How to go from Failure & Feeling Defeated to Training Yourself for Success

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How to go from Failure and Feeling Defeated to Training Yourself for Success

When it came to me sitting my exams I was calm and focused.

When it came to me sitting my exams I was calm and focused.

The timeline for this one, especially when you factor in family commitments is really very short.  Sieta and I had a discussion about her failed Counseling exam on 27th September 2017.  She purchased the PhotoReading DVD on 5th October 2017. Her exams were in November 2017. She got her results in December and passed!  We didn’t do any additional Coaching aside from our chats via Messenger and in my Membership Group.  Sieta did it all herself from the DVD.

She had taken the bold step to go back to professional study and then having failed the exam needed to progress to the next stage she took the leap of faith and purchased my PhotoReading DVD.

Failure isn’t necessarily an easy thing at any age, but as an adult, where we often like to get things right first time, I can be somewhat devastating and it takes real courage to ask for help and come back from that.

“It took me from suspected early onset Alzheimer’s to miraculous success.”

It was the same experience that I had all those years ago when I failed my NLP Practitioner test in glorious technicolour only to go back and ace the much bigger and far more complex Master Practitioner test a couple of weeks later having taught myself PhotoReading™ from what were then cassette tapes. It is one of the reasons why I decided to become a PhotoReading™ Instructor; that and the miracle of the finishing the 8-hour Trainers Training exam in just 3 hours, so these stories, well not stories, real life experiences, from even my online clients always make me smile.

The Online DVD is instant access once I’ve set it up, and also Lifetime Access.  The delegates from across the globe and as far afield as America and Australia who have taken part often say as Sieta did that it feels as though they are right there in the room with us, which was my intention when I filmed and created it.

Training Yourself for Success

Sieta said of her experience:

“Hi Marilyn, here it goes!

I have wanted to do the PhotoReading course for ages but due to finances, I couldn’t, so I decided to purchase the Online DVD version, so pleased I did.

Marilyn is a fantastic coach and I felt like I was there in the room with everyone else. I did the exercises and felt completely in-tune with the others, I didn’t pass my exam, the first time round in September before purchasing the PhotoReading DVD, but with doing to exercises from the DVD which I found invaluable. When it came to revising I followed the Mind-Mapping exercise that Marilyn shared; I gained so much knowledge and information.

When it came to me sitting my exam a few weeks later, I was calm and focussed, I remembered a lot from all the Mind Maps in my head. I have learnt from the course that I am a visual learner, I didn’t know this beforehand.

Thank you Marilyn this is totally inspiring.

This should be promoted more in schools and Adult learning. Makes me want to do more of your courses. Thank you for this opportunity. xx

Yes happy for you to put my name to it. Thank you. Xx” Sieta Jones”


That is just amazing, and as I said, there was no intervention from me whatsoever, over and above what I shared on the DVD video Training.  Awesome job Sieta!  And for those who do prefer to have some additional Coaching, there is a Skype Coaching option available as well.

For more information about the Online DVD video Training and International Skype Coaching  go to:


PhotoReading™ for Researching with Accuracy and Speed

Even if your job doesn’t require exams and simply need to absorb new information more quickly, it can dramatically improve your research and report writing skills:

"I can really recommend this Workshop if you want to absorb information."

“I can really recommend this Workshop if you want to absorb information.”

As one of my PhotoReading™ Live Workshop attendees put it:

“I can really recommend this workshop if you want to absorb information quickly and with depth.  Don’t assume or mistake it for “speed reading.”

It’s a really valuable tool and the week I came back from it I wrote a great 1000 essay on something I knew little about within 3-4 hours research included . . . without plagiarising.  Plus Marilyn is a really engaging lovely trainer!”  Deirdra Barr, Yogo Coach 


Improving your Interview Skills

I did an afternoon talk for RBS, the Royal Bank of Scotland and they immediately invited me back to do an evening Session with their Women in IT Group.  One of the attendees contacted me later that week and said that she had been successful in securing an interview, her first ever in almost 10 years, and wondered if PhotoReading might help her prepare because she didn’t know where or how to start after such a long time being in the same job, and from what I had shared during my Keynote Presentation, it sounded as though PhotoReading could be ideal.

Not only was she nervous about the interview itself, which can be stressful when you don’t know how to relax yourself and prepare, she was also overwhelmed by the amount of reading and research that needed to be done beforehand because there was a practical element to the interview.  And, she only had at the point of speaking to me, a couple of days to prepare.

We did a 1-hour Skype Session including my now infamous Speak It Into Existence Process.  I shared how to apply PhotoReading to the interview process, and how to answer those tricky questions such as: “Why haven’t you moved or progressed in the last 10 years” which again can have you feeling like an underachiever and a failure.  Here’s what happened at the interview in her own words:

“Hello Marilyn,

Thank you for the information.

The interview went as it was supposed to lol.

I was extremely relaxed after practising step 1 several times, and so when it came to the event it worked like a dream.

Imagineering was crucial for the interview and it also helped with placing me in that relaxed state however, what threw me was that the 

questions were not asked the way I had imagined. They were framed in a way that demanded several responses to particular aspects, so

a question may have 4 parts to it.

I took my notes but didn’t refer to them, which in hindsight I should have but all in all, it was good experience even if I do not get the job.

Have a good evening.”

Not only did the interview go well and just the way that we had planned it and discussed, she also got the job!


“And as I am always saying, PhotoReading goes WAY BEYOND reading . . . . It can even make you feel younger!”

"I don't feel as old as I did when I came!"

“I don’t feel as old as I did when I came!”

Another Workshop attendee, an Author said:

“You have opened up many possibilities for me and inspired me to expand my life and knowledge.  I don’t feel as old as I did when I came!  Thank you Marilyn.”

It really is a life changer and a game changer on so many levels.

For further information about future Live Workshops go to:


What’s Included in the Online Video Training?

Online PhotoReading DVD

Online PhotoReading DVD

The running time of the Online DVD is approximately 6-hours and consists of 4 Modules.

Module 1 looks at the development of PhotoReading and explores the applications and possibilities.

Module 2 is an overview of the PhotoReading Whole Mind System, how to tap into the Power of Multiple Intelligences, and Step 1.

Module 3 goes through 4 of the 5 Steps.

Module 4 gives an overview of Step 5 and also contains 3 Bonus Sessions which are not taught on the Live Workshop:

  • Bonus Session 1: Enhancing Your Intuition
  • Bonus Session 2: Improving Memory and Recall
  • Bonus Session 3: Access Consciousness and Huna Belief Change Session

The Huna and Access has been absolutely transformational for attendees including everything from pain relief, removing lifelong emotional blockages, and releasing and resolving old limiting beliefs.  We also do live Bonus Session during the in-person PhotoReading™ Workshops.

For information about the Limitless NeuroSuccess 28-Day eCoaching Programme go to:  (If you wanted to purchase both the PhotoReading™ and NeuroSuccess™ Programme as a bundle just drop me an email).

I previously put together a Blog where I answered questions about PhotoReading and did a series of Facebook Live videos.  You can read it here:

And if you know anyone who needs a dose of inspiration please feel free to like and share this Blog with them.

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