Sharing Saturday Sessions in my Facebook Membership Group because getting stuck in the “yes but” can leave you spinning your wheels and going nowhere in terms of healing, finding resolution, or moving on.

I often quote Einstein to my clients in terms of us as human beings having the ability to see life as though everything is a miracle or as though nothing is a miracle.  I always err on the side of the former.  If nothing else it just makes life far more fun and exciting.

For now I wait for the 6 Fundamental Beliefs to kick in and show themselves.  In the meantime I will keep on keeping on and do my best to enjoy the unfolding of life and learn the lessons along the way with a less stubborn “it’s not fair” resolve and a more open and curious heart.

Marilyn Devonish ♥

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