Autism Rocks! What happens when autism meets PhotoReading? It’s Extraordinary

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Autism really does rock when it comes to reading!

Unknown to me someone with autism attended my summer PhotoReading™ Workshop.  As we neared the end of the Workshop they revealed that they can’t usually cope with workshops or events, and that they carry cards which say on them: ‘Speak slowly’ and ‘Only use 6 words per sentence then stop.’  They were amazed that they hadn’t have to use those cards once, which amazed them, having previously spoken to me on the phone.

So, what was so different this time which allowed them to very easily cope with 3 pretty neurologically and full on days?

Autism Rocks!  What happens when autism meets PhotoReading?  Extraordinary!

Autism Rocks! What happens when autism meets PhotoReading? Extraordinary!

First of all, if you have ever heard me speak you will know that when I’m in flow with something I can go ten to the dozen as the saying goes, yet miraculously, they were fine with both my delivery, the speed, and the potential neurological intensity of ‪ PhotoReading™.  They amazed themselves that they didn’t need to pull the cards out once because it is something that they find themselves doing often whenever they attend courses.

"PhotoReading used all of my senses and Marilyn had flexibility in teaching style."

“PhotoReading used all of my senses and Marilyn had flexibility in teaching style.”

They said in their feedback:

“PhotoReading used all of the senses plus repetition and the environment and the atmosphere promoted maximum learning. There was flexibility in teaching style and Marilyn had a great knowledge base and passion to teach.”

One of the reasons, as they very accurately noted above was because when I’m teaching it is about whole brain and whole mind learning, which is why so many children and teenagers who have struggled with academia or taking exams also love it.  There is also a big element of play to it, which activates the brain and mind in a completely different way and makes the learning, retention, and recall of information much more natural and easy to do.

From 20 years of inflammation to a reactivated brain!

And as if that wasn’t cool enough there was another delegate on the same Workshop later confessed that she had a brain injury and was therefore worried that she might struggle with the class.  She said:

“I have had inflammation on the brain for 20 years and I finally feel I have started to reactivate my creative side. Thank you Marilyn. PhotoReading is much more than just reading fast.”

Lighting up the brain with the question: "I wonder what would happen if . . . ?"

Lighting up the brain with the question: “I wonder what would happen if . . . ?”

It seems as though the miraculous brain ‪#‎TranceFormation is now becoming the norm for my PhotoReading classes . . . .

“Your PhotoReading course has really changed everything Marilyn ...My brain just feels rewired!!!”

“Your PhotoReading course has really changed everything Marilyn … My brain just feels rewired!!!” Kay, The Conscious Accountant

Enhanced creativity and application of material

This is such cool stuff, and as I always say: “PhotoReading goes waaaaaay beyond reading!”   Another attendee said:

“There were unexpected benefits like enhancing my creativity. I am feeling that I can apply it immediately. Marilyn cut through the speed reading myths that some marketing can taint the PhotoReading with. The PhotoReading course far exceeded my expectations in ways that I wasn’t expecting!”

And what if you haven’t got a brain injury, autism, dyslexia, or some other potential learning inhibiting thing?  

Cool, just imagine what you can achieve when you don’t have to contend with or overcome any of that!

My PhotoReading journey started when I had suspected early onset Alzheimer’s, which was of course devastating news at such a young age.   The results of PhotoReading for me were so spectacular that I gave up my ACCA Chartered Accountancy studies to become a Coach and Trainer instead.

I knew that if I could do it under what were very challenges circumstances and see such dramatic changes within a matter of weeks when I was just teaching myself, with the right instruction, anyone would do it in just hours and days.

If wanting to accelerate and enhance your reading, creativity, intuition, memory, ability to absorb information, or beefing up your research, speaking, or corporate and public speaking skills has been on your list of things to do, then come on, let’s do this thing and neurologically rock your world!

Marilyn Devonish ♥

The NeuroSuccess™ Coach



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