What Did Marie Diamond Say About Huna & What’s the Secret Behind The Secret?

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So last Saturday if you’re reading this in real time was nothing short of Magical.  It was the Wealth Magic Workshop run by Transformation and Enlightenment Teacher and Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond who starred in the global phenomenon movie The Secret, and Global Wisdom Teacher and TranceFormation NeuroSuccess™ Coach Marilyn Devonish (that’s me!).  This unique one day Wealth Magic Workshop was designed to create more magic and flow when it comes to abundance, happiness, wealth, money, and living a life of greater energy, joy and ease.

As well as being TranceFormation for the delegates in the room both in person and via Live Stream, it was also impactful for us the Teachers as Marie Diamond discovered after her first taste of my Huna Energy Transmission and Clearing Session.  Marie Diamond said having taken part in the Huna Session conducted by Marilyn Devonish said:

“Yesterday evening after the wealth magic day I was invited to speak at the largest business expo of Wales, UK on November 2nd.  They are expecting 28,000 people.  Other speakers will be one of the celebrities of the Dragon Den Plus they asked me to speak as the second speaker on 4 events with Les Brown.  Within a few hours of the wealth magic.  Even the teachers get huge breakthroughs teaching wealth magic to you.  For me it was the Huna meditation that made a big shift.  Thanks Marilyn.”  Marie Diamond

Marie also said immediately following the Huna Session on the day:

“Let us know the experience of HUNA, That was so deep. waw, Feel so uplifted and light.”

In addition to the wonderful attendees in the room, we had a global audience join us via Live Stream around the world, as far afield as Australia, Canada, several States across America, Europe, and the UK.

Those taking part in the Live Stream were just as much a part of the day:

It was an amazing experience.  You are both masterful teachers, and I hope to follow in your footsteps!  It really did feel as if I had been in the room with you.  The energetics of these classes and their transmissions is amazing.”

Our intention was that the Energy Transmissions, Meditations, and Guided Processes would travel across the airwave so that everyone joining us on video would experience everything whether they were watching live or catching up with the video DVD replay:

Wow! Thank you, Marilyn!  I could feel energy running through my body the whole time [during the Huna and Access Consciousness Session], especially when you were talking about releasing past life issues.  I could really feel it in my heart and throat.  I could see your aura on the screen.  It was brightest when there was a run of things you were saying, w/o looking at the post-its.  Very powerful!  I can still feel the energy coursing through my body now and feel the need to drink lots more water.”

If you would like to pre-order the DVD which will be available at the beginning of June 2017 go to: https://wealthmagic.eventbrite.com

After the pre-launch you can purchase it via: http://tranceformationstm.com/wealthmagic  (the site is currently still under construction).

What Did We Cover During the TranceFormational Day?

  • Clearing your mental and energetic blocks to success
  • Changing and transforming your physical and energetic relationship with money
  • Resolving old money karma, negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Using Feng Shui Alchemy to create a magical home and office environment that supports and enhances your physical health, emotional wellbeing, and financial success.
  • How to really tap into the Law of Attraction and have miracles happen faster
  • Activating and using your Intuition Guidance System to attract greater success.
  • Enhancing your Feng Shui Heavenly Luck, Human Luck and Earth Luck
  • Clearing and releasing old ancestral and genealogical and past life blockages
  • Learning the secret behind the movie The Secret

In terms of Energetic Clearings and Processes you get to experience:

Marie Diamond taking your through her Tubes of Light meditation to help clear your energetic system and set up your universal protection grid.

Marilyn Devonish taking you through her now infamous Huna and Access Consciousness Belief Change Session and Energy Transmission.

You will also learn about and experience:

  • How to connect to and switch on your White Light and Golden Light Energy
  • Activating and consciously connecting to your Quantum Point
  • Connecting with your higher mental body and soul light
  • The Soul of Money Karmic Release Process
  • The Golden Candle Activation with Marie Diamond for radiating more wealth and abundance into your home

What Can You Expect from the Experience Joining Us via Video and the Replay?

If you have taken part in my monthly Angel Tarot & Huna Big Clearing Call of volunteered for any of the Huna and Access Teleseminars via my eNewsletter list you will already know that the energy travels and still works in miraculous ways even if you are catching up via listening to the recordings several hours, days, weeks, months or even years later!

I ran a Bonus Huna Session yesterday afternoon and one of the attendees who watched the video recording the next day shared her experience of the replay:

“Just listened to the recording.  Brilliant. Really felt the energies as blockages and beliefs released.  Many felt ancestral.  As an update, in addition to the ankle soreness having gone, so has a chronic pain connected to my scapula.”

Our Live Stream Attendees said of the day:

“Thank you both so much for an amazing day. I felt part of the room.  I would definitely attend this way in the future if it was available.  Looking forward to the recording to see if I missed anything.  Much love to all especially my live stream buddies!”

I am loving this live stream.  Great to interact with Marie.  Fabulous Marilyn, feel like I am actually there.” 

“Thank u thank u thank u!  What abundant blessings I feel multiplying in the very near future- great energy and what a beautiful day and event this was!  Live Feed was incredible and so blessed to have been a part <3 xo☼$£$£”   

“I’m so grateful there was a live stream.  I would not have been able to attend otherwise.  And yes, meeting people in person is nice, however, this is amazing as well.”

I was just looking through my notes from yesterday, and realized that I hadn’t shared one thing that I had learned.  It really hit me just now when I read that Marie Diamond said that she saw money as light, during one of Marilyn’s processes.  If we all just saw $ as Light, what a different world it would be! ✨💫💥” 

Wow, amazing meditation (from Marie) thank you thank you thank you.  I was in tears.”

All of comments above were from people were watching the video live stream on the day so there is no need to ‘wait and hope’ for change and transformation, all of this wonderful and magical energy awaits you from the moment you choose to get started.  I haven’t even gotten round to sharing the feedback from those in the room which was equally as wonderful.

Video DVD Pre-Launch

This Bank Holiday and Memorial Day weekend is pre-launch weekend so if you would like to pre-order the online DVD go to: https://wealthmagic.eventbrite.com

I am very excited to have you join us on this magical journey, and Marie reveals ‘the secret behind The Secret’ at the Workshop!

The Magic and Joy Has Continued . . . .

I know sometimes people fear that they will attend an event, have a wonderful time, yet it all dissipates when they go back home into the ‘real world.’  As well as the Wealth Magic Workshop being an incredible and transformational day, the magic continued after the event:

“Congratulations to Marilyn Devonish for a fantastic day on Saturday… I slept for at least 12 hrs on Sunday and woke up feeling really happy knowing that massive clearing had taken place with all the magic and mojo that dear Marilyn creates. Hello to all the new people I met, it’s lovely to put faces to names. Sue Jobson… I was looking out for you and then realised you must have been live stream!!! Well done to Marilyn and Marie for a great collaboration and for livestream.”

“A big thank you to Marilyn Devonish and Marie Diamond for a fantastic thought provoking, energy clearing, wealth mindfest event. It was a great collaboration and definitely ideas for me to go and work with. Action step no 1 for me to take: get Marie’s app … (done tick off check list). Action step no 2… clutter clearing (… work in progress???). Hello to all my fellow money magicians. Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon.”

“After 2am chattering at hotel – I only fell asleep at 4.30 am. Barely 3 hours sleep and I was up and energetic. Long drive home… afternoon to shops in Chelmsford & Free Port Designer Village and still awake / mentally alert lol ..Tried to nap & didn’t happen lol …energised ! Yay!”

“Definitely a spring in my step Marilyn and Marie. Cleared my practice room for meditation to face my success direction. Spoke to the hubby about reorganizing the bedroom and starting on the office tommorrow… This was a powerful and joyful day.”

“T’was a long drive home (although I had, to many people’s amusement, my own mobile disco/seated dance breaks in the 3 or so miles of tailbacks on the M11 😂). I also realised that by having the roof down, I could ‘keep my hat on’… 😂 “

“Actually, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep for a couple of hours which is not like me at all. I’ve therefore been feeling really tired today. Quite happy though and have been also sorting my bedroom at the carer job in terms of Feng Shui info from Marie 🙂 <3 “

“It was all so wonderful! I can’t believe I was so bright and breezy this morning after 4 hours sleep 2 nights running! Amazing!!!”

We talked much about energy and how to create more happiness and joy, so it is wonderful to see that this is exactly what has been happening for our attendees.  To join in the magic click here.



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