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Alright Universe, very funny and ‘Oh crap, you’re now calling me on how serious I am!’

I am ALWAYS saying to my clients: “Be careful what you wish for, and be clear and sure about what you ask for because when you work with me you are going to get it . . . . and usually a whole lot faster than you expect or could even imagine”

A little like the Law of Attraction, when clients speak their desires to me, the most amazing and uncanny things tend to happen, sometimes in the most unexpected of ways.  It almost feels like ‘Next Generation Goal Setting’ because it all seems so unbelievably easy.

As one client put it this week upon not only attracting an interview with a dream company (which in itself was unbelievable to them that it should happen in the space of a few weeks after our sessions), but also on overcoming her traditional interview nerves and ‘saying the wrong thing’ said:

“I was calm, and open & friendly in the same time, I could have not wished for more.  The emotional side did not take over control – I am so, so thankful. 

I was not bothered earlier by that “emotional peaks and lows”  It all felt natural.  

My morning was the fruit of your talent and efforts and I am sending you a huge and fat “thank you”. 🙂 “

The Magic Lamp

The Magic Lamp – Be careful what you wish for when working with Marilyn Devonish!

So someone who shall remain nameless and who I told not to bring up the R word in my presence, yet he insists on going on about it each time we speak, has this week got a few things to answer for.  I jokingly said: “Don’t even get me started on this subject because I know from past experience that all sorts of crazy things will start to happen . . . .”

So I, whilst doing my best not to be drawn into the Relationship discussion fray, have been saying to myself: “I really want to do more with my writing this year . . . “ meaning the Blogging and starting to work on the direction for the book that must come out at some point.

Yesterday (in relation to the time of writing this post) I had reached my critical mass point regarding a friend and their relationship woes, so like any good songwriter (I hasten to add, I’m not a songwriter, but the best one’s seem to have the knack of taking situations and translating them into words, aka Adele who apparently banked £30 million last year even though she hasn’t made a record in the past 3 years, on the strength of Rolling In The Deep), anyway, as I was saying, in songwriter style, I decided to Blog the energy out, which the friend who was the main subject of the post thought was hilarious and made for very good reading.

Beyonce and the Single Ladies

Beyonce and the Single Ladies – Gentlemen You Really Should Put A Ring On It!

You can read the Blog entitled: Relationships – The Trap of Waiting for Love or Commitment here.

Once I’d published and re-read the post I decided to contact a site that I absolutely love which is focused around relationships and what women want, and who have posted a little ditty of mine in the past.

Their facebook page is always spot on, to the point, and hits the metaphorical nail on the head, and their 35,000 strong following seems to be growing by the day.

The first time I contacted them it was really with just a question, so them sharing my writing was a very pleasant surprise.  This time I sent them something that I thought they might be interested in re-publishing given that it was all about relationships and the frustration that some women experience before a relationship has even begun.

What I didn’t expect was for the first universal gauntlet to be thrown down.  Hard.

Throwing down the gauntlet!

Throwing down the gauntlet!

This is an extract of their response:

“I’d like to see you attempt that in a more powerful, succinct way . . . . 

I’d also like to see you do it on video. I’ve looked at the one I see of you posted on your YouTube channel and think it could be a much more powerful vehicle than your writing, but you’ll need to get comfortable and find your on camera persona.

Your friends have sensed this and encouraged you to do so, but I do know this takes some getting used to . . . . . 

Feel free to record something that pushes your boundaries on how ‘over the top’ you feel you can be . . . . 

You’ve got a strong gift, but you’re going to need to take the filters off for it to really carry out to all the parts of the world that can benefit.

Speak up!

The world needs you.”

Speaking Up: "Looks like it might be time to go global!"

Speaking Up: “Looks like it might be time to go global!”

In a word, excuse my French as they say: “Shit!”  That really isn’t what I was expecting when I opened my message box this morning.

I am putting it out there into the world so that I don’t wander off and ignore the message and challenge that has been laid down.

Mmmmmmm, Marilyn Unfiltered . . . . I know my sisters and close friends think I’m kind of hilarious when I do get going but it’s also kind of brutal in a down to earth, honest and funny ‘Did I Just Say That Outloud’ kind of way.

Marilyn Devonish Unfiltered & Uncensored!

Marilyn Devonish Unfiltered & Uncensored!

I can see that my lazy attitude to video  (can’t be bothered with the fuss of it all)  might have to change.  It is so much easier when doing television or studio work.  You go in, the studio camera and lights are all set up, you do your stuff, and then leave.  With filming on the go or at home all of the set up ‘stuff’ falls to me.

The whole piece about ‘Clarity’ and ‘Expression’ also resonated in this context because the day before I received the message above, I did an Angel Card Tarot Reading for a friend I also decided to do one for myself.  The outcome is below:

Relationship Angel Card Tarot Reading

Relationship Angel Card Tarot Reading

Much to ponder on a number of different fronts, however when the universe speaks this clearly, I think that one has to listen.

Darn it!  And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling friends and kids!

Scooby Doo and those 'meddling kids!'

Scooby Doo and those ‘meddling kids!’

Marilyn ♥



Marilyn Devonish is a Freelance Writer, Observer and Commentator on Life, TranceFormational™ Change Coach, Therapist, and Keynote Speaker.  Her work in the field of relationships started back in the year 2000 after her own sudden break up and the shock of an affair.  Her first book, Stories of Transformation was co-Authored with Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Marie Diamond, Chunyi Lin, and Dr Wayne Dyer.  Her next book, as yet untitled, is still emerging . . . .





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