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Living a Limitless Life – PART 1

As part of the research that I’m doing for the Limitless Workshop I am running later on this year; Where Personal Development meets Science Fiction meets Neuroscience, I attended a talk with Dr John Arden PhD on How to Rewire Your Brain and facilitate increased performance and greater brain longevity.

It was a fascinating evening, and best of all, it fully supported, reinforced, and indeed backed up the research that myself and my partner for this event have already come up with.

In Part 1 of this Living a Limitless Life series I will share with you just a few of the things that we will be talking about in more detail on the Limitless Day, and giving you a very simple yet powerful exercise to help you ‘grow’ your brain.

A Users Manual for the brain

Dr Arden started off the evening by talking about the fact that when we come into this life none of us are given a ‘Users Manual’ for the brain.  This is of course very true, however when I attended my first NLP Practitioner Workshop back in October 2000 it started off by saying that what we were being introduced to was like an operators manual for the mind and brain.  And with the advances in the field of neuroscience over the past 50 years, and areas such neuroplasticity which shows that the brain can continue to ‘grow’ and adapt even into what some might consider old age in neurological terms, I do believe that we are now slowly but surely getting there.

The Limitless Workshop & Screening is based upon the film Limitless starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro.  I have outlined the premise of the film on the Eventbrite page so I won’t go into it in too much detail here (nor do I want to spoil it for those of you that haven’t yet watched the movie!)

Bradley Cooper before his 'Limitless TranceFormation'

Bradley Cooper before his ‘Limitless TranceFormation’

In a nutshell, down and out writer Bradley who hasn’t been able to write a word of his book despite receiving an advance, has been dumped by his long suffering girlfriend and his life is a mess.  He meets a friend who gives him a silver pill which enhances his mental abilities and makes him almost super human.

Limitless Creativity and Flow

Limitless Creativity and Flow

He can absorb books in minutes, see creative solutions to complex ideas, he writes a brilliant book in a matter of days, he goes from socially awkward to the charismatic life and soul of the party, and can quantum jump into the future.

Bradley Cooper after his 'Limitless TranceFormation'

Bradley Cooper after his ‘Limitless TranceFormation’

As I watched the film I realised that myself and many of my clients are doing a lot of these things already . . . . . .

Bradley Cooper absorbing books and data

Bradley Cooper absorbing books and data

Absorbing a book in 5 minutes, enhancing their creativity, going from a ‘D’ grade to a Distinction in their Masters Degree, Authors cutting the time it takes them to research and write their books (not quite in a couple of days but going from 3 years researching to a couple of months), achieving all of this using PhotoReading™ and Accelerated Learning, and a dash of Hypnosis, Huna and some other cool stuff!

“Cutting book research time and reaching higher states of consciousness”

To listen to Marilyn Devonish interview Author Harun Rabbani who did just that go to:

Going from shy and lacking in self esteem and confidence, to happily standing on stage in front of 1000’s of people and doing live TV and radio appearances?  That was my story before I stumbled into personal development and unearthed things like NLP, Hypnosis, and Time Line Therapy.  And yes, the pink dot on the stage below is me!

Marilyn Devonish speaking at Kensington Olympia

Marilyn Devonish speaking at Kensington Olympia

A Doctor and trainee Neurosurgeon, Dr Cos Fantis attended one of my PhotoReading™ Workshops last year and was of the same opinion, and that is how the Limitless Workshop was born.

“Grow your brain”

I wrote a magazine article this week on Mindfulness,  and whilst researching for the Limitless Day have been reading a book called Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson PhD and Richard Mendius PhD, which shares research about how the brain changes during meditative practice and the art of being more mindful.  Dr Aden shared exactly the same thing during his talk, and showed how the orbital frontal cortex of the brain actually gets larger when you practice mindfulness and meditation.

Dr John Arden discussing the Prefrontal Cortex

Dr John Arden discussing the Prefrontal Cortex

We will be sharing some specific practices, techniques, and research during the Limitless Day, and in the 21-Day Limitless Living Programme for those who can’t make the event, but for now, below is a quick example of how you can start to bring this brain building practice into your daily life and also reap other benefits in terms of more peace, calm, joy, tranquillity, and connectedness.

“From naughty toddler to little angel”

One of my clients, a busy single mum, who was running her own business found that her toddler would get very ‘naughty’ and demanding when breakfast and playtime was over and she tried to settle down at her laptop.

I prescribed a few minutes of mindfulness each day.  Also, because she started each day with fresh juice or a cup of herbal tea the Coaching exercise was to be mindful of that first morning activity and then pick a couple of other events during the day.

The first Mindfulness Coaching Exercise included:

“I have just switched the kettle on.”

Noticing the red power light on the kettle flickering.

Listening to the water bubbling.

Pouring the boiling water into the cup.

“I am stirring the tea.”

I asked that the same be applied when having breakfast with her son and whilst watching their Disney videos.

She laughed at first and couldn’t see what difference it would make.  During her next session she exclaimed that she had a new son!  He was calm, happy, playful, and was absolutely fine sitting and reading his book, playing with his toys, or watching cartoons while she was working on her laptop.

The difference?

He could pick up on the fact the previously while they were having breakfast or playing that her mind was partly on:

“Why isn’t the webpage loading properly? 

I wonder how many people will show up for class this week? 

I need to speak to my business partner about launch dates for the latest promotion . . .”

He would then still want his attention because it had not been fulfilled during their so-called together time.

“Have you got 5 minutes?”

Her experience of the benefits that flowed from that very simple exercise reminded me that even the busiest of people can see a noticeable difference from applying this for just a few minutes a day here and there.

My client mantra with the various things and processes that I devise for them is: “Have I got 5 minutes?”

I have yet to find someone, even the busiest of executives, mums, managers, or entrepreneurs who couldn’t genuinely find 5 minutes, even if they had to combine it with ‘bathroom’ time!

Dr Arden shared that practicing ‘being where you are’ and in that state of mindfulness, helps to keep that part of the brain active.

A £ or $ for your thoughts

If I had a £ or a $ for each person who complained about their memory when enquiring about PhotoReading Classes I would be a very rich woman!  The frontal cortex which you can activate using the exercise above also helps with your working memory, so the benefits extend even further as you play with implementing the simple yet hugely powerful mindfulness nor meditation techniques.  What flows through you attention is said to ‘sculpt’ your brain, so the act of mindfulness directs and shapes where your attention goes which in turn will have a direct impact on your emotional state.

Having already recovered from what appeared to be the early onset of Alzheimers, I know that it is also more than possible to go from memory like a sieve to standing up on stage without notes and I’ll share some of those techniques with you when we get Limitless as well.

At the Limitless Event, in addition to watching the film at a 5 star private cinema in Central London, will discuss a number of key areas including:

  • The power of hypnosis and creative ‘down’ or incubation times
  • How you can literally jump out into your future and meet your limitless future self
  • Ways to enhance your creativity and flow
  • How you can change negative thoughts and break old habits
  • How to challenge yourself and push through limitations and boundaries
  • Techniques for super learning and accessing your multiple intelligences
  • Tips to improve and enhance your memory and recall
  • Techniques for enhancing left and right brain integration
  • Simple and fun yet effective ways to stimulate and activate your brain
  • Some of the most powerful ways to motivate your brain into action
  • What you can do to reduce stress and enhance your sense of flow

I will also share some tips about how to do and achieve some of the above in future instalments of this Limitless Living Blog series so do keep an eye out for next one.

And if you found this Blog post useful please feel free to share.

Until next time!

Marilyn Devonish



Marilyn Devonish is a Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, and Time Line Therapy™.  She is a Certified PhotoReading™ Instructor, a Life and Executive Coach, Angel Tarot Card Reader and Soul Plan Reader.  She is also a Practitioner of Hawaiian Huna, EFT, DNA Theta Healing, EmoTrance, Access Bars, Positive EFT, OTH (Opening The Heart), Energetic NLP, and Access Consciousness.

She is also a Business Graduate, Marketing CIMDipM, Corporate Trainer, Prince2 Project Manager, and Management Consultant.

She specialises in accelerating human potential and organisational performance and has been in daily practice since 2000.

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