How Did A Jar of Turmeric Show Me God & Find Me A Romantic Man?

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On Sunday 15th August I had a conversation with a friend called Sonny who lives  out in America about proof of god and angels, white feathers, and men.  Your standard conversational stuff!

I was in two minds about going out that day because I had a few things that I wanted to get finished off at home however as I was running a bit low on turmeric so I decided to pull my track suit on and jog into town.  The weird things was that I had enough for several days more servings, however there was just something about going to to get some that day even though I knew that I was free from the following Monday through to Thursday that week.

The God and man inducing turmeric!

The God and man inducing turmeric!

While jogging I was thinking about the proof of god and laughed to myself that I would need a really clear sign this week, something big to really stop me in my tracks. I didn’t give it any further thought.

Talk About Being Stopped In My Tracks!

Turmeric (and some impromptu ‘buy one get one half price’ bags of cashew nuts in tow) I was just about to jog home again when my mind was like: “Hey, it’s a nice day, why not jog up to beach and sit in the sun and watch the big screen for 20-30 minutes?”

It sounded like a nice plan so I ignore my turning home and was just about to pick up speed when 2 young men dressed in suits called out to me and literally stopped me in my tracks.

They first asked about my hair, saying they were intrigued and wanted to know how long I have been growing it.  They were speechless when I said it was 18 years.  We chatted about the beauty and challenges of black hair for a few minutes.  One of them then asked me about my thoughts on spirituality and god . . . . . .  I mean really?  Are you kidding me?  There was I joking with myself that I would need some proof and evidence to stop me in my tracks, and here they were stopping me in my tracks to show me their proof of god, which they did when they produced the book around which their faith is based.

I was so wowed by how it all played out exactly as per the statement that landed in my mind that I asked if they would be OK with me taking a picture of them so that I could send it to my friend Sonny in America given our conversation the day before.   They happily agreed:

Synchronicity and Proof of God stop me in my tracks

Synchronicity and Proof of God stop me in my tracks

And then insisted we should also take a selfie so that I was actually in it:

Synchronicity and Proof of God stop me in my tracks

Synchronicity and Proof of God stop me in my tracks – The Selfie!

‘You want to see Jesus?  Here you go!”

I also shared with them the story of being particularly naffed off one afternoon when nothing seemed to be going right or going my way.  As I walked into town I was like: “Right angels and god, Jesus, whoever  you are, no more messing around.  If you’re up there you had been show yourself to me right now otherwise I’m done with these Angel Tarot Card Readings and the like!”

On that day I turned the corner into town and was just about to head towards what was then called the Harlequin Centre and I was once again quite literally stopped in my tracks.  Walking towards me was a man who looked just like the actor Robert Powell when he starred in the TV series Jesus of Nazareth.  Not only did he look like him he was walking through town with his arms outstretched, just like Jesus would have been when he was on the cross.

Synchronicity - Robert Powell as Jesus. Photo courtesy of ITV

Synchronicity – Robert Powell as Jesus. Photo courtesy of ITV

Why was he walking with his arms completely outstretched?   Because he had a child playfully swinging from each arm.  I was so shell shocked to see him right there in front of me that by the time I had the thought of grabbing my phone and taking a photo he was pretty much just a few feet away from me so it would have been too weird.  Despite the lack of photographic evidence, the memory of it however was still so clear and strong in my mind as I spoke with the two young men yesterday.

We spoke for a good 15-20 minutes and then parted ways.  You can see the original Facebook post here.

And as Sonny hilariously put it:

16 hrs

Sonny Olmo SMELLING SALTS and Contessa Fan seriously needed

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 16 hrs

Sonny Olmo I luv it Mar! and thank you thank you thank you! my goodness- when we ask and are in tune with source, the vibration and its repercussions are INSANELY evident and Good!!!!!!!!!

At the end of the conversation with the 2 god representatives, my logical brain was like: “Well that’s your 20 minutes gone, and you have been taking in the sun while talking, so maybe we ought to head on home.”

Romance on the Beach . . . .

The intuitive brain however had other ideas and proceeded to the Watford beach.  I was going to sit in my usual place which was in amongst the picnic tables however for some reason, just as I was about to sit down, I got up and walked towards the back of the beach complex and sat on the concrete wall reasoning that I wasn’t staying that long after all . . . . . .

The approach to the Watford Beach

The approach to the Watford Beach

A few minutes later a man walked up and asked if the space next to me was free.  We got chatting.  He was going to the bar to get a drink and insisted that I had one and baulked when I said I’d have a glass of water or some fruit juice.  What ensued was a conversation about when my parents were from and that resulted in a rum and coke drink.

A few minutes later a woman sits down and just randomly joined in our conversation, and as she turned her head towards me I thought I spotted white feathers, which was one of the signs that Sonny and I had spoken about the day before.  Sonny had seen several white feathers during the week.  I said that I was still waiting to see mine.

Although I felt a bit silly, I asked if she was wearing feather earrings or did I imagine it.  She laughed and pulled her hair back to display a pair of lovely white feathers.  At this point I was somewhat gob smacked and asked if I could take a photo to show my friend, and she happily obliged:

Synchronicity - The White Feather Earrings

Synchronicity – The White Feather Earrings

Two for two within a couple of hours; the stopping me in my tracks to discuss proof of god, and not 1 white feather but 2.  Wow!  What I hadn’t realised that the hat trick was just about to come in the form of a man and romance.

A Day of Heart Fluttering Romance

For this I need to take you back to Saturday, the day before beach day.  I watched 2 romantic movies, one of which I posted on Facebook with the caption:

Marilyn Devonish

13 August at 19:23 ·

Oh gosh, I so LOVE these accidental movies, in that I just chance upon them.

This one with Queen Latifah and LL Cool J is just hilarious. And man, the chance to indulge all of the senses and just live. Wow.

Marilyn Devonish 💖


Synchronicity - Saturday Romance Movies

Synchronicity – The Saturday Romance Movies

I also created this caption and put it on my Facebook page on the Saturday night, with the caption:

Marilyn Devonish

13 August at 22:08 ·

I do so ‪#‎love a good love story. Heart-warming and beaming.

I love a good love story

I love a good love story

Following my romance movie fest on Saturday night I found myself thinking that it had been a while since I’d had any heart-warming romance . . . . .

‘It started with a kiss . . . .’

So in a nutshell, the guy that I met at the beach started off by greeting me with a kiss on the hand and saying how beautiful I was, and what ensued was basically 6 hours of flirting, romantic gestures and laughter.  Having arrived at the beach at 3.20pm, I rocked home just after 10pm having spent the day and evening with the guy I’d met, the woman with the feather earrings, and her partner, and later on some friends of theirs.

The meeting a man bit and having a touch of romance didn’t register as anything other than a bit of random fun until I got home and decided to write my targets and intentions for the week ahead, something which I do each weekend or on a Monday night.

Writing It Into Existence . . . .

I flick open the journal to make the first entry and realise there’s also some stuff written in.  I don’t remember when I wrote it, however as I often ‘future pace’ myself it was most likely a few weeks or months ago.  I started reading.  This was my Facebook post below:

Synchronicity: 'Meet a man that makes my heart flutter . . .'

Synchronicity: ‘Meet a man that makes my heart flutter . . .’

The caption/write up that went with this post was:

Marilyn Devonish added a new photo to the albumSynchronicity, Magical Happenings & Divine Intervention!

11 hrs ·

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!! I have just sat down to write up my goals and intentions to have achieved by the end of this week. I flip the page open and see that there is already some stuff written down. No idea when I wrote it. Number 2 reads:

‘I have met a man who made my heart flutter and face smile. Wow, they do exist.’

Tonight I had 6 hours of being chatted up by a guy who made my heart flutter and had me laughing all evening, seemingly out of the blue . . . . . . I had only jogged into town to buy some turmeric and at the last minute decided to detour and go to the beach and big screen for a few minutes.

He doesn’t live in Watford and had no idea the beach was there, it was just a random detour for him.

Whoa, I know that I am always talking about ‪#‎Synchronicity and‪#‎SpeakingThingsIntoExistence and it does happen all the time. That doesn’t however take away from the constant ‪#‎joy and awe of it.

And, one of my goals was about balance and symmetry, and this morning, as in a few minutes ago I just managed to do the standing on one leg on demi pointe move that I’d not been able to do since starting ‪#‎ballet classes.


‪#‎NeuroSuccess ‪#‎Relationships ‪#‎Magic

Marilyn Devonish 💖

It’s like mysterious automatic writing . . . .

I really don’t remember writing it, however as I read the words I realised that was EXACTLY what had happened a few short hours ago.  I mean like WOW.  And I know that this stuff happens to me all the time, usually within a couple of hours of speaking about or thinking about something; it is one of the reasons why I created my Synchronicity Files Facebook page and created my 28-Day Online Synchronicity Supercharger Programme the frequency and wow factor of those occurrences doesn’t however diminish or take away from their wonderful and jaw dropping impact when they do happen.

I was absolutely once again literally stopped in my tracks for a moment as I read the words I had written.  And what an odd thing for me to write about.  The last I pulled that stunt was in November 2014, again, not remembering what I’d written, however 2 days after reading it I met someone who fitted the bill for what I had asked for.  I also did it in May 2013 and I met someone who even acted out the exact words that I had written.

Phew!  I was going to say that I have no words, however clearly, some 1,719 words into this blog I clearly do, but you know what I mean!  This stuff just never ceases to amaze me.

Some might call it the Law of Attraction, manifestation, etc.; I tend to call it Speaking Things Into Existence, Synchronicity, and NeuroSuccess™.  Whatever name it goes by, it is seriously cool and somewhat unexplainable yet brilliant stuff.

Hmmmmm, what shall I write in my magic journal next?  Plans for my global speaking career talking about how to live a life where you naturally and effortlessly create this stuff perhaps!

Do feel free to share your stories about such things because one of the things I believe is that the more you notice and acknowledge them, the faster and more frequently and profoundly they show up.

Marilyn Devonish ♥



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