How to Banish Procrastination & Deepen Your Spiritual Connection in Less Than 1 Hour!

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“I seriously can’t believe I am getting this project done so well today. I can’t even describe how huge the struggle with it has been.  If it was an 8/10 struggle, it’s now about a 1.5/10 struggle. I couldn’t be happier!! 🙂 x”

OK now this just keeps on getting better and better. From an 8/10 in terms of struggle and procrastination down to a 1.5 overnight!  After just a 40 minute guided process and in less than 24-hours!  Wow!

If you watched my #FacebookLive video last night you will know that we had a few people zoned through the floor after taking part in my Accessing Universal Wisdom webinar.

"Amazing process. I highly recommend buying it."

“Amazing process. I highly recommend buying it.”

I kinda suspected that would happen, however not to the extent it did.

Last night immediately after the Teleseminar Emotional Healing Practitioner Eda Hardy,  said:

“Thank you so much for this amazing webinar again Marilyn, I tried to stay tuned but I was lost. I don’t remember much.  Let’s see what happens next couple of days.  I will let you know. Xx”

This morning, the day after the evening call Eda said:

“After passing out during the webinar last night, I decided to try to remember some Spanish numbers as I was helping my son to learn them last week. To my surprise I remember all of them ( 1 -20). I don’t know what you did to me last night but it seems to work. I can not wait to listen to the recording again. It is good things that I have full faith in your work. Have a nice day. Eda xx”

Wow. That is so cool. Part of my intention for the call last night was to create a process to help people accelerate their learning and expand their brain potential and ability to absorb, retain, access, and utilise information.

Procrastination Drastically Reduced . . . . .

Another of last night’s participants who unknown to me has been struggling with a procrastination issue for the best part of a year sent me a message this morning (as in the morning after the call the night before!):

“Today, after 8 months of dread and procrastination over my homework, I was typing up case studies within an hour of getting out of bed this morning, and am now just having a short break whilst quite happily tackling a huge marketing project which I was set back in February, which fills me with dread, and I have just dipped in and out of. And I’m just somehow ‘onnit’!

I was aware throughout the call (unusual for me… I usually end up hearing the end, or the silence after the end). I really did feel all the connections. All the ‘opening ups’ in each of the directions. Brilliant stuff as always! And thank you so much for making these things available to those of us who otherwise (just for the moment anyway) would have to miss out. I am grateful for you and your work so much.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 😊

I seriously can’t believe I am getting this project done so well today. I can’t even describe how huge the struggle with it has been. If it was an 8/10 struggle, it’s now about a 1.5/10 struggle. I couldn’t be happier!! 🙂 x”

PS: See the AMAZING addendum at the end of this Blog.  Wow.  Just wow!  And if you would like an mp3 download of this mindblowing process click here.

Accessing Universal Wisdom - I had a feeling something BIG was about to go down . . . . .

Accessing Universal Wisdom – I had a feeling something BIG was about to go down . . . . .

Not Just Reading & Studying . . . .  Accessing Higher Dimensions . . . . 

I NEVER double record anything when I’m doing a Teleseminar and I’ve been doing them a long time, decades.  Last night however I set up my big RØDE Microphone desk mic and also recorded it to my PC because I suspected that it would be doubly amazing so wanted a cleaner and sharper copy for future use and other applications where people can use it not just for learning, also to heighten their spiritual connection, access deeper meditative states, and even other dimensions . . . . . . One of last night’s participants reported during the call:

“Powerful process, felt my inner self rising up out of my body. Like a tube of white light.”

"I felt my inner self rising up out of my body."

“I felt my inner self rising up out of my body.”

Another online attendee, Project Manager and Holistic Therapist Sue Jobson said:

“Amazing process. I was in another world

Zoned out after the call. Highly recommend buying if you were not live. Takes the Friday Huna/ Access session on Photoreading to a mind blowing level 🍊 💤. Warning! Powerful process 😉 thank you Marilyn X”

Tapping into Your Limitless Potential

The process that I have developed is about how to tap into and access Universal Wisdom, the collective consciousness, the Akashic records, your own inner wisdom, and a few more things besides, with the aim of helping my PhotoReading™ delegates to open up to accessing even more of their limitless potential.

There is also a piece for releasing blocks and barriers and limiting beliefs because that is of course one of the biggest things that often holds people back.

Unleashing Accelerated Learning

Another participant who has been struggling to learn a musical instrument said during the live Webinar:

“I felt like I was in a deep sleep but could hear everything. Then a harmonica piece that I have not been able to “hear” just popped into my head exactly as it should sound, which has eluded me thus far! Thank you :)”

My thing has always been impactful and long lasting TranceFormation and creating what I call the ‘ripple effect’ where the changes keep on rippling out into people’s lives month’s and year’s after we have worked together, so it is wonderful to see that a mere 14 hours later the magical ripple was already in evidence.  It is now a case of watch this space because . . . . .

TranceFormations TM water drop logo - A catalyst for lasting change and transformation

TranceFormations TM water drop logo – A catalyst for lasting change and transformation

I already know from years worth of feedback from previous clients that the energy and power of these calls translates into the recordings so if you missed the session that I ran for those on my eNewsletter list last night, you can access the replay and mp3 download here:

Thank you all for taking part and for your wonderful feedback. Very much appreciated!

Marilyn Devonish <3

ADDENDUM – TUESDAY AT MIDDAY (So just a day and a half after the Webinar)

OM-freakin-God!!!!! So yesterday I when writing this Blog I included a piece about how to banish procrastination in less than one hour and overnight.
The participant in question just sent me another message.  
As you will know having read this far, they messaged me on Monday to say that there was a project that they had been procrastinating over for 8 months, that’s right, I said EIGHT MONTHS. They woke up the morning after the evening Teleseminar and their procrastination had gone from an 8 out of 10 in terms of resistance, to an 1.5/10. That alone with amazing.
They just messaged me this morning, Tuesday, so that’s still less than 2 days after the Wisdom Guided Process and shared this:
“I erm… Might have FINISHED that project!!!!!
Thank you Marilyn. You are forever amazing!
Focused. Done it. Can’t believe it but soooo relieved.
I just had to tell you. It’s made SUCH a difference to me already! And boy did I need that! Thank you again
I wish I could explain how much of a block I had to that homework, for all this time.”
In terms of them explaining the block, I think that putting it off for 8 months, and then finishing it in less than 48 hours pretty much says it all.
Wow. I had high expectations for this new process, which I was trialling in advance of using a fuller version of it at my future PhotoReading Workshops, and this latest update has just blown the roof off of that.
Wonderful. Just wonderful.
Marilyn x



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