My Day with the Dalai Lama – How to Get Inner Peace & Lift Your Spirits

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This is Part 1 of my day with the Dalai Lama.  What follows may not be grammatically correct because I have left the words as they were spoken so that you get more of the Dalai Lama’s personality and vibe.

The Dalai Lama waves to the crowd.

The Dalai Lama waves to the crowd.

I know that big Blogs can be overwhelming which is why I’ve made it a series because the original notes run to some 3,700 words and 7 pages!


“Peace means no disturbances, calm, it has to be internal and then you can maintain peace of mind.  If your peace depends upon the external, it means disturbance, lack of trust, and you will not get peace of mind.  The ultimate source of peace of mind is within ourselves.  For a person who has not yet gained inner strength, then the external environment makes a big difference.  Once you gain that inner strength you will realise that the external environment cannot cause you that much disturbance.  So now the question is how to bring inner peace?  Through no fear. 

Be fully alert to our intelligence and our sharp mind.  Familiarise yourself with your inner world and from there you gain more and more strength.  The main thing is our intellect, our brain, no matter what our skin colour is outside, white or black, or yellow, our brain is all the same, no differences.  Even if you are getting older, if you maximise your intelligence your mind will still remain fresh and sharp.  People who train very well physically and mentally, they can be very old physically but their mind is still very fresh and alert, so that’s the same.  We all have the potential in there.  I feel the existing education is not adequate. 

More and more people whether a believer or not believer they have understanding that mental function is very important in our life.  Love and compassion, these human affections are basic factors for our survival whether you are religious or not.  We are human beings.  We are part of the human society.  In the beginning there were less people showing interest in these things.  Now as time passes more and more people are showing interest and people like you are increasing this interest.  I just talk ‘blah blah blah blah’ but you are implementing this using the internet so this is really wonderful.  More and more people are showing genuine interest. 

Sometimes in the early days where I talked about compassion, it feels like I am talking to rock!  Now more and more people are expressing some kind of agreement to this way of life and way of thinking.  I think the 21st Century has also become a way of violence, so if we want a better world we have to work.  I’m always telling that when we face some problem, believers pray to god or Buddha as if the problems were created by god or Buddha!  I think Buddha, God, would most probably say: “Oh.  Don’t ask me.  These problems you created!”  So you need to find a way to solve it.  I gave you free will and love and you use the wrong way.”  The problems humanity is facing, even things like global warming, to some extent, I think it’s our responsibility so therefore logically these problems, we also have the ability to reduce these problems because they are our own creation.  Our generation created a lot of problems, so the next younger generation, what I call generation 21st century is here to solve these problems.  We now relax!  These philosophies that we are talking about today are really wonderful.”



“I look at these circumstances which usually means getting into frustration or anger, that’s the period to implement your practice.  So if you have some sort of experience like here today where they stop the Dalai Lama, they also use the freedom of expression.  Wonderful.  Very good.  They are criticising me so I have to think whether I made some mistake or not.  If you made mistakes, very good, they are finding your faults.  If you did not make mistakes then feel some pity, or sense of concern, and say it’s their anger, because more sense of concern develops into more compassion.  So there was a Tibetan master who said if you face some criticism then you think that’s all, they haven’t hit me, you think ‘oh good,’  If they hit you but you are alive you think ‘oh good, they haven’t killed me!’  If they kill you, then finished!  

Mental protection.  For every event, one way is good.  Another way is bad.  One way is positive, another way is negative.  You can find some positive.  If you only look at the negative side then frustration sets in.  If you look for more positive then this bad thing gives you some opportunity to practice a positive mental attitude.  All of this is the training of your mind.” 

In future installments of this Blog series the Dalai Lama talks about:

  • How to deal with destructive emotions.
  • How to create better and more harmonious relationships.
  • Secular ethics.
  • How to be more emotionally and spiritually self sustaining.
  • The fusion of Buddhism and western science in understanding the science of the mind.
  • The problems of mental health issues and their displacement of society.
  • The importance of feeling gratitude and what the Dalai Lama is most grateful for.
  • The one thing that we can all do to create a happier world.


What was the event?

On World Peace Day, I attended an event with the Dalai Lama.  I knew it would be about happiness, I didn’t however for a moment expect that I would also spend the day hearing each and every speaker talk about the various aspects of my life’s work.

It started with a school Head Teacher and some of his students talking about the power of mindfulness and accelerated learning, which is what I teach during my PhotoReading™ Workshops.

The Dalai Lama and economist Richard Layard then talked about the transformational power of daily gratitude, which is of course what my Gratitude & Magic Programme is based around and centred upon.

We then heard from Suzy Greaves, the Editor of Psychologies Magazine who was talking about how much her life changed when she started running book clubs and master mind groups.  This is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past 5 or so years with my PhotoReading™ MasterMind Groups, and of course the Magic & Gratitude Programme which was based around us all reading the same book and sharing our insights.  I’ll be doing this again starting in October with my new Science of Getting Rich Programme which is based around the magical ‘little green book.’  (If you have already signed up for the Programme you should have received your copy in the post by now).

We then heard from neuroscientist Richard Davidson who talked about the most effective ways to change your brain, all of the principles of which are included in my 28-Day NeuroSuccess Programme.

We then heard from educational specialist Sir Anthony Seldon who talked about the changes that need to be made in the ‘archaic’ educational system, and the importance of teaching and using learning styles and engaging the multiple intelligences over and above the linguistic and logical intelligences which educational establishments tend to rely upon, all of which and so much more I again teach in my PhotoReading Classes.

Monk Matthieu Ricard closed with talking about the life changing impact of altruism, which again forms the basis of many of the exercises that we do in the Magic & Gratitude Programme.


It was an enlightening day and I was delighted to see that the mainstream media now seem to be catching up!

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