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I’ve had some questions about the Ignite Your Brilliance Programme that I’ve just launched, and as I suspect they will come up again or that you might have similar questions I have put them here in a Blog.

First off, yes, at the moment it is £297 for the WHOLE YEAR as opposed to per month, however the launch price is only available until 31st December and it will increase to something far more realistic for what is being offered on 1st January.

The Ignite Your Brilliance Programme

The Ignite Your Brilliance Programme with Marilyn Devonish

  1. It’s an Annual Coaching Programme in that it will run from January 2016 to December 2016.
  2. There is a ‘drop in’ ‘Pay As You Go’ monthly option where you can join us if you need some support or additional focus or clarity for that month. (Also see point 5 below).
  3. Because it’s a mixture of live Teleseminar/Webinars, mp3 recordings of all calls, and a series of eCoaching Exercises and updates, you can take part from anywhere in the world, and at your own pace.
  4. The Annual (paid in full) version of the Programme includes all of the above plus additional Bonus Exercises and Interim Updates throughout the year and most likely some extra bonus calls.
  5. The pay as you go option does not include the items outlined in point 4 above because some of those items will be programmed in in advance and if you’re only doing the monthly version I won’t know in advance which months you’ll be in or out. You will receive access to the live call that month, the eCoaching Exercise(s) for that month, and a copy of the mp3 for that month.
  6. You can join at any time throughout the year and if you sign up for the annual Programme you will receive all of the backdated calls, mp3’s, and eCoaching Exercises.
  7. The point of the Ignite Your Brilliance Programme is threefold; Firstly to provide structured ongoing Coaching and Accountability throughout the year rather than the often ‘flash in the pan’ New Years Resolution approach which often quickly loses momentum. Secondly, to provide a big dose of inspiration and creativity throughout the year. And thirdly, to share some of the tools, techniques, and processes that I’ve amassed over the past 15 years to help you get so much more out of both the year and life itself.
  8. If you are able to read this Blog you can take part because you can take part from anywhere in the world via the an online Webinar or catch up mp3 recordings. There are also a series of international local dial in numbers if you want to participate via phone and get live on the spot Coaching.
  9. Yes, it will include some of my Huna and Access Consciousness stuff as part of the Programme.
  10. I may include some of the Angel Tarot Work.  It will depend upon what’s most relevant for the group and whether people request it.
  11. All of the monthly calls are live and will not be pre-recorded so you have the opportunity to be there in person or submit questions and issues that you would like me to address in advance.
  12. The issues to be cleared that we mentioned on the Intro Teleseminar (see below for your free mp3 download link) which included a sense of knowing without doubt that you will manifest your dreams.  Letting go of doubt.  Feeling fearful and unsupported.  Clearing energy.  A feeling if your brilliance being ignited.  How will you Cleared your energy.   Feeling unsupported.  Stop self sabotage create sustained momentum and start creating habits with consistent results.   Rebuild self-esteem and overcome self-doubt.  Learn to raise your vibration and stay in the vortex of possibilities.  Clarity about manifesting the body and bank account you desire.  Release the fear factor of not being good enough.  The processes I would recommend to clear and resolve these included Time Line Therapy, Huna, Access Consciousness, Core Issue Therapy Diagnostic, Soul Retrieval (for fragmented parts, fears, limiting beliefs, ancestral clearing work), OTH (Opening the Heart), Odic Bonding (great for regaining a sense of connectedness with the universe), Cord and Vow Breaking, Boundary Tapping & Infinity Rewiring (for increased ‘I Am’ presence and a sense of wholeness).

I think that’s it with regards to the questions.  If there is anything else that you want to know that I haven’t covered e-mail: marilyn@tranceformationsTM.com  and put ‘Ignite Your Brilliance Programme’ in the subject line.

For further information about the Programme and an overview of what we will be covering throughout the year go to: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ignite-your-brilliance-tickets-20152833668

I’ve had some wonderful feedback about the 90-Minute Intro Teleseminar from those who took part.  The messages and feedback that I received during the call included:

“I opened my chakras as well as gave permission and really felt the Huna like a wind through my energy field.”

“Thank you so much…I have received clarity beyond my expectations…I’m looking forward to being part of an amazing programme in the year ahead.”

“That just sounds so amazing!!! Come on New Year!!! I wanna start already!!”

“I set the intention to let this call give me the answer to whether or not I should do the 12 month programme…the decision was made when you mentioned the Vortex and Carl Jung and the power of group think…I’m in …we’ll talk.”

“Just had a light bulb moment. For my purpose. I have realised that I have always made a positive change where ever I have worked. Now it’s the time to make positive for others . . .”

“I had no idea who I thought I was!!! Shocked!!!”

I love that some people also got ‘I don’t know’ revelations because that highlights areas to focus on where more clarity is needed.

Thank you to everyone who took part and shared your wonderful insights and feedback.

To listen to the Free Ignite Your Brilliance Teleseminar or download the mp3 recording go to: http://events.instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=78846168 

I very much look forward to working with those of you that have signed up to join me on this journey, and if you want to Ignite Your Brilliance in the New Year and beyond then do feel free to join us!

Marilyn Devonish


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Marilyn Devonish has been described as the UK equivalent of Oprah Winfrey, Marianne Williamson, Anthony Robbins, a dash of Doreen Virtue, and the trio from Charmed all rolled into one. I (Marilyn Devonish) have admit that was too big of a statement for me to own, but I equally admit that I do like the sound of it and it did make me smile. Marilyn Devonish - Herself since Year 2000.

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