From £800 Overdrawn to Appearing On Sky News & £000’s donated within Hours of Starting The Free Magic Program

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OM Freakin' G! It's only Day 1 of my Free 5-Day Magic Programme & She's Already Been on Sky News and the money is rolling in! Someone just made a £1000 donation on top of what has already been raised. #WOW #OMGThis is the link to my Free 5-Day Online Course of which Lisa Howells did Day 1 today: is the link to Lisa's Article on the Sky News website: This should be a link to the comments if you wanted to read Lisa's post and the updates for yourself: This is the link if you wanted to join the full 28-Day Magic & Gratitude Programme and Private Facebook Group is: http://www.themagic.eventbrite.comMarilyn Devonish <3E-mail: Main Website:

Posted by Marilyn Devonish on Friday, December 22, 2017

This is another one of those epic client success stories that you just could not make up even if you tried and another case of what I call Speaking It Into Existence, and if you prefer to watch and listen rather than read I have also done a video summary of what follows.

So this morning at 5am the first of my Free Magic Programme eCoaching Exercises was delivered via email. One of those emails was delivered to Lisa Howells.  The first of the 5 Free Magic Practice Exercises was entitled: Day 1 – Magical Day and it is about how to set powerful magical intentions for the day ahead.  Within 8 hours the Magic had already started.  Within 14 hours Lisa had been featured on Sky News, and immediately after that hundreds of pounds had been donated.  Here’s the story in her own words in response to this ‘LET THE MAGIC BEGIN!’ picture that I shared on my Facebook page:

The Magic Free 5 Day Program - Day 1 Exercise

The Magic Free 5 Day Program – Day 1 Exercise

Lisa posted:

“Well, let me say MAGIC DAY! When I did the exercise on the bus, I asked specifically for an early doors work finish – out by 130pm – and lo, that happened. BUT I also was open to the general magic. I’ve been particularly worried about money as it’s costing so much for me to help this homeless woman. I got an alert to say I was £800 overdrawn. TERRIFYING!!! I was thinking what am I going to do… then I get an email from Sky News saying they are doing a special 24 hours of homelessness feature and could I write 600 words for their website and link it to my crowdfund page? THANK YOU MAGIC!!! THANK YOU MARILYN! Xxx”

She then added:

“Apparently I’m on the Sky news app!!! Hang on… And by the way, I’ve made about £500 in an hour!!!”

In the time it took me to create this picture Lisa had sent another update:

Our first SUCCESS STORY and they were only on Day!

Our first SUCCESS STORY and they were only on Day!

 “I literally cannot keep up with the donations, I’ve had about 60 in ten mins. I genuinely was so worried about having to stop helping, then put the intention out this morning for magic to help us, and look at this xxx

Followed by this an hour or so later:

“Magic! Someone just donated £1,000…”


I mean OMG and WOW.  That is just amazing.  However as I was saying on the Facebook Live that I did this evening, not the least bit unusual.  I had the first big “cheques in the mail” client success story when I first launched my 28-Day Magic & Gratitude Programme back in 2013. You can read about that story here: 

My intention with this Free 5-Day mini version of the full 28-Day Programme was to help people create a more magical year as we transition out of 2017, without the usual goal setting and New Year Resolutions angst.  I would say that Day 1 has proven that the theory is sound and working and that it has been a resounding success!

On the same thread one of the first people to take part in the eCoaching Programme several years ago shared this:

“Your program got me out of a serious funk and into the flat I currently reside in with my intended.”  Roy has just moved into a new home and gotten engaged!

I have got a Word document that runs to almost 1,100 pages packed full of incredible client testimonials from my Breakthrough Coaching Clients and Workshop and Programme attendees however this is the first time that I have offered a mini 5-Day version of the Programme so if you wanted to take advantage of the Free 5-Day offer go to:

‘I sold my Louboutins to help a homeless lady’

Lisa was the Top Story on the Sky News App

Lisa was the Top Story on the Sky News App

You can read the full story from Lisa for Sky News here:

To sign up for the Free 5-Day Programme that Lisa it taking part in go to:

To join the full 28-Day Magic & Gratitude Programme with Marilyn Devonish go to:

I called the Programme Daily Magic because that is why my clients who use and apply the information experience.  The eCoaching Exercises are delivered daily to your email inbox and they are all designed to take just 5-10 minutes per day, and as Lisa has shown you can even do them on the bus on your way to work!  I also went back and surveyed previous Magic Programme participants to see if they had managed, as I had intended, for them to make it an easy part of their daily lives.  The answer to that was a BIG “YES” and these were the results:

If you have any further questions or queries you can email Marilyn at:

Whatever route you choose to take in creating a more joyful and ‘speak it into existence life’, wishing you a magical day, week, month, year and life ahead!

Marilyn Devonish ♥

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