Model David Gandy on Love, Life, and Making Choices

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Yesterday I shared a link on Facebook where City magazine Square Mile interviewed male Supermodel David Gandy.  Of course the link had a picture attached so minds might wander and think that it was just an eye candy piece.

David Gandy - Photograph courtesy of Square Mile Magazine

David Gandy – Photograph courtesy of Square Mile Magazine

The Square Mile e-mail header was a little trite: ‘David Gandy talks pants’ however it had the desired effect of getting me to open it in amongst the 100 or so e-mails that I had received that day.

I have just sat and read the the interview with David and I have to say it’s a really interesting piece which contains some great insights about work, life, love, relationships, making choices, and career.

On seeing your own value and talents . . . . .

When I read this segment it reminded me that often others see in us what we don’t see or recognise in ourselves:

“When Gandy’s friend entered him in a This Morning model search – which began his career as a model – he was flummoxed. “When people at college heard I was doing it, they told me, ‘You’re known as Model Dave on campus.’ First I’d ever heard of it!” he laughs.”

On career limits and boundaries . . . . . .

The following extract made me think about the question of boundaries and what you would and wouldn’t do:

“But does Mr High Street have his limits?”  

They did feed him the answer but nonetheless he shared his limits as far as his ‘pant’s were concerned.

On making choices and taking or turning down opportunities for success . . . . .

“Sometimes it’s what you say no to, as opposed to what you say yes to, that can lead to success.”

David Gandy -Photograph courtesy of  Kirstin Sinclair and Square Mile

David Gandy -Photograph courtesy of Kirstin Sinclair and Square Mile

On supporting your own . . . . .

It is very tempting to leave your past and roots behind.  I see it all the time in my line of work.  Here David gives some insight into why he’d said ‘no’ to many of the big brands and offers from Hollywood:

“I really wanted to work with a British brand, which is actually quite hard because there aren’t that many high-street brands that are properly British.”

(I had to smile when I noticed that the bus in the background of this photograph gave a nod to Peckham in South London!)

On saying ‘no’ where others would jump at even having the chance to say ‘yes’ . . . . .

“I was offered Fifty Shades of Grey, 300 2, Hercules, which a lot of people probably would have taken as actors but I’m in the fortunate position where I like what I’m doing. I don’t feel the need to act.”

On love life and relationships . . . . .

“Look, I’m a private person, naturally. I don’t tweet pictures of my dinner or let people know of my whereabouts. I’m just naturally private,”

On happiness and striving . . . . .

“I’m always, always adapting,” he says. “I’m never fully satisfied. You know what, sometimes, I wish I would just enjoy that moment, and think, that’s great.”

There was several pieces in the interview that got me thinking from a Coaching perspective.  I did an interview for a Soul Journey’s documentary that I am being featured in this year.  In the pre-interview yesterday the film producer asked that having been through so much in life and faced and overcome so many challenges, whether my journey was now over.  I explained that as a PhotoReading™ Instructor and Trainer of Accelerated Learning, I was a lifelong learner.  I said I also felt that there is far more about life that I don’t know when compared to what I do know, and I that I would most likely always be striving to discover more about what makes us tick and makes this world that we live in go round.  I find it a lovely place to be and I do often remind myself to stop and smell those metaphorical roses along the way!

Marilyn Devonish ♥

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