Real Life Magical ‘Cheques in the mail’ Falling In Your Lap

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“I was at the point of physical/emotional/mental exhaustion . . . . She said here’s a few £000 to enable you to take a step back . . . .”

The Magic & Money Breakthrough Programme with Marilyn Devonish

The Magic & Money Breakthrough Programme with Marilyn Devonish

Did you watch the movie The Secret when it swept across the planet in 2009?  Do you remember the story about ‘cheques in the mail’ where there was a guy who talked about receiving out of the blue checks (as they say in the USA) mail.

Have you wondered, or more importantly wished that such things were true.  Below is the story from one of my clients who took part in my Online and eCoaching Magic & Gratitude Programme.

Having just gone through a relationship breakup, finding herself struggling as a single mum, and trying to run her own business, as you can imagine the pressure was quite intense.

I didn’t know anything about her full situation at the time however during our first Coaching Sessions I got a sense that she really needed to take some time off and time out for the sake of her own sanity.  Of course when she explained her situation the logical conclusion might be: “Oh well. I guess we just have to put some coping mechanisms in place . . . . “

But no, this was the Magic & Gratitude Programme, so we pressed ahead with the Daily Magic Practice Exercises and transformational work and sessions.   This was the result:

“OK so long story short……….Whilst on The Magic Program Gina & Marilyn both sensed for about 9 months I had been getting close to the point of physical/emotional/mental exhaustion….” running on empty”.   They both advised me I was always juggling “too many skittles”, it was fine to say “no” and I needed to slow down – go with the flow a little more.

Once I had stopped after feeling pretty wounded from the business lesson and I took a few days to reflect on what Gina/Marilyn and a few close friends had said to me recently.

I then asked the question: “I’m truly grateful for knowing how I can afford to stand still long enough to decide.  How do I want my life to be in the future?  I’m also grateful for How I can have enough focussed time and resources to seize whatever opportunities feel right to me (resonate) that serve others using my experiences & skill set……so I can gain immense job satisfaction on all projects and comfortably support my family’s needs.”

Just 2 days later my boyfriend calls me and asks me if I’m sitting down, which I did and he explained a cheque made out to me for a few grand had been sent through to his address.  That day I went to see the donor of the cash and they said “the money was to enable me to take a step back to recoup some strength & energy, so I could restructure how I earn money and enable me to restore balance/harmony to my life and so I stay strong/well enough to inspire/impact the lives of others.”

So there you have it ‘Gratitude rocks’, as does being part of this lovely group” 

My archives are full of such wonderful and transformational stories relating to Magic Programme attendees improving their health, making a faster recovery from cancer, being offered dream work opportunities, finally finding and living their life purpose, going from not knowing what to do in life to being so busy that you’ve got a waiting list of several weeks, and so much more.

Bringing The Magic Into Your Daily Life

The first time I ran the Online Programme I had someone who was waking up every morning feeling depressed and with no sense of direction for their life.  Within 7 days they were jumping out of bed with a spring in their step, their words, not mine.  Within 14 days of receiving the Daily Magic Practice Emails they had more of a sense of clarity and hopefulness about life.  Within 28 days they had come up with inspirational ideas about what they wanted to do with their life and an outline for a Programme they wanted to run.  Within 3 months I was a delegate on their first Workshop, and within that first year they were so busy with clients that even I had to go on the waiting list to try out one of their sessions!  They said:

“Wow Marilyn!  I am truly happy for Sonny and I am happy for myself, happy to be a part of your  Magic circle . It is so wonderful to read how people’s lives change in such wonderful way and mine will never be the same thanks to you my dear!!!

God bless you Marilyn

Hugs and love

Ana xxx”

They have continued on this path and as well as running groups, and doing one to one sessions, they have also run international retreats.  And if that wasn’t amazing enough, they had the book that we used as the basis of the Magic and Gratitude Programme sat on the shelf for well over a year, just gathering dust.  The did the thing where they started to read it and thought: “Oh this is great” however time got in the way and they didn’t get around to finishing it or implementing what they had been reading.

That is what I call ‘Shelf Development.’  The phenomenon of having tons of ‘must read’ books sitting around on the shelf, yet your bookcase benefits from there more than you do.

You can read several more of the inspirational and life changing stories at:

You will also find details on that page about how you can take part in the same 28-Day eCoaching Programme.  If you are reading this you can take part in the Programme regardless of where you are in world because you receive an email and online Magic Practice Exercise each day.  We also have a Private Facebook Group to support your magical process.  As one magical participant described it:

“Every time I log in and read the posts I feel the pulse of our “magical group” strengthening and sometimes overriding my own. Life gave us a precious present by getting all of us to meet Marilyn and be in this group today.”

The Exercises have been designed to take just 5-10 minutes per day, however as you have seen from the examples above, they still pack a life changing punch.

The Magic & Gratitude Programme with Marilyn Devonish

The Magic & Gratitude Programme with Marilyn Devonish

To join the Online Programme click here.  Also, for the first time in 18 months I will be running a Live Teleseminar and Webinar of the Programme so if you are reading this before November 2016 you have the chance to join us on the Live Coaching version of this amazing programme.

Wising you a magical and dreams come true day!

Marilyn Devonish




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