Prince – RIP & What Did His Soul Plan Say?

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Today was one of those surreal moments.  A friend called me this afternoon just as the story was breaking to ask me if I’d heard that Prince had died.  I was blissfully unaware and hadn’t heard.

We were on the phone for well over an hour as the news broke.  At first the TMZ website was only saying that ‘someone’ had died at his Paisley Park Estate.

My brain took that to mean that ‘someone’ meant someone other than the legendary Prince.  Thirty-eight minutes into our phone call and still no news however the BBC were reporting his (as yet still unconfirmed) death as ‘Breaking News’, and E Online were doing the same.

It was then rumoured that his publicist had confirmed the story.  As I searched the internet I found a link saying that it was all a hoax.  Phew!  However the fact that the BBC were reporting on the story, and Sky News were interrupting programming to announce it, still made me feel as though I was grasping at straws.

And sadly, as we all know by now, the shocking news is true, and the icon known as Prince is dead at the very young age of 57.

I was lucky enough to see him live in concert a few years ago in London.  I purchased my seat just a couple of days before the show even though all traditional outfits were saying the tickets were sold out.  I was determined, and somehow found a company in London.  My ticket number was seat A1, and it was indeed one of the best seats in the house, with Prince performing just a few feet away from me.

It was an awesome night and he was incredible in person.  Just as I imagined and hoped he would be.

The Grim Reaper of 2016

I was out to lunch with a couple of friends recently, and we were talking about the late Alan Rickman, and discussing the seemingly untimely death of David Bowie, and the many others that had passed away this year.

I commented: “It’s as though the Grim Reaper took most of last year off and has now woken up and gone ‘Oh crap!  I’m behind on my quota.  I’d better speed things up!'”

Truly I can think of no other explanation.  Victoria Wood yesterday, Ronnie Corbett earlier this month, Paul Daniels a few weeks before, Lemmy, Tony Warren, architect Zara Hadid, the list seems to be growing by the day.

And of course for every celebrity who passes away, there will be hundreds, if not thousands who are not in the public eye and spotlight.  I have already had 3 friends pass away very unexpectedly this year.

Prince’s Soul Plan

I usually wait a couple of years before doing a celebrity Soul Plan as I did with the very in-depth Soul Plan Reading that I did for Whitney Houston.  You can read that in my: What Her Soul Plan Says About Her Life & Death Blog.  Click here to read it.

For some reason however this one for Prince feels OK and right to do.  Maybe because there was nowhere near as much drama or media hype surrounding Prince and therefore less of a bandwagon feeling.  I might change my mind tomorrow and take it all down again, but what follows is a brief overview of his Soul Plan.

Probably a bit more rambly and disjointed than my usual work however it’s 1.40am in the morning, and I am still for some reason reeling from the news.

What Is A Soul Plan?

The Soul Plan is based on the birth name of the person in question, and shows the aspects which influence their life in terms of several key aspects relating to their Worldly and Spiritual Goals and Challenges, their Talents, and ultimately their Soul Destiny and what they are here on this earth to do.

Each Soul Plan is unique and speaks to the potential and attributes of each individual rather than being a hard and fast set set of rules or predictions.  Each of the 7 aspects of the Soul Plan comes with potential attributes and possible challenges.  The more you step into and embrace your Goals and Talents, the more the potential Challenges and shadow sides are reduced.   The Soul Plan is worked out numerically based upon the individual name and in addition to the written report, a Soul Plan Chart is also produced.

The Soul Plan Chart for Prince, using his full birth name, is below:

Soul Plan Chart for Prince

Soul Plan Chart for Prince

Understanding the Soul Plan

The system that I am using here is based on the work of Frank Alper, and modernised by Author and Teacher Blue Marsden.  Typically speaking, the downward triangle relates to the physical and Worldly aspects, usually the first 35 years of life.  The upwards triangle relates to the more Spiritual aspects, and comes more into play once the Worldly Challenges have been overcome, and people are stepping more into their Spiritual Talents and Goals.

For a fuller overview and Q&A about Soul Plans, and a replay of my Soul Plan radio interview, see my Blog post entitled: Soul Plan – The Key to Unlocking Your Talents, Destiny and Soul Potential

I will briefly explain each of the 7 aspects of Prince’s Soul Plan, and share some of the Challenges and Talents associated with these particular combinations.   Not everything outlined will apply, this is about possibility and potential, however when doing a personal Soul Plan Reading it soon becomes very apparent which factors and aspects are the most powerful, dominant, and relevant.

Worldly Challenges  6-6

The 6-6 energy is about the creative spark that gets converted into a creative reality.  This is the creativity process and connects the spiritual and physical.  The symbol of the convertible knot depicts the spark of light at the top representing an idea which the ‘beholder’ then converts into creative reality and manifests the product of that creativity into the world.  (As I’m re-reading this and the line: ‘the symbol of the convertible knot’ I was reminded that Prince at one point changed his name to ‘Symbol’ . . .)

Prince with purple symbol guitar

Prince with purple symbol guitar

Potential Attributes:  Really creative… Artistically or in business… Visionary… Adaptable… Zen like concentration… Adaptable with people

Possible Challenges:  Stubborn… Rigidity… Power obsession… Isolation… Frustration… Anger… Difficulty focusing… Scattered… Too many ideas / directions… Overstressed (risk burn out)… Kidney issues

In order to flourish Prince would have needed to overcome creative blocks,  watching for scattered energies, or focusing on too many ideas and not seeing things through.  Childhood frustration, or anger might also block their communication skills which can lead to periods of isolation and loneliness, overwhelm.  Having seen the very first TV interview with Prince he was incredibly shy and almost unable to speak, so this makes sense. The way to overcome the creative challenges is to tap into that visionary and creative energy, focus on your talents, and live and breathe those creative sparks.  Looking at the tributes flooding in from the music industry, almost everyone made reference to his creativity and visionary skills.

When applied to the arts this energy is pure creativity and they have the ability to communicate with and touch a wide remit of people.  They are also excellent manifesters and know what it takes to create abundance.  The soul is almost pushing them to become totally creative and expansive, so it is more a case of finding a way to express their unique talents.

Those who learn to embodying the positive aspects of the 6-6, as well as being highly creative can have a Zen-like focus and when their mind is set on something they can push on and plough through regardless of any obstacles that might be present.  Thankfully for us, Prince managed to push through his shyness and embrace a career which put his creativity on the world stage.

The type of affirmation and belief that might drive the 6-6 is: ‘The creativity of the universe flows through me as I focus my thoughts on the one purpose illuminated by my soul.’

Singer Annie Lennox specifically mentions him being a visionary: “Genius . . . Visionary . . Virtuoso . . . Legendary . . . Untouchable . . . “

Prince Tribute from Annie Lennox: "Genius . . . Visionary . . . Virtuoso . . ."

Prince Tribute from Annie Lennox: “Genius . . . Visionary . . . Virtuoso . . .”

Worldly Talents  7-7

The 7-7 energy, which appeared not once, not twice, but 3 times in Prince’s Soul Plan, is about having ‘catalytic master energies’ which is symbolised by a magnetic link that unites people. The symbol, which looks like a series of 3 links on a chain, has 2 openings so people can come and go.  The 7 is a human being as a central point, and they have the ability to draw people like-minded to them.

Potential Attributes:  Magnetic… Catalytic… Objective… Logical… Open hearted… Demonstrative… Charismatic… Excellent networker… Facilitator… Versatile

Possible Challenges:  Unintegrated… Denial of shadow… Mistrust… Isolated… Hermit… Controlling… Prone to fantasies… Left foot issues (reticence to engage)… Non participation

When in the Worldly and Spiritual Talents position as they were with Prince, they can be very open and friendly, and very well liked and good at networking and bringing people together.  They will find a way to use these Worldly and Spiritual aspects and talents to serve the souls that resonate with them.

They might be drawn to be be workshop leaders or spiritual teachers, and they will use their energies and talents to draw together like minded souls and connect with others.  Even though there may be a side of them that wants to get away from it all (and at times get away from people) the magnetic energy they put out will usually ensure this does not happen for long.

The Soul Message for the 7-7 is:

‘Come together as one, open your heart and bring all whom you meet into the temple that has no centre.  Accept them all as part of you.  Then as you step out into the world, the love and magnetism of your integrated heart will draw all who will listen.  The will unite as fragments of the same Source.  United with you and united within their self . . .’

In order to overcome the challenges of of being a hermit and not wanting to engage with or participate in daily life, they themselves need to come together as one person, integrate to show their true colours, and become totally authentic.  I would say that Prince got that down to a tee and lived his stage life in glorious technicolour.

Prince: Crop tops and high tops

Prince: Crop tops and high tops

Mick Jagger specifically mentioned Prince’s authenticity in his series of tribute tweets: “…but most importantly, authentic in every way. 3/4”

Prince talked about his connection with people in an interview with NME in 1996:

“I’m no different to anyone. Yes, I have fame and wealth and talent, but I certainly don’t consider myself any better than anyone who has no fame, wealth or talent. People fascinate me. They’re amazing! Life fascinates me! And I’m no more fascinated by my own life than by anyone else’s.”

The 7-7 energy does indeed have a fascination and unique connection with people, and wanting to understand what makes them thrive and tick.

The tribute from Lenny Kravitz speaks to the friendship and people person side of Prince that the world rarely got to see.  Lenny said:

“My musical brother… My friend… The one who showed me the possibilities within myself, changed everything, and kept his integrity until the end, is gone. I am heartbroken.”

Prince Tribute Lenny Kravitz

Prince Tribute from Lenny Kravitz

Worldly Goals  10-1

The 10-1 is about having androgynous male and female energy.  There is something they are here to make  ‘complete’, and those with the 10-1 energy are said to be a high soul carrying out an incarnation of pure service.  I said to the friend that I spoke to today that Prince had a strange female-esq quality yet that didn’t stop me finding him incredibly sexy, attractive, and strangely captivating, which with hindsight is a perception born out by that androgynous energy.

Prince in flouncy red . . .

Prince in flouncy red . . .

Potential Attributes:  Yin Yang balance… Male / female balance… Excellent healers… Inventive… Power… Many spiritual abilities… Vocal expression… Channel… Possible service incarnation

Possible Challenges:  Denial of spirituality… Severely critical… Self-loathing… Perfectionist… Feel alienated… Insecure… Must work to establish self in the spiritual

When someone has 10-1 in the position of Worldly Goals, they don’t necessarily have a worldly goal – at least not in the conventional sense because there is no overwhelming drive from the Soul to master any element of physical existence purely for the sake of accomplishment.

Due to the overwhelming power of the energy though, a very powerful force is usually transferred to the Spiritual part of the chart and ideally plays out in some kind of service mission or service to society.   Even in the Talent and Goal position they often have difficulty with the everyday world and can feel as though they don’t always fit in.  They are here to find a way to use their talent to be or service.  They have a great stability and ability to completely connect with the soul and focus tremendous inner power to be used in service.

Someone holding a Worldly 10-1 Goal will use whatever energy they have in Talents to create a platform for later work, i.e., a Talent for finance will establish a successful business in the first part of half of their life, and later may fund a charity or service organisation.  Or they might use their platform to bring a more spiritual message to help others in some way.  Very often in the early stages, much of this ‘grand plan’ will be carried out unconsciously.  Their energy will push them and there will only be conscious recognition with hindsight.  For some with the 10-1 in Worldly aspects the initial phases or life may be far more confusing.  They will not have any clear interim vocation and can get very lost for a time and they find themselves in the curious position of not having a goal or any strong motivation for a career.  They might move from job to job and may even spend some time on the periphery of society.

Eventually though the full force of the 10-1 energy kicks in and a service path defines itself and they will use the wisdom of their experiences, and connection in some role that enables them to share spiritual energy in society.  Prince thankfully found his multiple talents and did indeed share that gift with society and the world.

Spiritual Challenges  4-4

The 4-4 energy means ‘the cup that overflows’ and it symbolizes the 4 directions of the physical world, north, south, east and west.  These are the energies of abundance.  The key aspects are generosity and kindness and more profoundly giving of oneself to others.  Linked to the concept of abundance, gratitude and trust.

Potential Attributes:  Very positive… Radiance… Intelligent… Abundant… Generous… Economic skills… Psychic sense of smell (sense of what is on the horizon).

Possible Challenges:  Ups and downs of fortune… Mistrusting… Abandonment scenarios… Lack confidence… Isolated… Self absorbed / self centred… Wasteful… Feel bad about Self / feel something is wrong… Arrogant (insecurity)

Once again the issues of lack of self confidence, isolation, and loneliness show up, which is what Prince would have had to overcome in order to step into the attributes of this energy.  With regards to ‘sensing what is on the horizon’, Prince was indeed one of those artists who managed to remain current and relevant during the course of his 30+ year career.  In terms of embracing the positives, many have spoken about his generous nature and Gabby Sidibae spoke of his kindness: “Prince was so kind to me once.  He was so kind.”

Prince Tribute from Gabby Sidibea

Prince Tribute from Gabby Sidibea

You can read all of the tributes shared here on the BBC website.

Spiritual Talents  7-7

We have already spoken of the 7-7 energy, and in the Spiritual Talents position this is about being able to masterfully facilitate groups and draw people to them.

Spiritual Goals  7-7

The 7-7 in the Spiritual Goals position is about overcoming their own challenges in order to be able to open their heart and access those innate catalytic qualities so that they can bring their group or tribe together, almost creating a spiritual community.

Soul Destiny  5-5

The 5-5 is like an ethereal foetus entering the physical world, changing and moulding into form.  They are of a high physical vibration with a changeling, otherworldly, almost angelic quality.  This energy relates to the expression of creation, and something coming into being from spiritual roots.  It also symbolises a deeper blend of the physical and spiritual.  There is a pioneering quality.  Their expression is made up of thought, speech, and action.

Potential Attributes: Pioneering… Intuitive… Spiritually open… Adventurous… Assertive… Articulate… Visionary… Creative

Possible Challenges: Highly sensitive – too much so… Ethereal / ungrounded… Manipulative (misuse of intuition)… Difficulty fitting in… Victim of abuse… Right foot issues (stepping forward)

These 3 quotes which just happened to be grouped together on the BBC website speak about his pioneering quality, his willingness to explore true creative freedom, and the impact that his expression had on the world.

Chris Daughtry highlighted the pioneer spirit and energy: “WHAT!!???? PRINCE!!!????? IS THIS A DREAM!????????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We just lost a true artistic PIONEER. Heart broken”

Prince music industry tributes

Prince music industry tributes

The 5-5 in the Soul Destiny position is about developing their inherent abilities in vocal expression, which Prince did masterfully, and about accessing their soul through channeling or teaching.  Prince said in an interview about his music:

“The moon, the stars, and everything plays a part.  And there are no accidents.  Music is made out of necessity.  It’s a fact of life.  Just like breathing.  The voice inside you tells you when there is a song to be born.  All children are born beautiful.  How they are perceived may be another matter indeed.  Much like an unborn child, a song is never conceived whole.  That would be like taking dictation.  Pleasure comes from not knowing what your baby’s character will be.  Pleasure comes from the nurturing process.  Whatever we are . . . Whatever we make.”

That in itself almost sounds like a channelled message, and the piece about the ‘necessity’ and music being a ‘fact of life’ very much speaks to the 6-6 energy and the 10-1 energy where the creativity and being of service will out regardless for those who are willing to allow themselves to be creatively used in that way.

And talking of the moon and the stars, this was the Prince Tribute from NASA: “Some stars shine brighter than others.”

Prince Tribute from NASA: "Some stars shine brighter than others."

Prince Tribute from NASA: “Some stars shine brighter than others.”

Much like Prince’s statement above, the Soul Message of the 5-5 includes the message: ‘Throw off your binding, the years of imprisonment are over.  The secret of embodiment is yours.  Feel the movement in the stillness.  Something stirs inside.  It is the life force that animates all things.  It flows through the body and frees the spirit by merging with the physical manifestation.’

A friend of mine, the Author William Whitecloud shared this on his Facebook page and gave me permission to use it here:

“Prince did not make music, he was the music.” ~ David Icke
“That is a profound statement. Genius is about being connected. Yet people approach everything from separation. People who haven’t even written anything yet want to first understand how they will sell what they intend to write. They are in a material, mechanical relationship to writing, not in the spirit of it, the love of it. Your soul is not a commodity to be traded, it’s an essence seeking expression. Honor that and the rest will follow.”

For me William’s quote sums up who Prince was in terms of his genius, creativity, and mastery of his craft which was music.

RIP Prince, and thank you for the music, the fashion, and the delicious showmanship.

Marilyn Devonish ♥


Since writing this post I’ve had several messages from people asking where they can find out more about the Soul Plans, and wanting to know what’s involved in having one done.  You simply send me your birth name, as it appears and your birth certificate, and I prepare the Soul Plan from there.

We then do a Skype or telephone Interpretation and Soul Alignment Session.  You will find more information on my website:


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