Are You Ready to Take that Leap of Faith – Here’s How!

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“Are you ready to take that Leap of Faith?”

I have been saying for several months that for me the year 2015 is a game changer.  That it is the time to step up and step into your potential.  That it is the year to think way bigger, and not just to ‘think’, but to go for it, to take a chance, to take a risk, and take what I call on my PhotoReading™  Workshops, the ‘Nike Approach’ where you Just Do It!

It was the very early hours of Thursday 1st January 2015, and the idea flashes into my mind that I should get my video camera out and shoot a video where I do an Angel Tarot Card Reading for the year ahead.

My first logical thought was: “Na.  It’s almost 2 o’clock in the morning, I’m not getting my video camera out at 2am, and besides, what business do I have talking about the whole year ahead for a global audience?”

But the idea persisted so I compromised and got my phone out instead.  The first video where I do an Angel Tarot Card Reading for the Year Ahead  is above.  I started off doing as I always do when I do an Angel Tarot Reading for clients; Holding the intention, choosing a deck of cards (I have about 12 different decks of cards that sit on my desk), shuffling them holding that intention, and then choosing the cards while they are face down so that I can’t see until I turn each one over what has been selected.

The first card in the 2015 Reading was the card that starts off what is referred to as the Major Arcana, and was the zero card, the Leap of Faith.

0 - Leap of Faith card from the Archangel Power Tarot Deck

0 – Leap of Faith card from the Archangel Power Tarot Deck

The text on the card reads:

‘Believe in yourself!  Listen to your heart.  Do what gives you joy!’

This card also speaks of knowing that you are fully empowered to follow a new path.  It is a reminder that the opportunities for evolution and growth are truly unlimited if you just have faith in yourself.  It about believing in your dreams and stepping out and taking those all important first steps.  Doing your research, putting your plans together, getting the required skills and knowledge, and then taking that leap of faith and starting the journey.

Within an hour of posting the video I started to receive lovely feedback from people who had very kindly taken the time to watch it and share their thoughts and experiences with me:

“Wow wow wow you have confirmed what I have felt. The last card you pulled was so spot on and it was further confirmation of my thoughts, feelings and intuitive thoughts I had yesterday.
Thank you!” Xx

“OMG how funny – your first card totally sums up what happened to me today. Today I thought my day would be about figuring out how to register a domain name & get a website up and running. However, Angels had other plans and I was redirected to look back at a past relationship in order to acknowledge the blessings. Not something I’d planned to do but, as your card suggested, a necessary part of the journey. Thanks for sharing. Love that bit of synchr”

“Thank you Marilyn, this is amazing xx”

“Thanku for sharing the cards and yr feel for them. I’ve recently pulled the michael cards too. Its very apt (no surprises there) I can relate to each and everyone and what u said. This month stands to b a very poignant time for me, new beginnings have already been looking at the gifts that last yrs challenges brought me and as for the keeping stuff in order and legal documents it couldnt b more spot on so I keep the faith and trust that the angels are showing me theres light at the end of it. Perfect when I pulled 19 the sun and 8 justice cards this morn. Patience being thorough and focused love it. Life truely is beautiful.”

“Great reading for January, trying to dot the ‘t’s and cross the ‘i’s especially when in toxic environments. Thank you look forward to Feb reading”

“Thanks Sparkly Marilyn great reading loved it x”

“Hitting a couple of nails on the head here Marilyn ! Thank you my sweet!” xx

Doreen Virtue – The Queen of the Angel Tarot then said exactly the same thing . . . . . 

I am based in the UK so we are a third of the day ahead from our USA counterparts.  About 24 hours after I posted my video, Doreen Virtue shared this picture about 2015 being your year to take a Leap of Faith . . . . . . .


Doreen Virtue's Message for 2015 - It is your year to take a Leap of Faith!

Doreen Virtue’s Message for 2015 – It is your year to take a Leap of Faith!

Doreen’s message simply said:

“2015 is your year to take a Leap of Faith and go for your dreams!”

OK, if I needed any confirmation that I was on the right track aside from all of the lovely comments, that was it.

The next day, 3rd January I happen to see a short 1 minute 40 second video from Steve Harvey.  What is the first thing that he talks about when it comes to creating success.  Yup, the need to take a leap of faith!

I for one in NLP Strategy terms have got a3 times convincer so that is me told in no uncertain terms!

So what does it take to actually step out and take that Leap of Faith?

Some of the key ingredients I have found are:

A burning desire fuelled by something that you absolutely want to do in this world.  You may not know why, or even be able to articulate that desire fully at the start of your journey, but there is something inside of you that refuses to be quiet or silenced.

Being OK with the unknown.  Even if you are not stepping into totally uncharted waters and are embarking on simply expanding what you already do, there can still be an element of the unknown.  I first started using the Tarot Cards, the more traditional version some 17 or so years ago and I have been using the Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot Cards almost daily for the past 3 years yet it still required a leap of faith to step out and create the video because that is something that I had never done publicly before for a global audience because my Angel Tarot Readings tend to be on an individual basis, or the Weekly Tarot Readings for everyone my Magic & Gratitude Group.

Courage.  You may call it by another name, but it’s that thing which gives you the confidence and underlying support to get started.  One of my old mentors, a guy called Mike Litman had a saying which I slightly adapted: “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it started.”  To get it started and to put your early work out there requires a dose of whatever you call this.

Faith.  As George Michael said, you gotta have faith.  Faith in yourself and your idea.  Faith that if you are doing things for the right reasons it will be well received by your intended audience.  The faith to know that even if things don’t turn out as planned you can move on and grow and build and evolve from there.  Faith that you can handle, or get the support to handle whatever you encounter along the road.

A sense of adventure.  After all, as much as we like to believe as human beings that we can predict the outcomes of things with some meticulous planning, taking a leap of faith and stepping out there often requires that we embrace that sense of adventure and have fun along the way.  Some of that fun will be called ‘life lessons.’  Some of that fun will show up as ‘learnings.’  Some of that fun will be fun.  Some of that fun might even show up as fear and doubt.  Embrace it all, and take those lessons and learnings and apply them, and then keep on keeping on.

Dealing with Fear.  I suppose I couldn’t close this topic without touching on something that in the many forms and guises it takes holds a number of people back.  It could be the more obvious fear of failure or fear of success.  It might also show up as something that quietly yet insidiously erodes your confidence and fills you with procrastination, reasons, and excuses.  However it shows up, the journey beyond the leap of faith will most likely be easier and more enjoyable without it if it has gotten to the stage where fear is an hindrance rather than a help.

Resolving Self Doubt.  Often related to fear, self doubt has held so many back from really fulfilling their potential and living their dreams.  It may show up in the form of limiting beliefs, the ‘I’m not good enough’ and ‘I’m not worthy enough of capable enough’ kind of kick.  These limiting beliefs can be deeply ingrained and rooted back through the ages.  The good news is that their longevity is not a barrier to removing them and freeing yourself from the mental chains and ties that bind.

Support.  Like the leap of faith card where the main protagonist has a trusty companion, in this case a dog for support, if fear or self doubt, or procrastination are holding you back, at least get yourself what I call a Trusted Cheerleader.  Someone who cheers  you on from the side lines, and someone who will also give you an honest opinion and constructive feedback.  (If you are stepping out for the first time or bringing a new or big idea into the world your support team and cheer leading squad will most likely be key because those who like to criticise from the sidelines are often the first to rear their heads, which brings us back to resolving self doubt and needing a dose of courage . . . . . .)

Of course there are several other ingredients in the mix, however get these first few in place and things can really start moving from there.

Is 2015 Your Year to Really Breakthrough and Shine?

The obvious answer might be ‘Yes, of course!’  If however an enthusiastic response isn’t the first thing to come to mind, take a moment to answer the following questions and see what surfaces:

  1. So, is this the year where you step up or step out?
  2. Has the time really come for you to take that Leap of Faith?
  3. What, if anything might stop you or block you or stand in your way?
  4. What do you need to do in order to overcome or work through any blocks or barriers?
  5. What for you would represent taking a Leap of Faith?
  6. When will you take that step and Leap?
  7. Who are you going to share that Leap of Faith with when you have done it?  (This might be your trusted companion or cheerleader or your social media followers, you decide).
  8. What is your next step once you have taken the first Leap of Faith?

The Major Arcana Tarot Cards, much like the traditional Archetypal Journey is a process and series of stages.  The Archetypal Journey starts with ‘hearing the call’ and then having the courage to step over the threshold and into the abyss.  The same is true here.

Do Share Your Journey for 2015!

If you are already a friend of follower on my Facebook page do feel free to share your Leap of Faith resolution there (or in the comments box below) as I’d love to hear what you are doing if you feel that 2015 is your year to move forward.

You may already have the whole journey and plan mapped out and it is just a case of getting started.  If not, at least take some quiet time to get clarity on that all important first step.

Now take that first step, and then see what unfolds from there.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

May 2015 be the year where you make magic happen.

Marilyn Devonish ♥





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