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For several years now I’ve had 2 people I am connected to on social media who only ever show up to comment if it’s to criticise me or call me stupid or to say that what I am sharing is a waste of time.

Friends have phoned me, messaged me, sent me text messages, and e-mails asking why the heck I still haven’t deleted them, and my rationale was that it was good practice in terms of getting to or maintaining emotional equilibrium, and also because it’s maybe a tad unrealistic to live in a world where everyone agrees with you or thinks you are the best thing since sliced bread.

However, as we roll into yet another year I find myself having the same old conversations with them, month in, month out, so I’m putting my thoughts here so that I only have to say it one more time, and from here on in I shall just direct them, or anyone else who cares to surface, here with the request and instruction to get off my page.

Number one, it bemuses me as to why they continue to waste their time and as a consequence mine, even reading what I write or taking the time to then come onto my page and spew their particular brand of communication.

And number two, I am confused as to why, if they don’t like or have no interest in what I’m saying, they continue to read it all and don’t just take me off their newsfeed, or unfriend me and get off my page.

I am more than happy to have fun, robust, and healthy debates on my page, and have often been awakened to new perspectives, ideas, and information in this way.  What I will no longer tolerate however is someone who can only speak in insults; ‘stupid, emotional women, idiot, f**king c**t, and w******r, are some of the terms that have been used by the 2 people in question on my page; You can maybe now see why it has been a test of getting back to equilibrium rather than immediately jumping in at their level.

I’ve had female friends who just happened to have been on the same thread and commenting like normal people who have then also been subjected to this type of verbal abuse.  Several of them have called me literally shaking after such interactions and tirades because to be spoken to in this way by seemingly grown men isn’t far short of intimidation or a form of social bullying.

So, if you have been directed to this page by me and you are in any doubt, let me be clear:

  1. If you don’t like what I write, post, or share, feel free to GET OFF MY PAGE.
  2. If you think that what I write, post or share is a stupid waste of time, feel free to GET OFF MY PAGE.
  3. If you only ever stop by to criticise, or publicly pick fault, GET OFF MY PAGE.
  4. If you can’t conduct yourself in a decent manner which doesn’t immediately include the use of expletives or putting other people down or name calling GET OFF MY PAGE NOW.

Just explore the Facebook or social media menus.  They all have an ‘unfriend’ or ‘unfollow’ button and option.

And if you are having difficulty finding it, let me know and I will now happily block you.

And talking of menus, this behaviour is akin to passing a restaurant window, not seeing anything that you like, but rather than walking on by and being OK that they don’t have anything on offer that suits you, you instead go inside and start insulting them and any customers that happen to be dining about their choice of food.

I mean really, who in their right mind would even think of doing such a thing?  I believe the answer to that question would be no one, unless the restaurant had up a sign that said: ‘Welcome.  Come in to upset the staff and other diners and complain about food no one is forcing you to eat.’  I have no such sign above my Facebook door.

Welcome . . . . .

For everyone else who is happy to stop by and discuss and debate things or have a good old laugh at human nature and participate in the various #DanceBreak #LaughterBreak and #BusinessBreak segways, feel free to stay.

It is lovely to have you, and I thank you for your continued interaction, cyber friendship, and support.

I saw this fabulous picture the other day on Facebook posted by someone called Deborah Murtagh which just about summed it up for me:

Life is far to fleeting and precious to waste your valuable time . . . .

Life is far to fleeting and precious to waste your valuable time . . . .

Just in case the graphic isn’t working, it says: “Never waste your time trying to explain yourself to people who are committed to misunderstanding you.”

It is so very apt because I’ve come to realise that with these people, if I say ‘white’ they will say, often with some venom that it’s ‘black’ and if I say ‘hot’ they’ll want to argue that I’m stupid for not feeling that it’s cold.  I’ve even had to laugh where on occasion they were so quick to jump back with a put down or an insult that they didn’t even notice that I’d agree with them on something because they were so keen to see what they wanted to see.

And if you are in the unfortunate position for things to have gone even further,  and to be more than just time wasting criticism, this one made for interesting reading.  I think it made some very good points and offers sound advice:

Please Do Not Feed the Trolls

Please Do Not Feed the Trolls


Wishing you all a fabulous day where you find a community and space to offers your style of conduct and communication.

Warm regards,

Marilyn Devonish

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