From An Irreversible Brain Injury 7 Years Ago To My Brain Is Rewired After Just 2.5 Days PhotoReading with Marilyn Devonish

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This is yet another one of those incredible client TranceFormation™ stories, where ‘reading is believing.’

I’ll start with a Hollywood style blockbuster movie trailer and give you the edited highlights if you’re just stopping by for a minute or 2 and you’re not a PhotoReader;

My client was in a near fatal plane crash 7 years ago and since that time has suffered with what was said to be irreversible brain damage.  As they put it:

“My experience since that time was of being a shadow of my former self.”

PhotoReading Testimonial - "My brain has been rewired!"

PhotoReading Testimonial – “My brain has been rewired!”

Less than 2 months ago they attending my PhotoReading Workshop, having put it off for a good 5 or so years, partly on account of thinking it wouldn’t work for them because of the brain injury.  This is the message I got from them the very next day!  That is, we finished the PhotoReading Workshop on the Sunday night, and the strategy meeting they attended was on the Monday afternoon:

“Had the most amazing weekend with at Marilyn Devonish‘s PhotoReading Workshop…so much value was delivered, and in my meeting this afternoon everything came together in my mind so easily I hardly recognised myself!!  Really recommend it!!”

Within 7 days their whole life started to change:

“I would certainly agree on that score…last weekend at the PhotoReading Workshop produced a profound shift in my energy and enthusiasm for life!!”

I always say that PhotoReading goes way, way, way, way, waaaaaaaaay beyond reading however I know that some people take that as silly marketing speak until they finally come along to the Workshop to experience it for themselves.  I think the most common thing I hear on that first Friday evening of the course is: “OMG Marilyn this is amazing.  It is nothing like I thought it would be.  It is so much more.  My only regret or wish is that I’d come along when you first told me about it all those years ago!”

I’m not pushy in my approach.  You ask me a question about something that I do and I’ll answer it.  You say you’re interested in attending a Workshop or doing some Coaching I’ll add you to my mailing list.  Beyond that I don’t tend to get into chasing mode or hounding people, however as I read through Kay’s incredible story which is outlined in full below, I had a pang of regret that I hadn’t been more insistent and pushy about her attending because the ground that could have been covered during those past 5 or so years that she waited could have been phenomenal.

My story was very similar, and my mind and memory were so bad in my late 20’s that my doctor suspected that I had early onset Alzheimer’s, and the only thing he could do to help me at that time was to issue a medical certificate which gave me extra time in my professional ACCA Accountancy exams.

My letter from the ACCA confirming extra time for my professional accountancy exams

My letter from the ACCA confirming extra time for my professional accountancy exams

Having then learnt how to PhotoRead within weeks everything had changed and transformed, and as the old saying goes, the rest is history, and having then studied with the PhotoReading™ creator Paul Scheele, I became a PhotoReading™ Instructor in March 2002 and I have been running Classes and doing private PhotoReading Coaching Sessions ever since.  There’s a whole post about exactly what I did in a previous Blog.

There’s also a link to the Free Resources page on my website at the end of this Blog where you can download mp3’s which relate to some of belief change and ‘rewiring’ work that we’re talking about in this Blog.  You can also download a free copy of the 12-Page PhotoReading brochure here if you wanted to find out what people like Tony Robbins and Best Selling Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series Jack Canfield have to say about it.

Anyway, in Kay’s own words, below is the full back story to how the brain injury occurred, followed by the timeline of how it all played out following her attendance at my PhotoReading Workshop.


Hi Marilyn

I was in a near fatal air accident in March 2007. At the time I was Financial Director for the family import & export business, I was responsible for what had originally been the work of four people in the business…purchasing, shipping, invoicing & credit control and included all the bookkeeping and stock control. Prior to the accident I had systemised the whole back end of the business and was able to run this single handed. After the accident I returned to work reasonably quickly but it took me about 18 months to get back up to date due to the exhaustion of my physical injuries. It wasn’t until I left the business and tried to return to pharmacy that I noticed that something was not quite as it should be. I had retained all my knowledge and could access all of that information without any problem. However when working at the largest chemist in the country, with a large number of tills under my supervision and a large dispensary team, I spoke to a customer on taking in her prescription, but when she returned I could not remember her name or the content of the conversation. I was very disturbed at this and immediately contacted my GP. I was referred to Queens Neurological Hospital in London. I was diagnosed with damage to my brain in two places. My parietal lobe on the side of the head which was impacted by the crash of the plane affects my concentration…under stress my short term memory was not reliable. In addition my frontal lobes were damaged by the deceleration of the aircraft, skidding against my meninges, which affected my ability to multi-task. Neither of these impacted my ability to do my job in the family business and work subsequently as a bookkeeper as most work was and is single focused tasks. However the intense environment of a large dispensary I found particularly stressful and I retired from pharmacy.

My experience since that time was of being a shadow of my former self. The neurologist advised me that the average person would not have noticed the loss in function or capacity, but because I was so highly functioning prior to the accident then I was more than well aware of my new limitations. She also advised me that the damage was irreversible. It was a huge issue for me to deal with in top of all the other consequences of the accident.

All this having been said, I am still above average intelligence and quite articulate. I started from scratch and have built my Conscious Accounting business up over the last 6 years doing a variety of bookkeeping, credit control, management accountancy and business advisory work. I work with owner managed businesses to inspire them to be consciously accountable for how they spend or invest their time, energy and money.

I had been very interested in my dyslexic daughter doing the PhotoReading workshop for several years to assist her in her university studies. But it was only when she experienced burnout achieving her 1st class Masters in Aerospace Engineering that I decided that it had to be done, so she could access all the information she had learnt over the last four years which I was quite sure she hadn’t forgotten…she asked me to accompany her, perfect excuse I thought!! Little did I realise that it would have such an impact on me, I just thought I would be able to finally get through the large library of books I have accumulated over the years!

And wow, from the first day after the course I noticed such a profound difference in my abilities. I was able to draw on my memories & experience in a strategy meeting for my own business with such ease compared to previous attempts that I barely recognised myself. In addition I noticed that I didn’t have to keep interrupting the proceedings to get thoughts out that I was fearful of forgetting, which had become a major issue when I was in stressful situations and my mind didn’t seem capable of remembering everything I wanted to say which still came to me with the same old speed. This had begun to impact client meetings, but I became aware of how significant this was after the course. Even sitting down to write a piece like this trying to bring everything together would have been significantly stressful, to the point of me avoiding it. Now my mind is much calmer, I feel significantly less stressed, and I am able to draw on my experience and facts with ease.

Is this enough? Please give me a call if you would like anything more!

Kindest regards


Kay Westmorland

Conscious Accounting

From: Kay Westmorland
Sent: 22 December 2015 11:53
To: Marilyn Devonish
Subject: Re: Kay – Would you like to be featured in my Blog?

Would you believe I wrote this on my iPhone this morning at about 5.30am…I saved it as a draft just to check it on a larger screen before I sent it but had to do very little work on it at all…..this alone is staggering for me…I have avoided writing a book, despite being on Daniel Priestley’s 1st KPI Programme four years ago…as I felt I had little to say…not anymore it appears….

Most significantly the order of events were really clear in my mind…I really found it easy…SERIOUSLY easy!!!

Thank you…thank you…thank you


My clients are often joking that it would be great if I would put together ‘a little black book’ of all my clients who run businesses because they would love to be able to work with people that they know have been ‘Marilyn-isd’ and have had their brains or emotions whizzed about and sorted out!

So, if you would like to get in touch with Kay her details are below:
Kay Westmorland
Conscious Accounting
Mob: 07816 164005



Had the most amazing weekend with at Marilyn Devonish‘s PhotoReading Workshop…so much value was delivered and in my meeting this afternoon everything came together in my mind so easily I hardly recognised myself!!  Really recommend it!!


Kay Westmorland LOL…mines still in the bag!!!  My desk is covered with papers right now…but you know what…everything is so easy now!!  I am just LOVING it!!!


Kay Westmorland I would certainly agree on that score…last weekend at the PhotoReading Workshop produced a profound shift in my energy and enthusiasm for life!!


Kay Westmorland I haven’t really started PhotoReading yet…the beliefs session had such an impact on me that my business has just taken off…not had time to sit and follow the process properly again…I have been rapid reading, does that count?
And when I have picked up a book I have wanted to sit and read every word…as well as magazines and newspapers…I get it takes discipline…


Kay Westmorland Your PhotoReading course has really changed everything Marilyn…my brain just feels rewired!!!

Kay’s experience has been one of transformation both during Workshops, and after the event itself, having experienced, as many of my delegates do, that her life, and business, and mind set, and relationships change and transform as a result of taking the PhotoReading class.   And yes, I know it sounds hard to believe that a course which is allegedly about ‘speed reading’ and reading faster could deliver such amazing benefits.

As one of my previous attendees put it on his very matter of fact feedback form:

“This was the best personal development course I’ve ever attended.  Hands down.  Nothing more to say.”


Kay Westmorland I was with Nick Haines on Wednesday and he said he could really tell the difference…I was much quicker Marilyn!!


Nick Haines Yes a joy to see the difference smile emoticon  Kay is rather marvellous to start with but Kay with this, is a wonder to behold!

Kay Westmorland Thank you so much Nick!!!

First of all, thank you so much if you have read this far!!!

All I can say is just imagine what you could achieve if you weren’t suffering with a brain injury or dyslexia, because you start way ahead of both myself and Kay in the PhotoReading stakes.

And, it has continued to go from strength the strength and I’ve added an ‘Addendum’ at the end of this post with the latest update from Kay about her incredible progress following the Workshop and now attending my PhotoReading MasterMind Group.

To book yourself or a loved one on the next PhotoReading Workshop go to:

For any early investment prices click here.

I very much look forward to working with you if you are truly ready for some serious TranceFormation and positive neurological rewiring!

Oh, and I guess I really should say that these are PhotoReading+ Classes in that we cover a lot more than PhotoReading, and I include a Bonus Huna & Access Consciousness Belief Change Session on the Friday evening which is the ‘beliefs session’ that Kay was referring to.

Marilyn Devonish




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This is an update from 1st February, so 3 months after attending the Workshop, and things are just getting better and better for Kay.  Our Facebook thread is below of that conversation where ‘she got her wish’ with regards to attending my PhotoReading Workshop having previously attended elsewhere but walking out in 2009:

Magdalena Baciu Mindblowing on so many levels!!!

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 1 hr
Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn Devonish Magdalena Baciu Yes, absolutely. I can believe it and almost can’t given the back story.

Like · Reply · 2 · 1 hr
Kay Westmorland

Kay Westmorland Unbelievable…I found the purpose question from the beginning of the PhotoReading course in my bag today…and in I wrote that I wanted my brain damage to be resolved by the course….got my wish!!!

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 1 hr
Kay Westmorland

Kay Westmorland Given me so much confidence….I was still so capable but didn’t think I had enough edge anymore…just remarkable!!!

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 1 hr
Magdalena Baciu

Magdalena Baciu You are amazing Kay!!!

Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn Devonish Kay Westmorland Yes, the confidence is exactly what it did for me when I first came across it all those years ago. I love it!!!

Like · Reply · 1 · 47 mins
Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn Devonish Kay Westmorland I just saw your other comment about the purpose question. WOOOOOOOOW!!!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 46 mins
Kay Westmorland
Kay Westmorland Marilyn
I just realised what I haven’t said is that I did this Presentation course with Joanna Martin back in 2009 and walked out because I couldn’t cope with it….I was reviewing!!!

Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn Devonish Kay Westmorland Really???? Wow. I have been told that I teach it a we bit differently.

Like · Reply · 1 · 29 mins
Kay Westmorland

Kay Westmorland It is amazing how different I feel Marilyn, not only am I experiencing a difference in myself, but also in my ability to contribute to others…my creative juices are really flowing!!! And the Angel Cards readings I have been getting recently are just mind blowing!!!

Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn Devonish Well I always say that PhotoReading goes waaaaaay beyond reading and some have thought that was just marketing speak . . . . . . . That is all just so way beyond fabulous!

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 mins
Kay Westmorland

Kay Westmorland Waaaaaaaaay beyond Marilyn!!! Bloody awesome!!!

Marilyn Devonish
Marilyn DevonishLOOOOL . So Kay I’m curious, given that you’ve known me for several years and most likely heard me talk about PhotoReading, was it just your past experience of attending a class elsewhere that put you off attending sooner, or something else! I have many ‘fence sitters’ and I’ve often wondered why it might take them 5+ years to sign up to my class.
Kay Westmorland You know I have known you for years, but I really don’t think I knew what you actually did and then I had no idea of your story because if I did I think I would have come sooner! I have wanted Amy to do the Photoreading since she started at Uni but she wouldn’t let me pay for it for her…but once I got my divorce settlement in the summer and she was burnt out she let me…if only I had known what was possible!!!


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