Are Your Results So Amazing and Seemingly Impossible that people think you’re a scam artist?

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Is she a fraud or a scam artist? Is that really true or possible? – I got an email asking this question of me. This is my response. #HealthTranceFormation

Posted by Marilyn Devonish on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

For the 17 years that I have been in Coaching and Therapeutic Practice, I have always had people saying of both my own results and those of my clients: “Really?”  “WOW!”  “That’s amazing . . . .  Did that really happen when you said a client did . . . .?”

Now although they are not saying it or even thinking it in so many words, the presupposition of those types of questions and the statement of disbelief is that it can’t possibly be true.  It therefore doesn’t take a massive stretch of the imagination from there to start thinking that if it sound too good to be true and ‘impossible’ then maybe it is.

Last week having shared a summary of the health challenges and TranceFormations that I’ve had for a recent magazine article that I am being featured in, I was called an out and out scam artist and a fraud.  I therefore decided to turn this situation around and make lemonade!

When life gives you lemons . . . .

When life gives you lemons . . . .

I haven’t had anyone come out and say that to my face since I started working in this field in October 2000 until now, however from what people have said I know that they sometimes can’t help thinking it because the results do often seem too amazing and incredible to be true.

The full extract of the ‘scam artist’ email is  outlined below in italics, together with a link to the Facebook Live video that I did upon receiving it where I show you all of the medical documentation to support my ‘impossible’ health TranceFormation claims.

The Stuff of Make Believe, Dreams & Magical Happy Endings

Some of my friends and clients were angry about it, however I get it because when I say that people have reversed brain damage and brain inflammation after attending  a 2 ½ PhotoReading Workshop with me having had those problems for almost a decade it maybe sounds a bit far-fetched.  Or when I say that someone went from getting out of bed feeling depressed every day and having no sense of life purpose to leaping out of bed with a “spring in their step” within 7 days of starting my 28-Day email Coaching Magic & Gratitude Programme it might also invoke a “really” response.  If I then add to that with within 14 days that started to get clarity of purpose and by the end of the 28 days they had come up with an idea for their life’s work, and within 3 months they found someone who could help them make it a reality and when the year they were running their own Workshops and had a waiting list that was so long that I even I had to join it to have a Session with them, and that 5 years on they are still living their passion with the idea that they came up with on my Magic & Gratitude Programme, I could see how that might require some to take a leap of the imagination.

Or the story of the young teenager with dyslexia and dyspraxia who had been thrown out of their private school because they weren’t making the grade and after just 2 or so hours or so in a one-to-one Session with me their brain was back in gear and the whole trajectory of their life turned around and they got a B in their History exam, I can see how that too sounds extraordinary and the stuff that dreams are made of.

And the person with autism who avoids going to Workshops because they can’t cope yet they sailed through the 3-Day PhotoReading Workshop without any of us, themselves included, even realising that there were any psychological challenges.  I have posted the link to that piece at the end of this Blog.

And of course when I share the stories of doing Huna Energy Healing and clearing work with clients across the country and across the planet and them not only feeling it, also having long standing health issues be resolved or stand-off conflict situations just disappear within hours or overnight, it really might sound like we are getting into fairytale land

And just like in the movie The Secret, getting cheques in the mail for hundreds and thousands of £’s just after you have done some Huna and Access Consciousness Telephone Sessions and requested it; oh man, get outta here!  And my client and Workshops attendee who was “petrified” of public speaking and doing their TED Talk yet went on to bring the house down and has since won awards ACROSS THE GLOBE for their pitching and presenting and public speaking skills and is now a regular on Sky News where she presents live in the studio.  It really does sound like the stuff that dreams are made of.

And I have Blogged about many of the client testimonial stories that I have shared here and I have also put links to the various posts below so that you can read them for yourselves, and in many cases hear it from the clients themselves where people have been willing to share.  And, that right there is part of the problem, people often are not willing to share their results although they are happy for me to share them which is why I have to start the story with: “A clients said . . . .” or “I just had an email from someone who . . . . . “  I don’t phrase it in that way because I’m sitting here spending my time making this stuff up, I do it in that way because I have been asked to because many of my clients want to remain anonymous and private.

This is an extract of my eNewsletter which ignited the whole scam thing:

The #HealthTranceFormation picture that started it all . . .

The #HealthTranceFormation picture that started it all . . .

Last week I did a magazine interview with Lynne McTaggart‘s What Doctors Don’t Tell You Magazine and I will be doing the photoshoot next week. They want the photos to be doing something or at a location that tells my story in terms of my journey back to health; a summary of my starting point is in the picture above, and the text below:

  • Clinically obese
  • Problems with heart rate – resting was 220bpm
  • In such poor health I was turned away from the gym
  • Comb over bald
  • Spotty and covered in eczema
  • Constipated (1-2 movements per week)
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Leaky gut
  • Chronic fatigue and tiredness (sleeping 12-15 hrs per day)
  • Brain fog and very forgetful
  • And of course after all of that, somewhat depressed!

Once the article is released I’ll send you all an update in my eNewsletter.  Below is a sneak peek of one of the photos (within a photo) from the photoshoot this week . . . . . (ADDENDUM: This is a link to the full published article: )

We were blending 'ballet with business' with the gorgeous backdrop of the Watford Palace Theatre

We were blending ‘ballet with business’ with the gorgeous backdrop of the Watford Palace Theatre

Anyway, let’s get on to the scam artist email!

Below is an extract of the email that I received:

“(C)  You could include some “Before” pictures, and some type of proof, testimonials, references showing that you actually have had those terrible health conditions in the past and have overcome them.

I would not have thought of suggesting this a few days ago.  However, I just realized how skeptical some people have become, especially when it comes to things they hear or see on the internet.  I met an old girlfriend of mine yesterday for a coffee.  We have been friends since we were always in the same classes together in High School (for some strange reason, in that school the students were separated into classes depending on their grades – we were always both in the “Smartie” class which was supposed to be for the “best”? students, with the highest grades).

I told her about your remarkable turnaround in life and how you overcame so many health issues and how you have learned so much and how you are doing so much to help people improve their lives.  Right away, she became very skeptical and said, “Is that really true or possible?  What evidence do you have?”  It never crossed my mind to doubt what you were saying, because you are so sincere and just seeing you and hearing you talk, I don’t hesitate to believe what you are saying.  I tried to argue with her and tell her that just based on your character and what you do, it is very unlikely you are making up stories!  She said, “Well those people want you to think they have overcome very many things because it is good for their business – it’s a good way for them to convince more people to be their customers.”

It has happened also with other friends, when I talked to them about things I heard or saw on the internet (it wasn’t about you in those cases) they use similar phrases with the word Scam – like, “Those are all scams.”

In a magazine, people can’t hear you or see you talk and see how sincere you are.  Even if they do see or hear you, some people may still remain skeptical.  Also, some of the magazine readers may not know anything about you or haven’t heard about you before.  It may be a good idea to show some kind of evidence of your “before” health problems (and maybe some proof of things you did to cure them).  These are some things I thought of:

– “before” picture(s) of you, if you have any

– names (and testimonials, if possible) of Health Professional(s), Doctor(s) who knew about your problems and/or treated, advised, helped you

– names and/or records from treatment facilities, hospital(s)

– any of you’re a written health reports or records, testimonials you can find

These are just suggestions of what I was able to think of.  If you do not have time to access any or all these things, just use anything you can find.  Afterwards, it may be a good idea to gather as much evidence as you can and to keep it handy to use for other occasions or if somebody asks for proof or expresses skepticism.  Also, some people may be skeptical but are too polite to say anything.  You may consider choosing some proof to include in your website and/or Facebook and/or put up some posters and/or text when you do Videos, Webinars, public appearances, etc.   

This may be useful to show people who are not aware of the problems you overcame and also to keep people from not believing you completely (or in some cases, if they are really skeptical, they may practically not believe you at all).  Also, it may be a good tool to remind people of how much you have overcome and your journey towards improving your life.”


People started calling my The Duracell Bunny back in October 2000 and still do to this day.

People started calling my The Duracell Bunny back in October 2000 and still do to this day.

So if people are thinking this about me when they can see me in the flesh so to speak and see my levels of energy and vitality and see my waist length hair having been comb over bald and having to have a number 1 buzz cut, and hear me speak without stuttering all over the place and forgetting what I want to say on Facebook Live also previously on live TV and live Radio, and they could still be thinking that, what must they be thinking when I share these anonymous client success stories?

And again, to see that list and to see me now, I know that it maybe does sound unbelievable and amazing, particularly when I tell you that after 3 years of suffering the turnaround for many of those things happened within days and weeks.

Funnily enough I was with Bryan Hubbard, Lynne McTaggart’s husband the co-founder of What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You Magazine ( day before yesterday, and he introduced me to someone as: “An amazing and incredible woman” and was telling them about the piece that I have just done for the their magazine.


The Proof & Evidence Bit

A summary of the medical files and documentation from 20 years ago when this all started

A summary of the medical files and documentation from 20 years ago when this all started


To watch the Facebook Live video where I take you back through the medical documentation go to:

To watch the Think Tank Thursday video that I did where I share some of my thoughts around why people don’t share and how it puts me in the position of looking like a fairytale writer go to:

For Kay’s Blog about reversing brain damage go to:

For the Blog around the autism and PhotoReading client click here:

For the Blog about coming back from repeated exam failure to sailing through with flying colours go to:

For a bit about my brain turnaround story and tips that you can use and apply go to:

For the testimonial from my beautifully eloquent and award winning client go to: (this whole saga has also reminded me that I really od need to beef up the Client Testimonials page on my website given that I have a 1,100 page Word document full of glowing stories just sat here).

For the ‘Magic Cheques in the mail’ story go to:

In addition to these very small segments that I have shared above, I also have a 1,100 page (yes, that’s one thousand one hundred page) Word Document full of glowing and amazing client testimonials.

So there you have it.

If you are already sharing then drop in a # or a tag

If you are already sharing then drop in a # or a tag

A Client Request If You Are Already Sharing

And the person who called me a scam artist does make a good point when it comes to people saying ‘anything’ on the internet, and it is indeed one of the perils of now living in an open social media world, so if you are a previous client, I have a small request.  If you are you already out there sharing your successes and results on social media and they are related to the work that we have done or to Workshops and Training Courses that you have attended with me I would be very grateful if you could at least add a # or tag me in so that people know where they can access the same kind of help and information and to help alleviate the problem that has been highlighted here by this whole scam artist issue.

I am NOT referring to the clients who do everything in secret, I am talking about those who are naturally out there sharing anyway.

I created a series of #s for my Health TranceFormation Workshop, so please feel free to cut and paste and use those that apply when sharing your results and success stories and say a few words because it gives me a much easier way to to tag and reference them.  The one’s that I use most often are my 2 trademarked words: #NeuroSuccess and #TranceFormation if you wanted to keep tabs on Facebook or Instagram of the latest miraculous happenings and stories.

  • #HealthTranceFormation
  • #MarilynsLifeHacks
  • #MarilynsHealthHacks
  • #MarilynsMindHacks
  • #MLH #MHH #MMH
  • #TranceFormation
  • #NeuroSuccess
  • Tag /MarilynDevonish



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