Are You Emotionally Starving?

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Is this what your soul has been longing for?

Nourishment for the Soul

Nourishment for the Soul

I’m not a poet by any means however I do know that I have the ability to hear the angst of others and put that into words, often in a jovial and funny, yet right between the eyes kind of way.  I’m also up for pushing or at least testing a few boundaries when I hear myself say I can’t do something which should be within the realms of possibility for me, so poet or not, as the words came into my head I wrote them down.

I was thinking about something that I’ve been seeing and hearing about a lot lately, even from those who are in relationships.  I also saw the Actor Tyrese Gibson talk about the same things recently, saying in his last relationship he was ‘with someone but alone.

I decided to put what I’ve been hearing into words.  Oh, and before we go any further, I am slightly obsessed with food so I put those words in the context food; the type of food required by the soul.

Are you starving?

Emotionally starved. 

Starved of good male company. 

Starved of intimacy. 

Starved and craving that connection you get with another human being who really cares about you, cherishes you. 

Starved of focused attention. 

Starved of intimate connection and affection. 

Hungry for someone who cares and reciprocates. 

Complete yet not fully satiated. 

Well nourished but lacking vital nutrients. 

Surrounded by attention yet not immersed.

Craving the depth of intimacy that comes from truly being able to trust and surrender to another person.

Dear Universe.  Fulfil me.  Feed me, for this truly deep connection is the stuff that life is truly made of.

Marilyn Devonish ♥


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Marilyn Devonish has been described as the UK equivalent of Oprah Winfrey, Marianne Williamson, Anthony Robbins, a dash of Doreen Virtue, and the trio from Charmed all rolled into one. I (Marilyn Devonish) have admit that was too big of a statement for me to own, but I equally admit that I do like the sound of it and it did make me smile. Marilyn Devonish - Herself since Year 2000.

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